Through an Angel's Eyes

I'm sick.

Please make me better.

With those heavenly,

Little white pills

I need a break, from this awful dream of mine

Make the monster that lingers beneath my bed disappear.

Make the horrible pounding in my head cease.

Make it all go away and stay away,

Make me feel something before my world goes to grey again.

I need a break, from this horrible reality of mine

Just for a moment,

Even for a second,

Pause time, and give it a rest

Because otherwise,

I'm sure that one day,

I'll end up taking far too many

Of those heavenly,

Little white pills.

Hinata glanced down the long hallway to make sure it was clear. When she had confirmed that she was alone she walked across the the hallway to open the wooden door. She then walked into the light filtered room. She shut it quietly and breathed a sigh of relief as she sagged against the door. She pushed herself off the door and took cautious steps towards the glossy instrument; as if she might scare it away by going any faster. She pulled bench out of it's resting place and perched on the edge of it. She lifted the lid and slid her keys over the warn keys. Hinata felt a feeling of peace settle in her stomach. After careful consideration she placed her thin hands on the keys. Her fingers were firm as she pressed them into the piano. The smooth melody echoed off the walls and made it almost sing in response; but it tapered off awkwardly as she slowly came back to herself.

Disconcerted she looked around her as if to assure herself that she was alone. She shut the lid regretfully and picked herself off of the bench; but was alarmed when she discovered the wet trails that had made their way down her face. She wiped her cheeks, gingerly wiping away the humiliating evidence. Gathering herself once again she walked over and left quietly. She edged by Shizune, who was sitting at the front desk, not wanting to have to explain the remaining wetness on her cheeks.

She walked down the stairs with an air of forced calmness. She paid the brisk wind no mind as she began her trip home. About half way she glanced down at her watch and her eyes widened. There was no way... She didn't stop to think about it more. She began to run down the road at a near breakneck pace. She rounded a corner sharply, not seeing through her panic and slightly blurred eyes, and smacked hard into something near rock hard. She froze and waited for the feeling of hard asphalt and grit. She closed her eyes tight in anticipation. It never came. She opened one eye, finally recognizing the sharp pain in her sides. She looked up to see concerned cobalt blue eyes staring back. The strong hands that had grabbed her tightened as he set her on her back on her feet.

"I-I'm so s-sorry!" Hinata said, glancing to the ground trying to hide her grimace behind her side fringe.

"It's okay." He smiled at her gently and continued walking. She watched him until he went around that dangerous corner. Not five seconds later, she was back running. Late. Her mind continued to chant.

She burst through the door of her house and shut it quietly, hoping to avoid confrontation or at least prolong the wait. She placed her boots on the mat and opened the door that led to the kitchen. She saw what she had been dreading the moment she had seen her watch. Her step father sitting at the kitchen table, his dark eyes bore into her very bones. A little bit of the terror that she was keeping at bay trickled into her stomach. She pulled herself into a perfect bow.

"Hiashi-sama." Her voice was hardly above a whisper.

"Hinata," He said in a low tone, "Why are you late? You weren't fooling around with some boy again, were you?"

"No... I was asked to stay l-late for a project that is coming up soon. I'm s-sorry, I won't let it happen again." He got up from his seat then, and walked over to stand in front of her. She did her best not to visibly shake under his gaze.

"Don't lie, I know you were with somebody." Hinata didn't know how to respond. He grabbed her hair in a rough hold, "Tell me the truth." She cringed as she felt several strands come loose.

"I h-haven't been w-with anybody!"

"Stop with your pitiful stuttering, we have already gone of this multiple times." He held a strand of her hair up to his face. "Such a beautiful colour, it is a shame it was given to such a slut like you." She tried to pull away from the cruel hold on her hair. The moment that she did though he slammed her head into the counter.

She should have known better than to take that extra time that was given to play the piano. She should have realized that this would have been the obvious outcome. Her world went black.

Hinata was left propped up against the bottom cupboard door. She woke up and she cautiously opened her eyes but closed them again in a sharp grimace and she did an internal list of what hurt the most. To her horror, she felt a low throb in her left hand; oh god, anything but her hands. She ignored the steady pounding in her head and stumbled to the bathroom her desperation disabling her more than she already was. She pulled herself with her right hand to a standing position in front of the mirror. Turning on the tap to cold water she placed her left hand under the stream of water completely oblivious to the cold burn. Her scalp ached and she cautiously pressed her fingers against it. When she pulled her hand away she was disturbed by the small clump of hair that hung on her fingers. Leaving the hair on the counter; she felt the familiar symptoms of a concussion come to the surface over her panic. She gently touched her head again and when she pulled back more hair was stuck with a sticky scarlet residue. She turned off the water and pressed her swollen hand against her stomach as she ascended the stairs. She trudged past her bed, grabbing onto it for support and taking a deep breath she carried herself to the connecting bathroom. Turning on the shower she began the tedious work of cleaning herself up. After finishing she came back to her bed and gently laid back, taking some of the white pills that were laying beside the water glass; and dreamt of blue eyes.

Naruto was walking back to his apartment from Jiriya's place when a girl came from around the corner and ran full speed into him. Only out of pure reflex did he catch her in time. She winced and then opened her eyes. Her eyes were a pearly lavender, which was contrasted by indigo hair that was cut so that it framed her round face. The rest of it was piled on top of her head. She gasped in what seemed to be pain.

"I-I'm so s-sorry!" She turned her head away from him.

"It's okay." He said, then continued on his way. He walked around the corner, thinking about school. Jiryia had said that he had some hope with the school that was just a few blocks down from his street. Noticing how dark it was, he started to jog. He ran up the stairs to the second floor and down a dimly lit hallway to his door. He pulled off his shoes, and scrounged his cupboards for anything edible. He came across a package of ramen. He scowled at it before making it. He would definitely have to do some grocery shopping tomorrow.