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Chapter Four - Together

The moment I got out of Aunt Tifa's car, I felt newfound determination and courage welling up inside of me. Whatever the cause was, I'm sure it has something to do about what I'm about to do when class is over. When I walked over to my locker and opened it, an announcement was made on the speakers.

"Attention, students! You will be dismissed on 11:00, just like yesterday! This message is from the Student Council which was issued by the school principal today! Thank you!"

After the message from the speaker ended, several students started celebrating and jumping, some were well-prepared and brought confetti. I shook my head at their little antics and got my books and head for class, while my thoughts still hung on my letter that was just inside my bag.

Just a few more hours and I'll tell her.

It was Math period (with no teacher) which meant I could have a word (or a conversation) with Kairi. Maybe I should go talk to her right n-

"Sora!", a voice called.

"K-Kairi!", I stammered.

Kairi sat on her seat which was beside me. "What was that about?"

I stiffened. Did she somehow notice something? "W-What about?"

"That." She pointed. "You're stammering. Did something happen?"

I waved my hands together. "Ah. No, no. Nothing's wrong. It's just I-erm, you...Uh..."

Kairi covered her mouth to stifle her giggling. I flushed red.

'Ugh, I feel like a total idiot.' I mentally slapped myself. 'Come on, Sora! Pull it together! Don't be so ditzy on a day like this! Please, just for once! Play it cool and get the girl!'

"...So, Kairi, after class today, can I walk you home? I don't really have any plans today..." I placed my hands behind my head and leaned into my chair, staring at the ceiling, pretending to see something interesting about it.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Kairi looking down, her hands clasped together and she seemed like she was hesitating. I took one glance at her and I was right. Finally, she looked up and said, "Are you sure, Sora? It won't be a bother?"

I reassured her with a wave of the hand. "Of course it's not a bother. We're friends, right?"

"Oh..." She had a somewhat disappointed look in her face.

Was it something I said? "S-So...Is it okay with you?"

"S-Sure!", she nodded with a cheerful smile.

The sound of the door opening caused the students to whip their head and rush to their seats when they caught sight of our Mathematics teacher. Kairi and I immediately faced in front and prepared to pay attention to whatever incomprehensible lecture will commence.

I smiled. 'Well...at least Kairi's beside me. Then I'm all fine.'

"Class, let's begin." Our Math teacher, Mr. Hazama clapped his hands to assure that everyone's attention was on him. "Like our lesson yesterday, which was very very veeery short due to the principal's Valentine's schedule for the professors, we'll still be discussing about your favourite lesson." Almost everyone groaned. "You should even be grateful I'm giving you a loooong review, don't complain-" Then he threw the piece of chalk in his hand to someone in the back of the class. "-especially you, Bito Daisukenojo." Then he flashed a grin and chuckled. "Don't forget your grades are in danger..."

Mr. Hazama has freaked me out ever since he decided to be a teacher here. He's the definition of a creepy you-shouldn't-mess-with teacher.

"Anyway, since you now know what the lesson is, let's get to the prey so I can have my hardboiled eggs and fried owl for lunch."

The whole class stared at him in shock when his back was facing us.

...Did he just say..."hardboiled eggs and fried owl...FOR LUNCH"?! And what exactly does "get to the prey" even mean?!

I shivered involuntarily. 'Oh gosh, if this sicko was our class adviser, I would change to another class!'

When Mr. Hazama faced the class again, he wore this really wide smile on his face. "Well then, I wrote some problems on the board. Hopefully one of you geniuses can get this right. That way, I'll know if you really have been paying attention to the prey or not. Can I have a volunteer?" All of us were silent and none of us raised our hands.

'Sigh...This is going to be a loooong period.'

The bell finally rang and I (and some of the other students) threw their arms up in the air in celebration. Math class is officially over, and for that, I am very very grateful. I've had enough of the torturous lecture. And even more of the peculiar, creepy teacher. I hope he doesn't come back here next year...or next Monday!

Mr. Hazama got his stuff and chuckled. "Heh heh, you children definitely remind me of those..." He trailed off. "Ciao, class! Enjoy recess time!" Then he walked away, whistling.

The students continued celebrating while they made their way outside. Kairi and I went to the cafeteria together. We carried our food trays to our table. 'AAAAAHHHH! I'm alone with Kairi! It's like a date! In the cafeteria! Now, act like a natural.'

I looked at Kairi and she was slicing her Paopu pie. Kairi noticed me staring and she asked me, "Do you want a slice?"

"I never really tasted that before...", I said.

Kairi got a slice with her fork and pointed it to me. "Here. You can have one."

My face got red, WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Kairi is actually okay with it?!

Kairi urged, "Come on, Sora!"

"Okay, okay!" I gulped and nervously ate the pie slice. It had a tangy, sorta sweet fruity flavor to it.

Kairi grinned. "It was really good, right?"

"Y-Yeah..." 'I wonder if Kairi knows that Paopu fruit legend...and does she even know about indirect kisses?! Oh my god! I feel guilty!'

I could see a bit of pink on her cheeks.

"Kairi, you okay?", I asked. I was pink myself.

"Y-Yeah!", she waved a hand to dismiss the question. "I-I'm absolutely fine... Thank you, Sora."

"It's no problem, Kairi. Well then, let's eat?"

She nodded with a smile.

And so, we enjoyed our recess in peace. Just enjoying each others' company. There was a small part inside me that silently thanked the absence of Riku, Xion, and Vanitas.

I had History class now, Kairi had Science. We separated ways after recess but, that time I had with her...It was another momentous day of my (love?) life. If I remember correctly, that was the first time I was alone with her. Well...maybe technically not alone since they were other kids in the cafeteria and all...but you know what I mean. To be honest, my heart was beating a bit too fast about that indirect kiss and all. Even the memory of it made me flustered. Just earlier this morning, I had confidence, now...I'm being a loser again...But still, I feel so guilty!

"Okay, class, I'm done checking all of the results of our quiz today and...the one who got the highest mark is...Mr. Sora Irino!", announced Ms. Pearl, throwing me out of my thoughts.

Everyone clapped their hands and I went to Ms. Pearl to get my paper. I got one mistake. I looked at it and beside my answer was Ms. Pearl's correction. My spelling was wrong... I spelt "Versails" instead of "Versailles".

I sighed. I knew I shouldn't have expected too much. But then again, I didn't study. I didn't study but I got the highest mark, huh... So if I did study, I would've got a perfect mark, and I would tell Kairi about my achievement.


Would she be proud of me...?

As if the imaginative part of my brain heard my thoughts, an image was conjured in my head.

"Hey, Kairi!"

"Ah, Sora? What's up?"

"Look, look! Look at this!", I pointed at the test paper I was holding, "I got the highest score in our History test today!"

"Wow! That's amazing, Sora!", Kairi praised and smiled, then petted my head. (I had a cat-like smile on my face.)

I was really happy inside.

But I had a disappointed look on my face as soon as I remembered I had a single mistake. "But...I had a mistake though..."

"Hm?" Then Kairi giggled. "Oh, don't worry about that. That's only a single mistake in a History test. For me...You'll always be perfect in my heart."


Before I realised it, I leaned in closer to her. Our faces were just a few inches away. I was able to clearly see Kairi's red blush. She closed her eyes and so did I.





GAH! I nearly fell off my chair. I looked around the now loud room and glared at the students making a very noisy ruckus. Darn, I was so close! I hit my fist on the desk and cried a little. I was so disappointed! My imagination got interrupted, noooo!

After messing with my locker, I went just outside the school gate and waited for Kairi to come. I remembered I brought my PS Vita in my bag, so I kinda spent a few minutes playing this action-adventure video game. I was on a roll but when I heard light footsteps approaching, I turned my PS Vita off and placed it in my bag and looked up at the smiling scarlet-haired girl in front of me.

I flashed a grin towards her. "So, let's go?"

Kairi nodded. "Yeah."

We walked together. On the way to Kairi's house, we had to walk through a bridge-tunnel. We decided to rest for a bit and sit on the bridge's ledge and stare at the pristine blue river and green glade. We were just silent for a bit, marveling at the view in front of us. Until I decided to break the news about my feelings for her, but first, I should start up a conversation rather than being blunt.

"So, Kairi...How was school today?"

"Well, it was quite fun.", Kairi laughed, "Selphie, Shiki, and I saw the student council secretary staring at the student council vice-president! Isn't that really sweet? When Shiki approached her and asked her about it, Shiki said that she just turned crimson-red and denied that she had feelings for the vice-president!"

"Ohh...Kairi, if...someone confessed that they had a crush on you, what would you say to the person?", I asked, without looking away from the view.

"Huh? Well...", Kairi bit her lip fumbled with her bag nervously, "Umm...I would...perhaps ask them why they would like someone like me..."

Her answer caused me to turn my head at her. Why would Kairi think that about herself? "What are you talking about, Kairi? You're smart, pretty, and most of all, you're really kind."

Kairi flushed pink at my reply. "Heheh, thank you, Sora. But...", she looked away and stared at the sparkling river again, "If someone really did confess to me, I'd first say 'thank you', I guess...I'm not good with all these love stuff..."

"Okay...Hmm...Kairi, did you remember that time? That time when you, Riku, Tidus, Selphie, Wakka, and I went together in the movies? You know...when we watched this really...girly-"

Kairi looked at me with widened eyes. I stuttered, "I-I mean...really 'romantic' movie and you cried and you wiped your tears on my shirt?"

Kairi stammered, "D-Don't remind me about that! It was just really sweet, you know!"

I laughed. "Okay, okay!" Then I became serious. "...Anyway, Kairi, I have...something I wanna say to you." I opened my bag and held the folded paper tight.

"Yes? I'm listening...", she said.

"I..." I sighed heavily and turned my head to stare at Kairi, who was staring at me curiously. I held her hand and slipped the letter in it.

"Truth is, Kairi...I like you. I really do. Not as in, 'like' as a friend but...I love you, Kairi."

Kairi gasped and turned a bit red, I let go of her hand and looked away. "It's been that way ever since I met you...Look, I know you might not feel the same for me, but...just wishful thinking, you know? Hahahaha..."

She opened her bag and placed my letter inside. "Sora, I'm sorry...But, I have to get going now."

My head turned quickly and my hand extended to grab hers. "Kairi, wait!" But she ran already.

I hung my head down and sighed. Looks like...I messed up.

I got my bag and returned home. But before I entered, I put my grinning face like usual and pretended to maintain my cheerful, energetic personality. I burst the door open and yelled, "I'm home, people of the world and the worlds beyond!"

Then out of nowhere, someone smacked me on the head real hard.


After Vanitas smacked me on the head and Xion and I laughing at said annoying nuisance, I was watching this anime named "Katekyo Hitman Reborn". I really needed something to distract me from what happened earlier today. Xion was reading her book while listening to music. I would hate to disturb her, but I just felt the need to ask her something.

"Hey, Xion. How do you confess your feelings to someone? Someone really close to you. A friend that you love more than a friend."

Depending on Xion's answer, I would know if I did it correctly or not.

Xion took a while to answer. "..."

Immediately assuming it was my fault, I waved my hands defensively. "O-Oh, I'm sorry if I offended you by asking that question or anything. You just got turned down by-"

"No, no. It's no problem, Sora. I'm kinda over it by now.", Xion interjected.


I understand what Xion's going through right now... Being rejected...huh...

"To answer your question, well...You could start at being honest with her? Oh, wait, this intrigues me. I never knew you had a special someone, who's the lucky gir-"

I cut her off quickly. "NO ONE! Hehe..."

"Wait, wait, wait...Don't tell me it's that girl named-"

"NOOOO! I assure you, Xion Erika, it's not who you think!" I interrupted her quickly.

"...Jii..." Xion stared at me, skeptical.

Then maniacal laughter rang throughout the house and the door to Vanitas's room opened and he said, "Haha, sucks for you, Sora! I know who you like! Haha! Blackmail! Consider it revenge, doofus!" He slammed the door close.






"Jerk...Vani, you jerk..."

WHY? If anyone else had to know about my crush, why did it have to be him?! Oh please, anyone but him!

"X-Xion..." I stared at her with my special puppy eyes. "D-Don't let Vanitas tell anyone, okay? Please? Can you please do that for me?"

Xion nodded.


After staying in the house and finding stuff to distract me, I decided to take a walk outside.

"Sora! Make sure to be back early, okay? You know how Aunt Tifa is!", Xion said.

"Yeah, sure!", I replied back.

I was walking with no idea where to go. Anywhere good where I can rest my mind for a bit is good enough, I guess.

'Well...at least I gave her the letter. I hope she didn't crumple or throw it or anything...I hope she reads it...But then, what'll she think of me now?'

I continued walking but then a fresh cool breeze sent a flying leaf into my face. I shoved the leaf away and noticed that I was at the park. Huh... I strolled around for a bit until my eyes wandered on a brown, wooden bench that seemed inviting. Perhaps I can sit there for a while, and which I did. I leaned on it and stared at the sunset orange sky.

Life is like a single sky. The weather may be good, the weather may be bad, the sky doesn't just settle on a single weather. If it's good, it turns bad. If it's bad, it turns good. Storms occur often than rainbows do.

I held my head for a moment. Great, I'm turning emo...

I got my phone in my pocket and went in the Message section. I was thinking about sending a text to Kairi. Slowly, letters appeared on the screen that read: I'm sorry, Kairi. :)

Then I hit "send".

The next day (which I am aware of as a Saturday), I was woken up by the blinding yellow light that my curtains failed to protect me from. I rolled to the other side so to avoid the bright sunlight. But it seems like nature wanted me awake that it even decided to summon chirping birds near my room and pecking at my window.

"Ugh!", I covered my ears, but gave up. I threw my blanket covers and fixed my bed so it would be neatly arranged...or else Aunt Tifa (and Xion) would scold me for it again.

I went down to the living room and the first thing I saw when I went down the stairs was my idiot of a brother snooping in Grandpa's cupboard. For some coffee, I think. He's gotten addicted to the caffeine... Ignoring the scene, I plopped down the couch and turned on the television.

It's just the three of us alone in this huge house. Grandpa's with his friends, I think...and Aunt Tifa's has half-day duty at work today with some guy named Cloud Edward Strife... I heard her talking on the phone with someone, which was not really my fault why I knew.

Few minutes later, Xion woke up. Another few minutes later, someone was knocking impatiently on the door and it was actually Xion's spiky haired friend, Lea "Axel" Fujiwara. Then some seconds later, Lea and Xion went to Twilight Town leaving me and Vanitas alone in the house.

By now, Vani was in his room doing whatever he is doing and I just sat on the couch, drinking Rixile, which was sorta like an energy drink that tastes like juice. But then, I guess Vanitas was tired and decided to sit by the couch with me. Neither of us said a thing though, I think both of us just had nothing to say today...or we were just caught up in our own thoughts and troubles.

Finally, I stood up and went in my room to sleep. There was nothing else to do but that.

Just when I was comfortable in my bed, something was playing an upbeat, cheerful sound.

"What...is-?" I looked around. It was my phone notifying me I had a message. But when I looked at the sender's name, my heart skipped a beat.

Sender: Kairi Anne Nakahara

Message - Meet me at the park. 1:30 P.M. Let's talk.

I rubbed my eyes. It's...It's for real? I looked at the time in my phone. 12:39 P.M.

Whatever Kairi wants to say to me, I want to know; no matter what the truth is. So, I got ready and changed into my jacket and baggy pants. I jumped down the stairs (literally) and ran straight to the comfort room to brush my teeth. On the way, I passed Vanitas and he side-stepped quick enough for me to not tackle him. I looked back and saw that he was probably planning on heading out as well, however because of my lack of attentiveness of the path in front of me, I crashed myself into a sturdy wall. It took me a while to recover since I was basically seeing Kairi and chibi Kairis everywhere, but in the end I snapped out of it and brushed my teeth. I made sure I had decent cologne on and stuff like that. I looked the at mirror one last time and fixed my jacket and arranged my spiky hair's spikes properly. With a proud nod, I went out and proceeded to the park.

I will be happy whatever her decision will be.

I arrived at the park and saw Kairi sitting on the familiar brown bench, but I didn't approach her. I first hid behind the trees and observed her. She was clutching something in her hand and she appears to be looking at her phone. Slowly and quietly, I stepped away from my hiding place and went near her and sat on the bench without making eye contact with her. I was the first one to break the tense atmosphere.

"Hi, Kairi. So, what d'ya wanna talk about?"

Kairi was only able to say one word. "I..."

I interrupted her, "I bet you don't want to be friends now? It's alright, I'm fine with your decision. Just say it and I'll do it."

"S...Sora, I-! Th-That's not it!", Kairi grabbed my shoulder and forced me to look at her. I was a bit alarmed at her teary-eyed expression, but controlled my shock and maintained a calm demeanor again.

I shifted myself to look at her. "Then what is it about?"

Kairi leaned on the bench, looking above the sky. I leaned in as well, still looking at her.

"Hey, Sora. Have you remembered that time when Riku left us all alone in that 'Spooky Mansion' four years ago during that school festival?" Kairi smiled fondly of the memory.

Not sure of where this was going, I just replied, "Yeah."

A soft breeze blew and Kairi tucked her hair behind her ear. "I was afraid being in that scary house. I was on the verge of breaking down in tears...well, until you assured me that everything was going to be okay...If I remember exactly, your words were..."

"'Don't worry, I'll protect you forever. I'll stay by your side when you need me, so don't cry.' ...Was that right? That didn't sound like me though. Sounded like some lovesick fool. Heh." I did a chuckle.

Kairi giggled. "I guess it does...Anyway, about that, Sora...I...read your letter and..." She paused.

"And what?", I asked her to continue.

"I'm-I...How can I say this...? Um..." She seemed to be mumbling to herself now. "I was a bit shocked yesterday, sorry about that. I just...wasn't able to believe what I heard and all. Th-Thanks for the letter...it was really nice of you...a-and..." Kairi was now looking down, her bangs covering her face making me unable to see the expression she was wearing.

"I...I also...I-I..."

My heart's now starting to accelerate. 'What's she going to say?!'


"I love you too, Sora!"



Wait, what?

Did I hear that correctly? What?

"U-Um...Uhhhh...C-Can you repeat that again, Kairi? I think I may have gotten a bit deaf for a second."

Kairi lifted her head up a bit, but it was enough for me to see her face clearly. She was really red. Like, really red. Like she just ate some spicy chili or something.

"I-I said...I said...I love you, Sora...", she softly said.



I died.

Wait, wait, wait! Not literally! My mind just exploded on that very moment.

"Wha-What?...Did you just sa-" Before I could finish, I was interrupted by Kairi's lips. 'She was kissing me!' Kairi wrapped her arms around my neck.

As for me, I just widened my eyes and freak my mind out. 'Oh god, what do I do?! I've never been in this situation before!'

I embraced her and kissed her back. 'She tastes like Paopu fruits... Stop it, Sora!' By now, my heart was really jumping so fast! The kiss was nothing like I've seen on movies. Here we are, just simple ol' teen kids having their first kiss in the park. There was no pressure right now, just the two of us. Though after a few seconds, I pushed Kairi back a little and broke the kiss. We both needed oxygen.

"Th...This is so much for me to take in...", I said, panting for breath.

"I...I know...", Kairi said.

I continued to inhale and exhale then my breathing became normal again. I leaned in the bench and asked Kairi, "So...since when?"

Kairi answered hesitatingly, "Um...when...we went to Destiny Islands and that was when I realised it..."


"That was why I was surprised when you gave me this", Kairi held my letter, "to me yesterday...Because I also..." Kairi paused and rummaged her bag, searching for something. When she was done, she held up a piece of paper and quickly gave it to me. I received it and I was shocked.

To Sora,

You've been such a good friend to me.

I hope you liked the lilacs and red flowers I gave you...
They were grown in Radiant Garden!

Oh, and have you heard about that Paopu fruit legend?
I would love to share a Paopu with you sometime!
But, for now, maybe I should make a Connection Charm for you?

Anyway, you are really really, reaaally nice! I like you a lot!



After I read it, I thought that was the last part, but I found out that the paper was actually folded, so I un-folded it. The rest of the paper still had some of Kairi's writings.


I had fun with you and Riku again today~! Not that I'd have to tell you that, right?I wish the three of us can have fun like this foooreeeever!

So, we're visiting Destiny Islands tomorrow?
...Wanna share a Paopu together?
...Maybe a Connection Charm would be good enough.

Anyway, Sora...I have a question. Riku's out so I'll just ask you.

Have you ever felt that strange, new feeling inside that makes you feel embarrassed or...flustered?
My cute lil' sis says she doesn't know...
So, have you? Have you? Have you?

I feel that feeling when I'm with you Sora...and when you grin and smile too...




Dear Sora,

Wow...This piece of paper is really old now, huh?

I have to tell you something, Sora. I'm just a coward for not being able to say it you, face-to-face. So...

Sora, I love you.


After reading, I suddenly hugged Kairi while she stuttered.

"Kairi, I love you too."

She calmed down and returned the hug. "I love you too, Sora..."

Then sounds of "BOOM!" were heard. We both released our hold on each other and leaned on the bench and stared at the sky. We were holding hands. Colourful fireworks decorated the sky. It made the moment more momentous. I will never forget what happened here.

"Oh, and Sora..."


She opened her bag and got a pink heart-shaped box with a red ribbon tied on it.

Wait...is that...?

"Here, it's for you", said Kairi with a happy angelic smile, "Belated Happy Valentine's Day! Ehe..."

I received the chocolate box with quivering, nervous hands. 'Ch-Choco...from Kairi herself-!'

Kairi got a bit worried. "Sora? What's wrong?"

"E-Erm...You do not know how long I really wanted to receive chocolates from you...", I replied.

Kairi flushed red and just gave out a nervous laugh. "You don't know how long I wanted to hear those words from you."

I got my Connection Charm out of my pocket and said, "We'll be together forever."

Kairi flushed redder and smiled, "Our destinies are intertwined now after all."

Charm or not, legend or not, I would always stay by my princess's side.

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