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Today is the 14th of February.

Yes, that's right. Valentine's Day.

It's the trend this month. You can see people showing public display of affection in every nook and cranny. It's sickening. "Love is in the air", as people would say. Valentines Day- or Singles Awareness Day as some people would call it- is quite happy, yet lonely at the same time. I wish I was one of the people that had someone to love, someone to care for, someone to believe in...

Those people are kinda lucky...

I was like that once. But now...it's gone.

Maybe...We weren't meant to be. Yes, that's got to be it.

I was sitting on a bench in the park, thinking about some...stuff... Then something vibrating in my pocket brought me out of my depressing thoughts for a moment.

It was my phone. I brought it up my ear.

"Hello?", I answered.

A concerned voice replied back, "Son! Where are you? Your father and I have been looking all over for you!"

I scratched the back of my head as if she saw me, "...I just don't feel like coming home today..."

"Roxas Andrew Uchiyama! Come back home right now!" Jeez, Mom. Calm down...

"Sorry, Mom...I just...I can't...Not yet. I still have some problems to think over...", I replied.

My mom calmed down and asked, "Did...something happen?"

"N-Nothing..." Dammit, my voice cracked.

"It'll be all be okay, Roxas. Okay? Just tell your father and I where you'll be staying.", she noted.

I assured her, "Sure, Mom. I'll just stay in a hotel. Don't worry about me, I can handle myself. Worry more about Ventus."

"I worry about the both of you. Well, take care, alright?"

"Of course." Then I ended the call.

I stood up the bench and sighed. I sneezed. Even my jacket can't block the cold out...

It was a snowy night.

Maybe it would be warmer if...she were here...with me.

After a few more minutes of walking, I rode a cab and rode it all the way to a hotel named, "Sunset Peak" and as of now, I am currently in said hotel where my family and I used to stay in for vacation. It had a pool in it, which I think during this season, is pretty cold. The food's nice too. I could be enjoying exploring the other facilities this hotel has but, to be honest, I don't feel like it.

So here I was, sulking on my bed, watching TV with droopy eyes. I kept changing from channel to channel. I'm not in the mood to watch these 'romantic' soap operas right now. If anything, they're making my mood much more depressing. My dad used to say (and still does), "Roxas, man up. You're affecting the whole room with your depression and making everyone's day unhappy. Including my day." That was pretty much one of the reasons why I decided to not stay at home today. And the main reason is...

I shook my head and erased my thoughts about it. It would not be helping.

I just continued on changing the television's channels until I decided to just watch a comedy. I never saw this comedy soap opera before but by watching, I did get the story of it. It's actually pretty funny, I wish I had some popcorn!

Before I knew it, I was already laughing! Tears were forming in my eyes.

Traces of my previous depression disappeared and was replaced with happiness. After the comedy ended, I calmed down and yawned. Looks like I stayed up too late. I looked at the time on my phone.

9:45 P.M.

It wasn't that late, but looks like I was sleepy to start with anyway. So with that in mind, I closed my eyes.

"Okay, class! I want you all to draw something, anything at all that comes to your mind! It needs to be something beautiful, and your drawing must be perfect at all costs or else you get a C minus! You can use any art material you want!", my Art teacher, Ms. Flores, announced.

Everyone, including me, and excluding the Art club members groaned.

A C minus, seriously? Well, at least it's not an F.

Ms. Flores said that the deadline of the drawing will be on Thursday and it must be "perfect". I sighed, I was never good at drawing, but at least I was better than some of the students here who don't really care about it.

My eyes lingered on the clean, white sheet of paper on the table. Without thinking, I held a blue crayon and started colouring the center of the paper blue, then an idea struck me. I was busy coloring and drawing that I didn't notice time flowing fast.

"Class, time's up! Please pass your papers and you can continue your works of art tomorrow!", Ms. Flores said.

I was close at finishing it! But, I just passed my paper. I can continue it tomorrow anyway. The others were glad that Art class was finally over. Though, the Art club members were unfazed by it. You see, this is the advantage of being an Art club member, the teacher won't take your paper unless you're ready to submit it, since he or she knows you're a member of the Art club, and therefore, it means that you are good at drawing. The students who were very eager to leave the room left, but some others remained. Like the Art club members and the ones who didn't care about getting late in their next class. Ms. Flores already left the room anyway.

I still have five minutes before I'm late for the next class anyway so I stayed behind, just to watch the others' works, they seemed to pay no mind in me observing their work. I gave compliments here and there to which they replied with a "thank you". One drew a sunset view on a tower, a redhead drew...ice cream? An intimidating guy drew a strange weapon with blue, reptilian eyes on the hilt and head. The one which caught my attention the most was a smiling boy's drawing of a key...blade? I am pretty sure he has a great level of imagination. There were too many drawings I saw that I lost count. Then there was a girl seated on the back, I looked at her drawing from behind as to not break her concentration.

The girl drew a castle, which was oddly shaped like...something like a weird castle. But still, it was good.

"Nice castle.", I remarked.

She was startled and dropped her pastel. I picked it up and placed it on the table.

"Th-Thanks.", she stuttered.

I smiled and after watching the others' drawings, I got my bag and went off to my next class.

I wanted to shut my eyes tight. I still wanted to sleep. But no, my eyes objected. The curtains were open and the bright sunlight stung my eyes a little. I stood and got my jacket on the rack.

I decided to go pay my family a visit, I've caused a lot of worry for them.

Why is it that every time I try to forget about her, memories of her just keep coming back when I least think about it?

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