CHAPTER 3: The Long Talk!

The small Canadian laid there in bed not really saying much as Shelley talked to him to try and keep him calm. Ajay took a deep breath trying to prepare herself as she then walked back into the room. Petey looked over slouching in bed looking at the sheets. Alex stood up and walked out of the room to leave with Chris. She pulled the chair over next to the bed and sat down next to Petey who still had his focus to the bed.

"I just wish it wasn't like this anymore."

She nodded pulling up her sleeves.

"I understand, trust me I do. You see these?"

She showed him her wrists as he looked over a bit shocked.

"Where the hell did you get those from?"

She sighed preparing herself to talk about everything with him no matter how much she didn't want to.

"First is from a pair of handcuffs Bobby put me in."

"I guess you felt just like I did eh?"

"Worse. I suffered a miscarriage and I couldn't get over it and what Bobby did to me."

Sabin poked his head back into the room after talking with Shelley in a hallway for a moment.

"We'll be back in the morning."

The two nodded their head as the Guns left the hospital and headed for home. Ajay sat down in the chair pulling her knees up to her chest and hugged them.

"Is it bad that I still love her?"

"No because in a way I still love Bobby."

The small Canadian sat there drawing circles on the bed sheet thinking for a moment.

"You know even after the things she did to me…I still wish I was married to her."

Ajay looked over at her best friend almost as if he was crazy for what he just said.

"Why? She wasn't good for you at all."

"Because I love her and she was never like that when we were dating. She was always so nice and loving. She used to love it when I would cook dinner for just the two of us."

"I know I love it when Chris does it for me."

He sighed shaking his head still drawing small circles on the bed.

"It just seemed to fall apart after we got married."

"How about we do this. You tell me what Beth did to you and I will tell you about Bobby?"

He looked over at her thinking about it because he knew it was a touchy subject for her and she never liked to talk about Bobby and the things he did to her.

"Are you sure you want to talk about him?"

She nodded her head at him as he pushed himself up into a better sitting position.

"Yeah I can handle it. I might just have to go back to my therapist after this."

He sat there thinking about it for a moment before taking a deep breath.

"The first time she ever hit me was when I came home late after being out with you guys. She was upset and worried because I forgot to call. I didn't think much of it because it was my fault for not calling and she was just worried about me is all."

He sat there and sighed still thinking about things.

"Do you want to hear the first time Bobby ever hit me?"

He looked at her and nodded after a moment.

"If you would like to tell me then sure."

"I was still in high school at the time and he got mad because one of my male friends was talking to me. He pulled me to the side and slapped me across the face."

"In front of everyone?"

"Yeah, he did it front of the hockey team who I was really good friends with was right there. They could have killed him."

"I would have killed him."

The small Canadian sat there with his arms crossed. It was something he usually did when he would get really upset.

"I didn't talk to him for a month then he said he was sorry and said he would never do it again which being 18 and stupid I believed him."

"She told me the same thing too."

He kept his focus on her as she seemed to be doing the same thing to him.

"But it always happened. You do something you get hit. I got told I was fat all the time. I actually ended up in the hospital for 4 days because of malnutrition."

"That's just plain wrong."

"I know, I am small enough as it is. You wondered while we were on Team Canada after Jay joined and he watched me eat? That's why. He was scared he was going to lose me."

He shook his head after hearing what she was telling him.

"I never thought you were fat. I always found you really cute."

"That's why I don't think I am cute or anything because of him. I am not cute, I am not beautiful. I am just a below average tomboy."

"Hey you were good enough for the captain of Team Canada."

"You know what I told Chris out in the hall?"

"What was that?"

"I told him because of him, you and Alex I got better. You know EY, Devine, A1, Dad and the gang helped. Getting Joey and having Kenzie also helped a lot. Not to mention Jack needs his Daddy."

"Hopefully I can get better too."

She nodded her head at him as he was desperate to get better because he hated feeling the way he was. He never wanted to turn out to be like this ever.

"You can. It just takes time. What helped me was going back to wrestling, dancing, being people who I was comfortable with."

"I don't know if I can get another girlfriend though."

"It will take a while. It took me a while to let Chris all the way in. He didn't know everything until a couple of years ago."

"You're about the only one I can trust though."

"For the longest time Jay was the only I could trust because I knew he wouldn't hurt me, but slowly you let more people in."

"I don't know."

"Just trust me Pete. It does get better with time. Just start out slow by going back to the gym start working out."

He looked down at himself for a moment.

"Do I really look that bad?"

"No I am just pointing out that's where I would start."

He paused for a moment wondering if he should tell her the thought that came into his head. It was something that no one knew about not even the one person he called Dad, Scott D'Amore. He kept his focus to the bed still trying to decide if he should tell her.

"You know she tried getting me arrested for rape?"

"What? When?"

"You remember when you guys came back from tapings and I was still asleep. You asked me what happened and told you I fell down the stairs."

"Right before Jay left TNA and right after I won the title."

He sighed shaking his head.

"That was a lie…I never fell down the stairs."

He could see the pissed off look on her face when he told her about it. It made him stop and think if he should tell her the rest.

"She invited a few of her friends over and I was forced to do whatever they wanted no matter how tired I was. I was made to play sex slave all night."

"Say what? Seriously? Not even Bobby was that fucked up. Though he would force anal sex on me all the time."

"I was treated like a dog because she told them that all they had to do was smack me and I'll do whatever they wanted. I had to go through with that all night long."

"I'm sorry Pan."

"I would try to relax but I was smacked on the nose with a rolled up newspaper."

She looked over at him as if she almost didn't understand what he was saying.

"She actually treated you like a dog?"

He sighed and nodded her head before leaning back in the bed.

"Fucking bitch. At least Bobby treated me like I was human. An unfed one but still human."

She had that anger in her voice when she spoke and he could understand where she was coming from.

"After her friends left she bitched me out and kicked my ass for cheating on her. She said that if I told any of you what really happened she would have me thrown in jail and say I raped her."

He rubbed his head and took a deep breath.

"You're the only person I've told that too...not even Dad knows."


"I'd be too embarrassed to tell anyone else."

"I understand. I was too proud and embarrassed to tell Adam and Jay how I got the handcuff scar."

He couldn't wait for this whole talk to be over with. It was memories he hated bringing up and didn't need to be talking about.

"That was a few months before she hit me in the boys with the broom handle."

"She did what?"

"She had washed the floor and didn't tell me. So when I came up from the basement after working out I walked across the wet floor. She took the broom handle and cracked me across the back which caused me to slip and fall. She then broke the broom handle when she hit me in the boys."

"Jesus not even I would do that I would just cut the guy off."

"They had to drain the blood out because I had some internal bleeding. But that didn't stop her form forcing me to have sex even though I was told not to."

"I'm sorry Pan. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because she'd kick my ass if anyone found out. But that's all the major things she's ever done to me."

She nodded her head and thought for a moment before turning her attention back to Petey.

"I have one more thing to tell you about Bobby and you aren't going to be very happy. It happened when we were on Team Canada."

He looked over at her and wondered what else she had to tell him.

"What's that?"

"Right before everyone else found out about Chris and I being together. He cornered me in the corridor and forced himself on me."

The small Canadian sat there with a pissed off look on his face. He hated guys who would do something like that.

"That's not right to do something like that. I could never bring myself to do that."

He just shook his head before they both started to yawn before dozing off for the night.