Cass woke up one morning to find two women in bed with him. One was his late (evidently not so late after all) wife, Frankie. The other was Lila, whom he had married on June 25th, 1999. Cass had a definite feeling of deja vu.
"Oh, great," Cass groaned. "Just what I need. Another wife coming back from the dead. Here we go again."
"What are you talking about, and, more to the point, what is she doing in my bed?" Frankie demanded.

Grant was having an awkward moment. He didn't know what to say. What CAN you say to your brother after you've shot and killed him?
"Ryan!" he blurted out. "What are you doing here? You're dead."
"Where did you get an idea like that?" Ryan asked.

"But you can't be here!" Donna gasped. "You and Shane Roberts were killed in a car crash."
"Shane Roberts?" Michael repeated, obviously puzzled. "Who's Shane Roberts?"
"And you were murdered in the hospital," Donna continued.
"Nonsense," Bridget answered. "Now how about a nice cuppa tea?"
Yes, folks, in an unprecedented case of collective amnesia, Frankie, Ryan, Michael and Bridget had all forgotten that they were dead.