It was the day the students were all in the gym, for the game against Lakehurst, you know, for the nerds debate. Jimmy Brookes was in the debate too, due to some cute little stunt Snake pulled to make him and Rick try to get along, who was also in the debate, along with Emma Nelson and Toby Issacs.

You all know what happened that day, when they won, who was laughing out in the crowd harder than anyone else trying not to look guilty. Jay, Spinner, Alex.. they had set up yellow paint and feathers over Rick, so when he won, he wouldn't get the only thing he longed for, a moment of bliss, no bullying, no enimies.. but he got it, and he was humiliated. He was humiliated even more when he ran out of that gym too, into Emma, who he tried to kiss and she shoved him off. Then what? What cliche happened next? The bully goes home, grabs a gun, and brings it to school.

He shot Jimmy in the back, he tried to shoot Emma, and he shot Sean in the arm before shooting himself in the head.

And no one, found out who pulled that prank, triggering the massacre upon Degrassi.

It was a week or two later, where Sean left home for Wasaga, and Degrassi was silent for the first time in years.

But by the next month, things were going back to normal, and by the end of that month, no one spoke of it again and Jimmy was out of the hospital as well, but in a wheelchair. As for Spinner, Alex and Jay? Spinner had some bad guilt issues, that he was still trying to work on, but still shut his mouth, Jay had convinced him it was for the better, and Alex admitted it wouldn't change anything, even though her and Jay obviously broke up over it.. all the fights and disagreements. They all kind of.. drifted apart, though sometimes forced to hangout.

"How does this look?" Toby grumbled, standing in his room near his bedroom window, outside his bedroom window, was the show of his and Ashley Kerwins single parents about to get married.

Toby tried to do up his tie and just couldn't, huffing and grumbling until Manny giggled wearing a nice yellow dress, and putting her hands on his tie, doing it for him.

"I think this is the best you've ever looked." Jt taunted Toby with a smirk, "For a geek." beside him, Liberty rolled her eyes at JT. JT and Toby were trying to be friends again, after JT wrongly blamed Toby for what Rick did.

The two were back to teasing another.

"To my understanding..." drifts Liberty, taunting Jt back, "You're the same level of geek Yorke." he gave her a 'Whatever!' bitter playful look back and they all laughed, well, all about one. Liberty was first to look over at Emma, then a concerned Manny looked over her shoulder.

Infront of the mirror, Emma swung back and forth, her strapless pale purple sundress flowing with her hips, staring at herself.

Before the shooting, they two girls had fought with Emma over that Chris thing, about Emma's ex about to maybe date Liberty, but and after the shooting, it felt like nothing to fight over, silly really, so they were there for Emma, but Emma just shut everyone out. Rumours were after skipping a week or two of school due to emotional stress and then going to Wasaga to help Sean go back home, she came back cured, talked to friends again like everything was okay.

Manny noticed the boys now giving Emma worried wierd looks, and skipped over happily plastering on a big smile, "Em!" Manny said, putting her hand on Emma's shoulder.

Emma blinked and snapped out of it, turning to Manny.

"You look amaz-ing!" she exclaimed she looked down at her dress and from behind, Liberty nodded, mustering a smile.

"Thanks" was all Emma said, giving her a small smile too then watched her friends run and grab their shoes or purses when they heard music start.

Oh, must be the wedding.

"Come on!" Manny grabbed her hand, racing after everyone.

Meanwhile, Jay Hogart sat outside in the audience, beside Spinner. He wore a dark blue smooth cotten sleeve shirt, that rolled nicely up his strong arms to his elbows, then dressy black pants. He wore his silver chain necklace and even on a day of a wedding, his backwards black hat. What? The wedding was outside, don't know when he might need it.

The wedding was taking forever to start.

Jay huffed, arms folded and then raised an eyebrow, seeing the bridemaids come out. Spinner did a double take too. Ashley looked pretty good, and her redheaded cousin caught Jay's attention.. were those boob implants? Cause they gotta be-

"Not here Jay." Spinner muttered to him.

Jay smirked, looking over to Spinner, "You don't know what I'm thinking." he insisted, crossing his arms and took a deep bored breath. When was this thing going to start? And why did Spinner invite him?

They've been barely hanging out since having to keep that prank a secret.

"Can I light a smoke out here or what?" Jay asked, irritated. He put his hands up in defence when Spinner shot him a look.

"Don't make me regret bringing you here." Spinner said.

"Missed you too buddy." Jay said in sarcasm and glared back, "If I'm such a Burdon, why'd you invite me here?"

"Invite you here?" Spinner asked, confused now, "I never invited yo-" he was cut off as music started to play and everyone sitting down.

Jay raised an eyebrow at him, "Yeah you did Spinster, you practically begged." he reached into his pocket and Spinner grabbed his arm, shushing him and not caring anymore. Jay eyed him weirdly, but shoved his phone back into his pocket and gave it up.

Everyone was running to any open seat, and Toby came over with his friends, Toby took his spot up front beside his father, the Groom. His friends went to sit in the crowd.

Manny led Jt, Liberty and Emma down the row Spinner and Jay were in, and smiled seeing her boyfriend, kissing him when she took the seat next to him, the other side Jay sat on. JT was the next squeezing through the isle behind her, one by one, and he noticed only one spot next to Jay, OH his beloved dear bully, thankfully when he looked to beside Manny, who did have an open seat next to her, but that left him squished between her and some over weight weezing man. Over wieght weezing man won, JT quickly sat down and looked up at the next person that was behind him squeezing through the isle, Emma. She had to go sit beside Jay now. Emma gave him a wierd look to then glance to where he pointed at the next available seat.

Jay Hogart.

Emma looked away for a second and glanced back at Liberty behind her who shrugged, and she sighed giving up and going over, plopping down next to him like it was the most annoying thing on earth.

Even he looked over and glanced twice, raising an eyebrow. Last time he saw her they were waving off cry baby Cameron in Wasaga Beach.. that was weeks and even months ago, she looked a bit better than that day, not so.. stressed..but a bit more..blank.

"Aren't you all dolled up." his deep voice taunted, making that old familiar vibe run through her. What was that feeling again? Hatred? Loath? That good ol enemy reunion feeling..

"It's a wedding." Emma muttered back, narrowing her light sparkly brown eyes at him

He half smirked right at her, "Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention Greenpeace." he looked around with semi wide eyes, sarcasm reeking off him as he was just realizing this. His half smirk turned into a grin when he looked back at her, she shaking her head.

She let out a small crack of a smile though. It was..kinda funny.

"What's this?" Jay playfully asked Emma, "GP laughing at one of my jokes at her expense?"

Emma shushed him when the bride began to walk down the isle. This time he shook his head and smiled.

"Oh my god, she's so beautiful." Manny squeeled quietly, holding Spinner's hand tighter who doopily smiled sheepishly. He then frowned, spacing off, he knew if she were to ever find out he was the reason Rick snapped.. well, lets just say they wouldn't be here right now.

They probably wouldn't even be speaking.

Emma even felt a little tears coming to her eyes, Ashley's mom looked so happy. Liberty held her clutch and put it on her lap, reaching in for kleenex and sniffed, "Here." she held it out for Emma.

Jay looked over hearing all the snuffles from beside him and Spinner looked over too, seeing the other girls crying too.

"Please." Jt said loudly, rolling his eyes at the girls. An old woman from behind him wacked the back of his head with one of the wedding cards. They group sitting together saw this and giggled, even Jay chuckled.

They watched the ceremony, and during it Emma smiled a little, glancing to her right at Liberty who had a bunch of kleenex on her lap from crying.. she then slowly glanced to the left at Jay, and saw him actually watching the ceremony, no bored or annoyed look on his face. She raised an eyebrow a bit impressed the trouble maker wasn't doing anything .. well, trouble making.

Emma went back to watching and smiled softly, though there was bad.. there was also good in life, beautiful things, like this. Everyone clapped as the priest said the last words and then the couple kissed, and everyone stood up and clapped.

Jay leaned over closer to Emma as she whiped a tear that fell, careful not to ruin her make up, "Don't mess up that pretty little face of yours GP."

She mustered up as much as a glare she could, and he just winked and stood up along with everyone else, leaving to go to the next place to be.