Hey everyone! This is a new story that I am co-authoring with the wonderful Tyler R. Circuit. He is so incredibly talented for his age, you should go check out some of his other stories.

He asked me to write something with him, and I said yes. He had a small base idea, then we just went crazy with that and added how may different things. So this will turn out amazingly.

Hope you like this little prologue.






Rassilon sat, once again in his throne of a chair, at the head of the High Council table. Back in hell itself. The Time War raging around him, and now worse, the dark, emptiness of the Void. He was stuck in a place where everything was neither living or dead, and everything was happening at the same time and not at all. The Void was nothing.

So, Lord President Rassilon, Second of his name, sat at the table, his fingers tapping on its engraved wood. The room was filled with tension. Tension, and hope. Escaping the Time Lock had been hard… but escaping the Void was easy.

"Bring him," he commanded.

A guard to the side nodded and signaled to his comrades to come forward. At his gesture, two more guards entered, each holding the arm of a dirty, blonde man in a black hoodie. The man shrugged them off violently, with a glare at both of them. Then he turned to the front to see his captor.

"Lord President," he said with a mocking bow, sweeping his arms wide. As he rose back up, all could see the insane glint in his eyes. A Time Lord plagued with maddens, was barely at Time Lord at all.

"Master," Rassilon all but spat.

"What a… pleasure it is to see you again," the Master said bitterly. "Let me guess, you either need me for something, or you finally decided to kill me." A manic grin spread across his face. If there was one thing the Master was good at, it was surviving. He would always survive. And this time, no matter what, he would take that son of a bitch down with him. After all he had done to him, a quick death was too good for Rassilon. He would suffer so completely, and he would have begged for mercy a million times before it was over.

"Possibly both," Rassilon said. "I ordered some soldiers to hunt down the remnants of our technology within the city, and finally they found what we need. A Dimension Filter."

"Ahhh," the Master said, walking towards the table. The guards beside him made to grab him again, but Rassilon waved them away. "So, you want to use the Dimension Filter to get out of the Void, and into one of the dimensions. But if you have a way out, why do you need me?"

"We are in the Void and the technology has been damaged by the war. We are already in a precarious place, and now there is no way to direct it. The results will be… unpredictable. There is a possibility that if you go through, you will die."

The Master sighed and looked at Rassilon. "And you want me to be the guinea pig."

"The… what?"

"It's an Earth expression, coming from the fact that they experiment on animals before they try it. You want me to be the test subject. So that if something does go wrong, it won't be happening to you."

"Well, that's the basic idea of it. On the other hand, if you do survive, you will be free."

"Too late for that," the Master muttered. "Alright, let's get this done. I want to get out of this cursed place."

Rassilon motioned to some of the guards who bought forward a device covered in a deep red cloth. He stood from his chair, the staff of Rassilon - taken from his predecessor, the original Rassilon - clutched in his un-gloved hand. The other gauntlet, the right one, had gone missing centuries ago, fallen through time. He made his way to the device, as did the Master, and removed the cloth.

"But it's not attached to a TARDIS, how will it work?" the Master said.

"With this." He raised the gauntlet and touched the point where it would be attached to a TARDIS.

"Great, something else to make it unstable enough to kill me." Rassilon said nothing, just nodded to the device. "Oh, whatever," the Master said snappily. Then he smacked his hand down on the button.

He felt an intense pain and a yank behind his navel. The next thing he knew he was being dragged backwards towards a faint light behind him. It felt like fire was burning at his skin.

The last thing he saw before he blacked out, was Rassilon being pulled backwards, in the opposite direction to him, towards a blinding light.

And when darkness took him, he smiled.


Silence. Once again, the Master woke to blissful silence. He could faintly hear noises all around him, but there was silence in his head. Ever since the Doctor had broken the link, the drums had disappeared from his head. He was free… but that could not reverse the damage already done.

He still had not opened his yet. He could hear and smell and feel what was going on around him. He smelt the fresh soil at his back, and the smell of rain in the air. He felt the footsteps of many people walking around him, and someone leaning down towards him. He could hear people talking around him, conversing to one another, and reporting back to others.

"Hey, are you alright?" And then he heard it. That voice. A voice so familiar it sent shivers down his spine. Not a voice form his own mind, but a voice from stolen memories. His eyes flew open in shock to see the woman before him.

"Rose?" he Whispered. And again, he smiled.