My red wine colored silky gown is flutter as the evening spring breeze caresses it. My golden flowery crown shines at the dim beam of the setting sun. I look into the feast around me, smile widely.

Peter looks robust on his own red wine colored full moon feast outfit. Dancing happily with Lucy, who looks enchanting in an almost identical red gown as mine but with a lot of silver frill. Edmund leans on the apple tree, talking with such adorable enthusiasm with Oreius and Mr. Tumnus. He is too, have an almost identical outfit as Peter, except his tunic hem is silver when Peter is gold.

I was standing alone when Prince Garland suddenly materialized beside me.

"Your majesty, please do honor me a dance," He says.

"With pleasure."

We walk slowly to the dancing area and in no time we move along the music. I can tell that he struggles to keep up with my step, even so his face is flat, clear from any expression yet he keeps his gaze to our feet.

I look at him, wait for him to admit it; but he says nothing about it. I smile, a pride bloke indeed.

"Your majesty, you have a black stain on your gown skirt," He points out.

"Ah… yes. My maid is unintentional drip some lotion on it earlier."

"What an unfortunately, it's a very beautiful gown," he pout. "Your maid should be more careful, a stain on a captivating gown that fit you perfectly like that."

"Unfortunate indeed," I smile, a grouchy bloke, I think quietly.

"My prince, I do not find this dance entertaining me any longer," I free myself. "Have you tasted the Reimvufe? It's made from Narnia's fresh fruits; you will find yourself having an irresistible craving over it."

"I'd love to taste it," Prince Garland smiles. "My maid will fetch it for us and we can enjoy it somewhere quiet."

"The banquet is just there, my prince. Yet, that's the enchantment of the full moon feast, serving yourself," I say.

"It's fun indeed, but my maid has nothing to do and he won't mind a simple command from his lord," He says. "Worry not, your highness."

"Please do excuse me, my prince," I smile, immature bloke indeed.

I make my way toward the crowd and take the path that will lead me to Cair Paravel's kitchen. The kitchen is almost empty, just a fox – Mr. Hugler, the baker - and Maple – Lucy's maid - that sit on the far corner, arrange the sweets into some beautiful pile of color.

"Argghh… this is frustrating me," Mr. Hugler says in a coarse voice.

"Do calm down, Hugler. You do not want anyone to hear you, do you?" Maple puts her hand on Mr. Haggler's shoulder.

"Yes, I do not," Mr. Hugler pouts. "But… our queen Susan the gentle is too extraordinary to marry a man, let alone that bloke."

"Are you trying to say that queen Susan should marry a fox like you?"

"Of course not! Not that I'll refuse. But I think at least she should marry the star's son."

"Hmm… that would be lovely, wouldn't it?" I smile.

Mr. Hugler and Maple jump about a feet, before say "Pardon me your majesty, I mean nothing insolent," in perfect unison.

"Worry not my dearest friends, no harm has done," I smile. "Please do tell me, do we have a food basket?"

"We do have a bread basket, your highness," Mr. Hugler answers.

"May I borrow it?"

He nods and hands me a round rattan basket, which I fill with Reimvufe, fruits, sweets and a large bottle of fresh apple juice before I leave the kitchen. Although on the kitchen door frame, I look back.

"Mr. Hugler, you flatter me," I smile. "Thank you."

I put the basket on a sack at my saddle, along with a huge bundle of blankets and walk back to the feast. I reach Peter and Lucy first, they still are dancing happily. They look dazed as I stand in front of them but say nothing then walk away toward Edmund.

In my corner of eyes, I see prince Garland hold his gaze at me. He looks weary; considering the worst of my demeanor. I reach Edmund in no time; Peter and Lucy are behind me. Still, I do nothing but stand in front of Edmund, Mr. Tumnus and Oreius, smile but say nothing.

Mr. Tumnus and Oreius look dazed but Edmund holds my gaze for a moment, glances at Peter and Lucy behind me, then nods and takes my hand in his. I lead my sibling toward the stable; the light of the full moon guides us.

Theodore – Peter's unicorn, Phillip, Caitlin – my light brown royal horse and Callum – Lucy's black royal horse are waiting for us, they greet us as we approach them. We ride in silence, I already tell Theodore, Philip, Caitlin and Callum where to go and I have nothing to say yet. My siblings seem to have nothing to say too. They just glance over me a couple of time, expect me to break the silence.

We stop in front of a coral reef on the left side of Cair Paravel; I slump carefully from Caitlin back and start unpacking the basket and the blankets. Peter takes the basket, Edmund takes the blankets and Lucy takes my hand, squeezes it.

I smile, take off my slipper and start walking barefoot toward the edge of wave lines. My siblings do the same. Edmund spreads out one of the blanket about three feet from the wet part of the sand as Peter set the food inside the basket on the middle of the blanket.

When they finish, Lucy pulls me toward the blanket. We sit around the foods and wrap our self with the remaining blankets to stay warm. We eat in silence and after all four of us are full, I clean the leftover and put the basket aside.

Peter and Lucy lay down, using their arms as a pillow when I sit cross-legged and lay my head on Edmund's shoulder; his right hand embraces me tightly.

"Is everything all right, Su?" This is my little brother Edmund, who asks, not the just king of Narnia.

"Hmm…" I mumble, close my eyes and breathe the sweet breeze.

"I did say we should have a Pevensie's picnic soon, didn't I, Su?" Peter's deep voice reaches my ear.

I feel him arises and sits on my right side, his left arm embraces me tightly.

"Hmm…" I mumble but keep my eyes closed.

Suddenly, I feel Lucy sits on my lap. As her smooth scented hair brushes my cheek, I expand my hands and embrace her tightly.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you," Lucy says.

I smile wider and open my eyes. My sigh is blurry, a tear escapes my eye.

"Please be patient with me, because I won't leave any of you yet," I wipe my sole tear.

"Shh…" Lucy soothes me.

"Don't you dare say something like that ever again, Su!" Edmund growls.

"I forbid you to think that way! I mean it, Su." Peter says, annoyed.

We sit in silence for some moments.

"Poor bloke," Peter, Edmund and Lucy suddenly say in perfect unison.

We look into each other before the four of us laugh so hard; we have to hold the side of our stomach. We laugh for a very long time and we enjoy every second of it, since this is the very first laugh the Pevensie sibling share together after our coronation.