Emotionally Compromised

Mirror, Mirror

A/N: Guess who watched Mirror Mirror yesterday?:3

Spock folded his hands behind his back, awaiting the return of his Kirk. He shot Marlena a dirty look.

After what illogically seemed like hours, the group beamed back. Kirk moved forward first, his eyes fixed on Spock, and Spock made a split second, illogical decision.

Spock stepped forward and brought his lips to Kirk's, feeling one kiss was worth a lifetime in the booth. To his immense surprise, the kiss was returned, quickly becoming heated, Kirk's hands coming up to tug at Spock's hair as he devoured his mouth. They kissed each other hungrily, completely ignoring the landing party.

They finally pulled away, breathless and gasping.

"Mr Spock," Kirk said softly, a gleam in his eye that Spock could only describe as predatory. "I should send you to the booth for this."

"Yes, sir," Spock breathed.

"But," Kirk continued, "I believe that if you return to my quarters with me, I can provide sufficient...punishment."

"Yes, sir."

Spock folded his hands behind his back, awaiting the return of his Jim. He shot the ensign at the transporter an impatient look.

It seemed like hours before four figures came into view on the transporter pad. The Captain stepped forward first.

"Jim," Spock breathed, not even bothering to hide his relief.

"Spock," Jim said, an instant smile forming on his lips.

The ensign handed Spock a PADD, and Spock held it out to Jim. They touched their fingers together in a subtle Vulcan kiss as the PADD changed hands, and Spock conveyed all the love and relief he felt. Jim's grin widened.

"I am gratified to see your safe return, Captain."

"Spock, I need you to come to my quarters later; help me compose the report."

"Of course, Captain."

The thrumming emotions of the bond and the predatory gleam in Jim's eyes told Spock it would be much more than just writing a report.