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"Ah shit man, we're so fucked." Sai nodded solemnly in response before going back to picking at the black polish on his finger tips.


"You didn't do it right." A slender figure came out of the shadows, his eyes crinkled into a strange smile. He was completely in black, head to toe, and his boots left him only a few inches shorter than Naruto.

"It's dick is far too small." His expression didn't change. Naruto narrowed his eyes. "Perhaps it matches yours?"

"Can I help you? I was just on the get-away." Naruto asked, his eyebrow twitching uncontrollably.

"No." Sai came over, his sultry voice gave Naruto goose bumps, and not in a good way.

"But that..." Sai coughed delicately and motioned with his hands towards the tainted wall, "needs some help." Naruto huffed before looking at it again. I guess it is a little small...but... Hold on, why am I even thinking about this?

"Here." Sai picked up a can and began to work on it.

Five minutes.

"What is taking you so long?" Naruto asked, beginning to get antsy. He turned around from his guard spot and his eyes nearly popped out of his skull.

"What the fuck is that?"

"Excuse me? It's a work in progress." Sai said, before wiping some excess paint on Naruto's bag.

"Oi! That's incriminating! I shouldn't have any on me!"

"I think that's the biggest word you've used." Sai smirked slightly, before adding more paint to the monstrosity.

Seven minutes.

"We need to leave soon, it's only a matter of time before we get caught." Naruto whined, folding his arms as he walked back over. The nearly unrecognizable painting from before was gone, and in it's wake was something far worse. The schlong that Sai had gifted ET with so graciously was magnificently detailed as well as the rest of him. Naruto wasn't sure whether to be awed or deeply disturbed.

Naruto stood in silence before Sai handed his bag back to him with a smile.

"You're welcome."

And then it all went to hell.

"Who's idea was it to put such lovely art on my school?" Tsunade demanded. Sai pointed her to Naruto's direction. Naruto sputtered in protest before glaring at Sai. Tsunade's eye twitched.

"You're pushing it, brat." She said, irritated, while rubbing her temples with her fingers. "You may go Sai, I'll be speaking with you later." He stood and left with a smirk on his face that soured Naruto's mood even further.

Tsunade exhaled slowly before standing up and looking straight into Naruto's restless eyes.

"I'm doing Jiraiya a huge favour by letting you school here, but I don't intend to keep you here if you keep causing trouble." She turned around to look out her window. "I want to see you succeed, but I can't help you until you help yourself." Naruto snorted and picked at the dry paint on his bag. She turned around to face him again with an intense look in her eye that made the fine hairs on his arms stand up.

"Start taking this seriously, and maybe I'll start taking you seriously. Strike one. You're dismissed." Naruto sat up and walked towards the door and exited the room with a tiny salute. Once outside, he was silent before giving an enthusiastic fist pump to the air.

Hell yeah, just a warning. He was definitely losing his touch. He adjusted his bag before turning and practically waltzing down the hallway.

Hinata approached the door of the house and furtively went in, quietly shutting the door behind her. She flinched at the little droplets of water that she was leaving on the immaculate floor. She sat her bag down quickly and unlaced her boots before stepping into the kitchen to grab a towel to clean up the water. After gathering all of the little droplets she stood on it and shuffled her way across the floor to the stairs. Her cheeks turns a little pink as she thought about how ridiculous she looked. Once she got up the stairs she pulled her hair up into a high pony tail and focused on getting out of her wet clothes. It was then that she heard the front door open and shut. Her heart nearly stopped in her chest.

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