Shino blinked as he stood up, eyeing the area around him. The trees weren't the kind that could be found around Konoha, and the heat and humidity were wrong for this time of year.

His kikkaichu buzzed at him, informing him of the strange, stale chakra in the air. Rarely used and wholly unknown and unrecognized for what it was, they said.

A cough drew his attention, and he spun around, already tensing up in case of a fight. How strange, that he had been unable to sense these people.

Three women stared back at him, calculating. All of them were beautiful, but held arrogant expressions and stances, and wore strange clothing. Their eyes were also strangely large and round, not at all like the women he was used to seeing; those eyes lacked the elegant points that characterized so many women in Konoha, particularly the ones in the old clans.

"He seems rather… reserved." One of the women bit out. She looked to be the youngest, with blonde hair that was nearly bright enough to rival Naruto's, and a curvaceous body that would have made a less controlled man blush and begin daydreaming.

Shino remained silent.

He didn't, after all, know Ancient Greek.


"Made a bit of a mistake there, Kami?" Jashin provoked her without a care in the world for the look on her face, smirking as he watched Shino be unresponsive to the goddesses. "Seems like you forgot a little something in your plans."

"Shut up, Jashin." Kami glared at him, and then turned back to the scene below, unseen to the three Hellenic women. She raised one arm in Shino's direction, and turned it on its side. "Just a little twist, and…"


Understanding dawned on Shino's face, unseen due to his clothing and glasses hiding his expression, along with a healthy dose of suspicion, which was rather warranted, given his sudden understanding of the women in front of him, who all seemed to be arguing with one another… over who was the 'fairest.'

He waited for them to address him, finding a disappointing amount of amusement in just how vain they appeared to be. It was… pathetic, in a way.

"You there, boy." The eldest of them called out to him. She appeared middle-aged, though as though she had aged very well. "What is your name?"

"Shino." No need to give them his clan name. His personal name wasn't very common, but neither would it give unwarranted information.

The youngest, appearance-wise, wrinkled her nose at him. "You're foreign, aren't you? Take your glasses off."

"I would prefer not to, madam." Shino spoke stiffly. No one asked an Aburame to remove their glasses or their coats. No one except civilians, which this woman apparently was.

They seemed surprised, though a smirk quickly graced the two elder women's faces as the youngest glowered at him. So they were accustomed to having people listen to their orders. That could be both a good thing and a bad one, though it was probably a bad one, in this case.

"Excuse me?" The blonde woman demanded.

"You are excused."

… The elder two now had hands held up to their mouths, and seemed to be holding back laughter. The one that appeared to be a warrior of some sort, neither the eldest nor the youngest, spoke next, ever-so-snide in her tone. "Why Aphrodite, dear, it seems that your wiles are of no effect to this man."

Aphrodite, as her name appeared to be, shot the warrior woman a glare. "You speak as though you would do any better, Athena. I am the Goddess of Love! If he falls not to my beauty, he would fall to no woman's."

"That statement is based on faulty logic, purported by your own vanity." Shino didn't blink as all three women turned to him. "There is every chance that I could be looking for a woman with features quite different from yours, or that I do not enjoy your personality as I have seen it thus far. It could be, perhaps, your apparent age, or the fact that you are not a kunoichi. There is also the fact that I rarely judge a woman by her appearance, for various reasons that I will not elaborate on."

It was actually a result of being judged so often for his name, and thus his clan, and ergo his bugs, but he wouldn't go into the details for a woman like this.

There was also the fact that, given Jiraiya's tendencies, all male shinobi were now required to go to a special desensitization course by the Godaime to prevent them from falling prey to a seduction specialist.

Aphrodite just stared at him, appalled. Then she turned to the other two, furious. "Quiet!"

"My apologies, young Aphrodite, but I could not seem to hear you of the grand noise of your own failure." The eldest tittered, arms crossed over her ample bosom.

Shino was remind of one of Kiba's frequent jokes: Sorry, dude, I couldn't hear you over the sound of my own awesome!

He shook his head, just slightly, and watched as the women continued to snip at one another.

"Which of us is the fairest, boy?"

Shino stared at the eldest woman. "That would depend on your definition of fairest."

She frowned at him, unimpressed, and reminded him of the times that he had met Shikamaru's mother.

"The fairest as in the most… aesthetically pleasing."

Neither of the other two women objected to her description.

Shino blinked at her. He stared at the women.

The blonde one looked too much like Naruto's henge. She was buxom, blonde, and blue eyed, but had a certain structure to her face and eyes that made Shino wary of wanting to come close to her, for she looked beautiful but mean-spirited, like many of the women he'd met that performed assassinations and subterfuge with their bodies in manners other than taijutsu. Besides, while he didn't judge a woman on her appearance, he did have certain preferences, and dark hair was one of them.

The other two… were simpler. The eldest had aged well, but not well enough to be considered truly beautiful any more. Elegant was a good descriptor, and certainly imposing to a civilian, but not quite 'aesthetically pleasing' to Shino's eyes.

The last one had the dark hair, was not quite too old, and she was a warrior. Perhaps not a kunoichi, she still had the slim, defined muscles of many a female comrade back home, and most boys training to be shinobi were nearly hard-wired to find women that would produce powerful children, which meant that muscles were just as appealing a feature as a slim waist or well-defined cheekbones.

"What are your names?"

"Aphrodite." The youngest.

"Athena." The warrior.

"Hera." The elegant woman.

"In that case, Athena."

He felt something drag him away and into the darkness a second before the anger of Hera and Aphrodite snapped and killed him.


"Cutting it a little close getting him out of there, don't you think?"

"Shut up, Jashin."


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