Car door opens.


Jay sighed harder when she slammed his car door shut. They got home around 7am, both of them looking worn out and miserable.

The air was foggy, and Jays car slowly pulled out of Emma's driveway and began driving home through the fog.

She didn't open the door even once all night to him, and even when she opened the door finally in the morning while he was sleeping against it, she didn't even say sorry or 'good morning' when he fell on his face or followed her outside of the cabin.

The car ride home was completely silent too with moments here and there of him begging her to talk to him.

She must be pretty angry, she usually never shut up.

Jay madly slammed his door shut. He knew he should go to Alexs and find out if she found anything out from Paige about A.

He opened the door to both Spinner and Alex pacing and when they turned, Spinners eyes widened and Alex's face went red

"Where the hell were you!?" Alex yelled madly at him, going to go slap him.

Jay dove back and glared, "Who cares where I was?" he walked around the couch and sat on it.

"Man." Spinner rolled his eyes and walked infont of him, "You didn't tell us anything! We called and texted and after what happened with Paige you don't expect us to worry?"

Jay blinked. Oh right


wait a minute..

"So.." he drifts, smirking between Alex and Spinner, "You two were worried about lil ol' me?" he teased, seeing that maybe, just maybe..they all might still be good friends

The two stood there with glares that softened, til Alex snickered and Spinner shook his head smiling.

"You're such an idiot." Alex confimed.

"Yea." agreed Spinner.

Jay rolled his eyes grinning and leaning back on the couch, "Good one guys." he taunted them then shrugged, "I may of thrown my phone away."

Spinner shut his eyes, "Man you can't do that, it just makes A angrier."

Alex nodded in agreement.

Jay then looked back to Alex, "What'd Paige say ? Did she see who did it?"

"You heard her story to the cops." Alex said, "Nothings changed, she really saw nothing."

Both guys huffed in annoyance.

Alex crossed her arms, worry crossing her face, "She was so upset."

"boo hoo." taunted Jay, "she's not the one this guy wants."

"Or it's a girl. Lets not be sexist." smirked Spinner.

Jay snapped his fingers and stood up, "You struggled with him, did you get a punch in?"

Spinner pointed to his split lip, "I got a few too."

Alex happily knew what Jay was getting at, "Tomorrow at school, we gottalook for a broken nose or even bruises."

The guys both nodded and began to get anxious, "We just might finally find out who our secret admirer is." Spinner said while raising an eyebrows and grinning.

Jay nodded walking to the door, "Wake up nice and early tomorrow kiddos."

They both snickered.

Alex called afte him, "And any sick student. He/she could be trying to hide."

Jay nodded and opened the door, slamming it shut. Finally. They can finally put a face to this asshole.

It was getting too dangerous.

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