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Chapter 8:

Mabel was wondering what was going wrong with the plan. It seemed flawless, because Dipper was the one who had made it. Maybe the fact that they came up with it in less than 5 minutes was't good?

She watched in horror as a pink dragon (possibly her lovable pig) fell deeper into the trench of the moat, and was enveloped in fog. The yell it had made for help reminded her of Waddles' screeches of terror.

"You stay here," she ordered Myca. "If that dragon is my pet, or not, I still have to help it."

Myca put her hands up in defeat as Mabel descended down the rope into the fog. When she got even deeper, it cleared a bit to reveal that she was now standing on top of a dragon hanging upside down. She squinted and saw Sam sitting up in the water, looking dazed.

"Are you okay? What went wrong?" Mabel asked. Sam, noticing the presence of someone else leapt up.

"Nononono! This wasn't how I planned it!"

"Wha-?...Are you…crying?" Mabel asked. She didn't expect a response, and certainly didn't get one.

"I can't let him see me this way!" Sam dashed off through the water, leaving Mabel confused, but she just moved on, anyway.

She looked down at the now reddening face of the dragon. "Waddles?" she called. The dragon seemed to respond with a roar.

Then realizing that that was her pet, dangling from a rope, Mabel untied the knot on Waddles' tail, and he fell to the ground, regained his balance, and offered Mabel a ride up to the castle.

As soon as Mabel saw Dipper appear into view, she ushered him onto Waddles' back.

"Alright Mabel!" he cheered. "Now, the last step to my plan, we storm the castle, and take over Gideon for once and for all!"

"Forget about it!" Hannah ordered, making quite the exit from the castle. She, too jumped onto Waddles. "Gideon just invented the world's first dimension-traveling machine! He plans to travel to your dimension, and kill you guys and Father Stan so you guys will cease to exist in all dimensions!"

"Wait, we traveled here in a dimension portal!" Dipper said. "I just don't remember where we appeared. It happened so long ago!"

"The dungeon!" Mabel yelled. She and Dipper high fived. "Let's go get Myca, Kamdon and Serene, then we're outta here!"

They picked up Myca from the window, found Kamdon in the forest, and discovered Serene outside Father Stan's castle. After explaining to all of them the situation, Waddles ripped a hole into the wall of the castle to find the dungeon.

All the kids unfortunetly just happened to see Stan taking a shower.

"Ew!" Mabel shreiked.

"HEY! Serene and Kamdon may be my kids, but I'll throw ALL OF YOU in the dungeon for such damage!"

"Good, because we are heading there now! My apologies, Father!" Serene called. All the kids slid down Waddles' neck into the exact cell that Mabel and Dipper portaled through.

"Where is it?" Dipper complained. He and his sister felt all along the wall for an opening.

"There was a slide, and it opened right here!" Mabel said.

Serene seemed to understand. "My brother and I discovered it a while ago. None of us dared to venture into it." she signaled Kamdon, and he toyed with something in the lock on the door. Where Dipper's hand was, the slide opened back up, and he yelped as it sucked him in.

"Sorry! Should've gave you a warning!" Kamdon yelled with a chuckle.

In the original dimension, Dipper slid out of the tree back into the woods. He was startled as a middle-aged woman who looked like Myca fell onto her back. Unfortunetly, Dipper hadn't seen where she had come from.


"Relax, Dipper! It' s me, Myca. In this dimension, I guess I'm…" she pulled a driver's liscense out of her wallet. "36." Several flip-out pictures extended out of it. "Aw! Look how cute m-my kids are!...Hey, my stutter's a lot better!"

Serene came out as a 6-year old girl, Kamden was a german shepard puppy (who talked), and Hannah was herself.

"Guess who lucked out!?" Hannah teased to Serene.

Serene rolled her eyes. "Please. I may look 6, but I'm still mature."

Everyone rolled on the floor and laughed at her voice.

"Everything but your voice has matured!" Kamden said, and howled. Literally.

"Keep it down!" Dipper warned. "We have to focus! We have no idea where Gideon appeared in this dimension, so let's just find Grunkle Stan, and make sure he's safe! Follow me!"

Dipper and Mabel led the way through the forest, and in sight of the mystery shack. They all darted inside, and locked the door. Stan was on the couch with barely any clothes on.

As soon as he saw everyone, he covered himself with a blanket, and threw on his fez. "DIPPER! MABEL! What did I tell you about letting customers into the shack!?"

"Have you seen Gideon?" Dipper asked.

"Why do you care?" Stan demanded, and stood up to approach the customers. "Unfortunetly," he said, now directed at Myca, Hannah, and Serene. "Our new attraction at the Mystery Shack-uh-the realistic housing unit is not yet open to the public…. Get out."

He glared at Dipper and Mabel until they took the 'customers' into the the gift shop. As soon as Stan was out of sight, Serene stuck her finger down her throat.

"Ew! Why is Father Stan so…ugly in this dimension?" she asked.

"That's just how he walkes around the house." Mabel said.

"Gross!" Kamden replied.

Dipper shrugged. "You get used to it." He climed over the counter, and turned the survallience TV over to the news.

Sandra Jemenez's voice captured every one in the gift shop, including all the actual customers. "Breaking News! Right in the middle of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., a mysterious machine brings a pint-sized boy in Mideval armor and several knights here, out of thin air.

"Shortly after, the machine was destroyed in what some say was in 'fear of it getting closely examinated by Smithsonian Scientists'. They have gathered the remains while the boy and his army ran away without a trace.

"Speculations are already arising that is is a…time machine."

"Please." Mabel said, turning off the TV. "Been there, done that. At least we know where Gideon is, now! He's near DC!"

"If you haven't noticed, the Gravity Falls bus only goes partially out of the state," Serene pointed out.

"H-h-hold on a sec!" Myca yelled. "I can drive now!"

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