S-class Mage

Lucy was staring at Natsu as he was growling to himself. "I can't believe he kissed you…" Natsu growled, "That bastard. I'll kill him!" Igneel was staring at his son, "You aren't going to kill anyone." "But dad he kissed-!" Natsu was cut off. "Igneel…what happened to me?" Lucy asked. "Lucy…you used the Celestial dragon's roar. It drains you're magic and energy to the core. It leads to a possibility of death." Igneel explained. "You are pretty lucky that you lived." Icy smiled. "I…I never knew…" Lucy looked down. "Don't use it unless it is really needed." Igneel warned her. Lucy nodded, then Master Makarov walked in. "Lucy, I have results on your test…" He trailed off, "You…pass!"

"Yes!" Lucy celebrated. Lucy got up and jumped around. "Healed already huh?" Icy giggled. "Congratulations Lucy." Igneel grinned. "Sting kissed you…" Natsu mumbled. Igneel nudged his son. "Good for you…" Natsu mumbled. Lucy walked down to the main floor. "Congrats Lucy!" They shouted. "Thanks everyone." Lucy smiled. Everyone partied their butts off. Drinking, fighting, singing, dancing, and laughing. Then Master came up, "Everyone listen up!" Everyone went silent. "The Grand Magic Games are coming up! I want the following people to participate." Master shouted. He took out a list and read names out loud, "For Team A: Juvia, Freed, Evergreen and Levy." "No! I'm not with Gray-sama!" Juvia cried and held onto him. "Hey! Let me go!" Gray tried shaking his arm. "And for Team B: Natsu, Gray, Lisanna, and Elfman." He continued.

"Hey what about Lucy?!" Natsu shouted. "Let me finish Natsu." Master Makarov shouted back, "Fairy Tail: Laxus, Gajeel, Erza, and Lucy." "Whoa, then that makes them the strongest team…" Happy whispered. "Why can't I be in the group?!" Natsu shouted. "Cause you will just cause trouble in that group." Master said and walked away. "Lucy, may we talk to you?" Igneel asked. Lucy nodded and followed him and Icy. "Yes Igneel?" Lucy asked. "We have another gift for you…" Igneel told her.

Icy brought out a necklace. It hand flame that was circled with ice. "This necklace will keep you from using the Celestial dragons roar." Igneel explained. "Oh if you touch the flame and push it in you will gather a lot of energy for the Celestial dragons roar. This energy will give you more of a possibility of living." Icy added. "Thanks you guys." Lucy hugged them. "We will be leaving now." Igneel told her. "What about Natsu?" Lucy asked. "I told him I will be leaving today." Igneel said. "Okay…I guess I can't visit you guys on the weekends now…" Lucy looked down sadly. "We will come visit you! We will watch all of your matches!" Icy exclaimed. "Really?" Lucy brightened. "Yup! Me and Igneel will come to all of them!" Icy told her. "Thanks Icy!" Lucy hugged her. "Okay we will be leaving now." Igneel said. The two transformed into their dragon form and flew off. Lucy waved goodbye as she watched them disappear into the dark.


The stadium was booming with excitement. The guilds entering one by one. "Please welcome! Team Sabertooth!" Mato the pumpkin head shouted into the mic. The people screamed in excitement when Team Sabretooth entered the arena. "Now welcome! Fairy Tail A!" Mato shouted. When Team A entered, people were on the edge of their seats screaming. "Fairy Tail B!" Girls were screaming the boys name like crazy, "Natsu-kun! Gray-kun! Elfmen-kun!" "And last but not least! Team Fairy Tail!" Mato shouted. When Team Fairy Tail entered the arena the crowd went wild. "Fairy Tail! Fairy Tail!" They screamed. Sting saw Lucy and winked at her, he mouthed, "I am looking forward for my victory kiss!" Lucy was like: (0.0) She didn't even speak, she then felt a dark scary aura about 3 feet behind her. Natsu was looking like he was ready to kill.

As the teams walked out of the arena Natsu and Sting were still glaring at each other. Lucy was in the middle of it just a few meters ahead. "She is all mine Natsu-san." Sting smirked. "Like I would hand Lucy to a bastard like you!" Natsu growled. "You just watch, she will be mine." Sting walked away. "In your dreams!" Natsu growled.

The first set of games begun. It was just a regular match, mage vs mage. "And for the next match…it is…" Mato looked over to the hovering screen, "Lucy vs Flare!" "Good luck Lucy." Erza smiled at her. "Thanks Erza." Lucy walked into the arena. Flare was there smiling, her little creepy smile. "I am surprise they still let you cheaters into the game." Lucy smirked. "We have our ways." Flare stared at her. "Let the match…begin!" Mato shouted.

"Hair shower: Wolf Fang!" Flares hair become a wolf head that lunged towards Lucy. "Bad move." Lucy jumped up and then pinned her hair to the ground, "Burn…" Lucy's hand became on fire and started to burn Flares hair. "No!" Flare screeched. "Hair Whip!" Flare shouted. Flare's hair disappeared beneath Lucy. Flares hair became whips that came slashing at her. Lucy dodged them quickly, but one caught her leg. "I got you blondie!" Flare laughed. "Lucy!" Fairy Tail shouted. "She's fine…" Igneel told them."Go get her Lucy!" Icy jumped up. Lucy was hit on the ground like a rag doll. Lucy was trying to reach for her foot but failed because of the constant banging against the floor.

"Ice floor!" Lucy touched the floor and the floor became ice. Flare fell backwards, and Lucy pulled forwards. Lucy was free but was barefoot. She took off the other shoe too. "Ice mode Lucy! Ice mode!" Icy jumped up and down squealing. "Calm down now Icy." Igneel sweat dropped. "Hair shower: Wolf Fang!" Flare shouted again. "Ice sword!" Lucy made a ice sword. She lunged forward for the head shaped wolf. There was a loud clash and smoke, everyone froze and waited. Lucy then came from the smoke and grabbed onto Flares hair. She grabbed the end and cut it with the sword. "No! My hair!" Flare screamed in horror.

Lucy landed behind her with her back facing her, "You tried to cheat again." Lucy looked up to Asuka who was smiling. "How did you?! You will pay!" Flare snarled. "I'm ending this here!" Lucy turned around, "Blast of the fire dragon!" Her two hands connected, wrist by wrist. Flames came straight for Flare. "Ah!" Flare screamed. The flames died down, and Flare was on the ground knocked out. "There you have it Lucy Heartfilia won this match!" Mato shouted into the mic. Everyone cheered, "Lucy! Lucy! Lucy!"

Lucy felt a warm feeling inside of her. She finally felt like she wasn't weak.


Lucy was taking a bath. She sighed in relaxation, "This is good." Lucy stayed there for a few more minutes. She got out and wrapped the towel around her. She walked out of the bathroom and got dressed. She put on a black ruffled mini skirt, a red tank top and a long black blouse. She gathered her blond hair on her right side and clipped it with the red bow Igneel gave her. She put on her ice earrings from Icy and the necklace. She grabbed the key to the dorm, put on her new kicks, and locked the door. She walked through the hallway and then bumped into Sting.

"Hello Lucy~." Sting greeted. "Sting…" Lucy stared at him. "I won the match didn't I?" Sting pinned her to the wall. Lucy was about to scream…but that would make her weak. So Lucy decided she will play with him for awhile. "Why, yes you did." Lucy smiled at him. "You know what I want." Sting got in closer. "No, I don't know what you want. Really…you don't know what you want." Lucy told him, "Come back when you have decided what you want from me." Lucy slipped away. Natsu was staring at her, "What was that?!" "Nothing." Lucy hummed.

"Don't Nothing me. What does he want from you?!"

"Aw, is this scary dragon slayer angry? No better yet…jealous?"

"I am not jealous!" Natsu blushed. Lucy waved him off and walked ahead. "I am not jealous." Natsu pouted to himself. Lucy entered the party room. Fairy Tail was celebrating for their first win. "Lucy! Come over here!" Cana shouted. Lucy pranced over to Cana and sat with her. Natsu entered mumbling. He sat down next to Lisanna, Gray and Juvia. "Am I jealous?" Natsu asked. "Jealous of who?" Lisanna asked. "Sting." Natsu told her. "Sting…why would you be jealous of him?" Levy joined in. "Because you saw Sting flirting with Lucy." Gray said. "Oh. That hurts. Yea you are jealous." Gajeel walked in. "I am not!" Natsu protested. "Yea… okay." They rolled their eyes.

Hours past and everyone went back to their dorms. Lucy and Natsu were the last to leave the room. They were silent, "I…I am sorry." "What why?" Natsu asked. "I…I accused you for being jealous…" Lucy looked down. "No it's okay." Natsu scratched the back of his head. "I just…I was just over my head. I guess my pride took over." Lucy rubbed her left arm. "I…was being overprotective. So I'm sorry. If you and Sting have something. I…" Natsu was heartbroken for saying that. "Natsu…Me and Sting have nothing going on." Lucy smiled at him.

"Don't worry. He was just being a flirt. Who would fall for that guy? Not me." Lucy made him laugh. "Yea. You're right Luce." Natsu laughed. Lucy stopped at her dorm, "Well, this is my room." Lucy smiled at him. "Oh okay." Natsu grinned at her. "Thanks for walking me here." Lucy thanked him. "No problem. Anytime Luce." Natsu blushed lightly. "Goodnight…" Lucy punched him lightly on the shoulder then walked inside. Natsu was blushing and rubbing is shoulder. "Yea, goodnight…"

Natsu walked down the halls towards his room. He entered and plopped onto the bed. "Aw, is this scary dragon slayer angry? No better yet…jealous?" Lucy's question was stuck in his head. "I'm not jealous am I?" Natsu asked himself.

"Nah." Natsu rolled over and buried his face into the pillow. He then moved to his side and thought. "Lucy is just my friend…" Natsu told himself, "But why do I feel weird when I am around her? What did she do to me?" Natsu sat up, "What was it that Lisanna told me about?" Natsu thought for a few seconds. "Am I in love with Lucy?"


Lucy sat in front of the mirror and combed her hair. She removed the bow, earrings and necklace. She combed her long blond hair. "Natsu you dense idiot…." Lucy smiled to herself. She changed into her short nightgown. She walked over to her bed. She summoned Plue before climbing into bed. She hugged Plue, and fell asleep. "Natsu you dense dense idiot."

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