I walk toward Lucy chamber and found that a faint giggles and a wise voice greet me at Lucy's beautifully engraved chamber door. It's the third night prince Garland stays at Cair Paravel. He spent all day today with Lucy and Mr. Tumnus at the river bank that ended in the sea in front of Cair Paravel. I feel certain that I know the reason of Lucy's giggle as I knock the door, smiling.

Maple – Lucy's maid lady – opens the door. Her smile fades away as she found out who is standing in front of her.

"Your majesty! Please pardon my insolences."

"Worry not my beautiful dryad," I smile. "May I trouble you with my sudden need of a cup of warm unicorn milk?"

"You'll be honored me, your highness."

"Thank you, dearest Maple." She smiles before shuts the door behind me.

I walk toward the giggle and found out that Lucy is sitting in front of the fireplace, facing Mr. Tumnus. Both of them wear a very delight expression on the face.

"I take it that both of you are having a very pleasant moment?" I sit on the puffy armchair behind Lucy; fondle the loose braid of her gently.

Mr. Tumnus arises suddenly, bowing. "Please pardon my insolences, your majesty."

"Worry not my wise Mr. Tumnus," I say as I start braiding Lucy's hair all over again. "Please do sit, Mr. Tumnus. I have a question about your day with prince Garland. Do you find the prince as a delighted young man, Mr. Tumnus?"

"I do your highness."

"Please… do tell me your wise idea of him."

"I find him as a concern young man, your highness," Mr. Tumnus answers me, hesitantly.

"I'll end up marry him over your statement, my wise Mr. Tumnus. I will never doubt your notion."

"Your majesty, I…" Mr. Tumnus face is bewilderment as Lucy and I giggle.

"Oh… Susan, do stop teasing my dearest friend." Lucy smiles at the wise faun. "Worry not Mr. Tumnus."

"I'm afraid that I do worry, your highness," Mr. Tumnus shifts uncomfortably on his armchair as Maple put a jug and three goblets of warm milk on the coffee table beside him.

"Is there anything else you need, your highness?" Maple asks.

"That will be all," I answer. "Thank you, my dearest dryad."

She leaves the room quietly.

"Please… pardon my callousness, your majesty," Mr. Tumnus pleads. "I mean nothing insolent with my statement about Prince Garland earlier, let alone cause your highness falls into a harm marriage."

I smile. Lucy arises and sits on my lap; she touches my cheeks with her warm hands.

"My dearest sister, you do know that I love you with all my heart and soul, don't you?" Lucy asks.

"I will be accursed if I do not."

I look at her; she's no longer the same little girl that clings to a teddy bear when thunder rumbles. She has been the tender Queen Lucy the valiant. Her courage and healing cordial is Narnia's army biggest asset. A marvelous aid for Peter and Edmund on the war.

"Prince Garland is such a gentleman. He fetched my ribbon from a pool of mud today." Lucy says. "He would be perfect for you if he not whined and pouted over a little dirt that clung to one his sleeve."

I kiss her forehead as I arise.

"Su…?" Lucy fondles my left hand gently.

"It's late, you should get some sleep. The full moon feast tomorrow will last until midnight," I smile, grab a goblet of warm unicorn milk and walk toward the door. "Good night, Lu, Mr. Tumnus."

As I leave the chamber, I hear their responses followed with a faint "poor bloke" from Lucy.

Its noon, the sun shines brightly. The breeze sweeps my loose hair and silk purple gown lightly; I breathe the scent of sweet flowers and delicious banquet in the air. I smile widely as Cair Paravel's royal garden alters into enchanted full moon feast reception.

All Cair Paravel occupants are involved in this fuss. Lucy sits with rabbits, squirrels and dryads under the apple tree's shades, creates a beautifully long chain of flowers.

Edmund and Mr. Tumnus accompany prince Garland who has openly held his gaze toward me every time he gets a chance, clearly have no interest in the fuss around him but still politely keep his attention toward my brother.

I feel a sudden urge to leave; I don't want to talk to him yet. In no time, I am all alone; consciously take a path toward the counselor chamber. The door is closed but as I draw closer the door is opened and Oreius's figure emerges.

"Dear the brave Oreius, please do tell me if the high king is in a state of not expecting a visitor?"

"I shall put an ease on your gracious mind, your highness. The High King will be jovial being visited by the gentles queen of Narnia, let alone his dearest noble sister."

"Thank you," I smile, reaching for the chamber's door.

Peter sits on the chair with high prop, on the far side of a large mahogany table. His eyes focus on the papers and a large old skin colored map that spread out on the table in front of him, frowns in concentration.

"I do believe a glass of icy apple juice will help you think, my dear brother."

"Ah… Susan," Peter smiles as he walks toward me. "Do honor me with your accompany."

"What is the matter, my noble brother," I anxiously reach his hand. "Is there something I need to concern about?"

"Worry not Narnia's gentle queen, nothing will disturb you sound sleep as long I am The High King of Narnia." He appeases me. "But, I'll be pleased if you gladly walk with me. The beach never feels as entice as when you walk by me, my dearest sister."

"Hmm… the sand feels great under my toes," Peter mumbles.

"Yes, It is. I do not remember the last time you walk with bare feet."

"I do not too," He looks at me, smiles. "I do not remember the last time we spent time together, the four of us, beside for meals and feasts too. We should go for some Pevensie's picnic soon, since you are going to be somebody's wife in no time."

"Peter…" I plead, tearfully.

"Courage, my dear sister," Peter embraces me tightly.

"Peter… " I land my hands on his broad chest. "Please do tell me your notion of our guest."

Peter loosens his embrace, hold my hand then walk toward the wave. We stop when the cold salty water greets our feet.

"I say this as your older brother, not as the High King of Narnia," Peter says. "I have a responsibility over you, since mom and dad isn't here. I'll do everything; anything to make sure the three of you will always be safe and sound."

Peter let my hand go and crouch down to touch the wet sand.

"But as the High King of Narnia, I do have my responsibility over my people too. That's why I'll do my best to keep this responsibility hang in the balance, Su."

I crouch down beside him. "I know."

"Prince Garland is an adept swordsman, he'll be a great aid for Narnia," Peter looks at me. "And I believe he loves you with all his might, Su. Well… who won't."

I laugh at his compliment.

"Yet, I don't think he is mature enough to become a king. Or, in your case a husband," Peter continues. "I know there is no bloke in the whole universe, including England and Narnia that I can consider good enough for you or Lucy, but at least I need them to be not only adept with weapons, Galland in a war or a perfect adorer. They have to be mature and wise enough to lead and love you for the rest of your life. I need you to be loved, heard and respected, Su."

I stand up; bury my toes in the wet sand.

"Su…?" Peter stands too, he holds his gaze on me.

I kiss his cheek.

"Poor bloke," Peter says.

We look into each other eyes and laugh so hard. I never laugh this hard since our evacuation to the professor Digory mansion.

To Be Continued…