Summer nights

Xander walked Willow home. There had been no vampire activity since the Master's death, but he didn't want to take the chance. They had just buried the Master's bones with Giles. Giles said they had no idea who the Master might've been as a human. Since a vampires bones surviving was new they buried them, out of respect for who he might've been as a human. Perhaps an innocent, once upon a time. Xander suspected that with Buffy spending the summer with her father Giles was as bored as they were here. In some ways burying the Master's bones was the highlight of their summer. But Xander and Willow knew tonight was something else. It was Jessie's birthday. He had been Xander and Willow's friend, until the vampires turned him, and Xander accidentaly dusted Jessie. Maybe this was why Xander hated vampires so much, even Angel. He kept remembering his friend, Xander wondered why Jessie couldn't get a second chance like Angel. When they got to Willow's home she invited him inside. Her parents were away so they could talk in private. They talked about Jessie on this night, how they used to play doctor with him as a child. Willow would read medical textbooks and diagnose their symptoms, they never had the heart to tell her she was playing it wrong. They remembered the first day of kindergarden, Willow broke her yellow crayon and started crying. Xander forgot to bring his and Jessie gave Xander his so he could stop the redheaded girl from crying. As Xander and Willow talked and bonded they kissed. It was the first time they ever kissed. Maybe it was their grief, maybe something more. But Xander and Willow made love on this night. Afterwords they were confused. Xander apologized, he might've taken advantage of her grief. Willow assured him she had done this willingly. Willow mentioned the preying mantis lady who tried to kill Xander, because he had been a virgin. This night essentially innoculated them both against future threats like that. But Xander said they couldn't do this again, it would just complicate their friendship. They should never talk of this again. Willow agreed. Maybe she would end up with Xander later, maybe not. Whatever happenned from now on Willow would always be grateful for Xander for his comfort on this night.