Snow was beginning to fall as Jays car whippers hit his dashboard hard, he drove carefully, but stuck to his usual fast pace.

When he parked he noticed not many students came to school today. Jesus, if Jay Hogart could make it, couldn't they?

Jay shut the car door behind him and stalked up the steps of Degrassi, when he entered the school he saw usuals like Early bird Liberty, Manny and even Spinner at her locker making out, then Emma talked to Mrs H until the principle smiled at her and waved, walking off.

When Emma turned Jay decided to go up to her but as she connected eyes with him, he gave a confused look to her sudden abrupt movement, and then she turned the other way, and walked

What the hell?

Did Emma just.. run from him?

Jay clenched his jaw reaching into his pocket as his phone vibrated, and read simply..

'Feel the cold breeze today?-A'

Jay would clap for 'A' in person for making Emma's reaction to him and the weather outside compare to another. So clever.. You know, he was growing very tired of A.

He narrowed his eyes through the door Emma disappeared into. What was her damn problem?

Even Spinner noticed, as he walked up from behind Jay, without Manny this time.

"What was that?" Spinner asked, looking at Jay then where Emma left, "She doesn't know does-"

"No." Jay barked, glaring at him and back where Emma was, she couldn't know about the prank..or A.. can she?

Now Alex, Spinner and Jay met up with another, after school that is, at Alex's place since she ditched school today.

"Nelson blew you off huh?" smirked Alex, knowing a bit more than Spinner as he told the story of Emma avoiding Jay today like the plague.

Jay just glared at the snickering two.

"She couldn't know, she would of told." Spinner said, Alex nodded, Jay just looked blank.

What would Emma do if she found out what Jay did? Jay's stomach turned. Fuck... was he really liking Emma this much? It shocked him too, don't worry. He went for party girls, girls who tried to handle his partying style too.. not girls who didn't support his ways. He smirked.. but guess that's what made Emma so different from the rest.

"Guys." Spinner spoke up suddenly, a far off look into his eyes, "What if.. Emma was A?" he looked around for anyone to agree.

Alex grew silent and Jay immediately glared at Spinner, "And what if your girl toy was in on it with her?" he snapped rather angerily. Emma? Sure. Yeah, and she just purposely stood under the stage light SHE set up, to kill herself if not for Jay.

"Manny wouldn't do this!" Spinner snapped at him getting up, Jay snickered and stood up as well, taller than Spinner and glaring down at him to warn him not to start something he couldn't handle, "I've been with her most of the time when A sends texts to me." Spinner explained, it couldn't be her

"God!" Alex yelled, pushing between them, "You guys are getting so fucking crazy over these girls!" she snorted, "I love them as much as you do but it's time to maybe..get rid of them for a bit." she admitted, feeling a little sorry for them, she gave Jay a double take, knowing she felt a bit more sorry for him, since he's never actually REALLY liked a girl..not like Emma. Jesus there were no girls like Emma Nelson.

"You love Manny and Emma?" Spinner asked Alex, confused.

Jay rolled his eyes, "She's gay, smartass." he finally spoke the secret.

"Alex your gay!?" Spinner exclaimed and looked at Jay, "You knew!?" he blinked hard and shook his head, "Wait..YOU like Emma?" he looked like he couldn't believe it.

"I don't-"

Alex cut Jay off from lying, "If you do, better to just admit it, cause if you care for her.. you're going to have to start acting better at pretending not to..cause who do you think A will go after if so?"

They all went silent, Jay looked away, guilty, and Spinner looked down trying to think of a life not including Manny

Alex sighed, opening her phone, "A texted me yesterday while I was playing poker with Ellie, I didn't just skip on school because of the snow, I skipped because lastnight A threatened if I didn't.." Alex actually looked, guilty, and seemed to feel horrible about it, "I had to make Ellie throw in her rent money, make her think she could win."

"She lose?" Jay asked.

Alex looked away sadly but nodded and tried to explain, "A taunted me about my mom, how one call to the cops about her boyfriend Chad and we'd be on our own, him in jail. I can't do that, he's an asshole but she loves him, and depends on his money."

"Like Ellie depended on her rent?" Spinner challanged, giving her a look.

Alex snapped at him, poking his chest hard, "Ellie could go on welfare or get a job, my moms a useless drunk with an abusive asshole while her daughters in school and got a full time job making popcorn. So fuck you! Don't ever judge me." she growled

"Alright." Jay tossed Alex behind him, for Spinners protection, "So its clear A really does know us, or watches us this closely. Alex is right, don't let A find out our weakness', about our family or friends.."

"Or girl friends." Spinner nodded agreeing and eyed Jay, "Or to be girl friends.." Jay just glared. Emma wouldn't give him the time of day even if he did like her.

The three sat at their lunch table in the corner of the loud cafeteria, talking lowly about 'A' the next day too, Spinner was in middle of conversation when he shut his mouth and narrowed his eyes to someone coming over.

Jay was lost in thought, turning the water bottle in his hand slowly, staring at it.

"Here comes potentional suspect." Spinner whispered to them.

Jay looked up at him wierdly then Spinner nodded, Jay looked over his shoulder and saw Emma almost there, he turned back and swallowed hard.

Emma was not A.

She couldn't be.

But A did revolve a lot of things around Emma. Alex's words ate up at him.. A will go after the ones they care about. Well, Jay could at least admit he was, infatuated with Emma? Was ever since he met her. She was like the treat to his trick, trick and treat, they needed another in ways

"Hey" Emma was finally behind him, at their table, he still couldn't turn around and look at her.

"Nelson, you lost?" Alex spoke up, her usual taunting and smirked, she couldn't help herself.

Emma just ignored and looked down at Jay, "Jay I just wanted to say sorry...for yesterday. Wasn't feeling myself." she admitted. Hell, maybe she was saying sorry for nothing, maybe he didn't care or even notice, why the hell would Jay Hogart notice her?

Spinner even looked at Jay questionably, but then, the deal they made popped into his head and he eyed Emma then back at Jay, wow, he really did care about Emma didn't he? One way to find out.. push her away.

"Are you lost Nelson?" Jay finally spoke up, narrowing his eyes near her direction to nod to a few tables away, "Your geek table is that way" his eyes went back to the bottle in his hands, staring at it.

Spinner raised an eyebrow. Jay cared for Emma Nelson, little innocent Greenpeace Nelson, and he was protecting her by making her hate him. If only she knew..

Jay felt her, felt Emma glaring at the back of his head and when Alex whistled lowly, impressed, he guessed she finally stormed off.

"you may of just broke her heart harder the Cam ever did." joked Alex.

"Shut up." growled Jay, and Alex even did, suprized at his sudden rudeness and serious attitude as he stormed off.

Spinner watched him go as well, shaking his head, "Wouldn't of worked between them anyways." yet when he said it out loud., Spinner wasn't so sure.

"Yeah..." drifts Alex, the same unsure feeling in her gut.

That night, Jay did what he did best, smoking a joint in one hand, a beer in the other, taking big gulps and exhaled, looking down.

He looked down at his phone, and calmly flipped it open to read.

'I need a favor from you soon, enjoy your last free nights until then.-A'

Jay's eyes looked, hollow, and he slowly just leaned back on his couch, and took another calm hit off his joint, the smoke getting lost in the air.

Meanwhile, Manny snuck into Emma's basement window into her room, "Guess it's just asshole day." she came over quick when Emma had text her she had been upset all night.

"Huh?" Emma was confused, and sat up from her bed, which Manny jumped on.

"Spinner dumped me." Manny cried out and yelled, "ME!"

"He's crazy." Emma insisted, shaking her head. What was wrong with Manny? She thought the two were love birds, annoying, but at least happy.

"He doesn't seem to understand that I can move on! Quick!" Manny declared, putting a finger up, "I have other guys jumping at a chance to be with me! Girls even!"

Emma giggled wildly, "You're just the Queen of hearts Manny Santos." she teased.

"As you Emma Nelson." grinned Manny and put her hands on Emma's shoulders, "Why don't you just date me? We'll run off together." she sighed, like it was so romantic.

"If only that simple." Emma rolled her eyes.

"If only my name was Jay." taunted Manny, eyeing Emma for a slight reaction..which happened, her mouth fell and her eyes widened in horror.

"I don't like him Manny!" Emma exclaimed.

Manny rolled her eyes this time, "You can't lie to your best friend Em, I see it, that amused look coming back into your eye.. it was gone for a while but when around him, you're interested, you again." she tried to put it lightly.

Emma smiled slightly, and looked down thinking about it, to smile more. She tried to wipe it off her face, "Maybe curious." she informed, squinting her fingers

"Delirious." Manny taunted Emma's behavior.

That night, Emma smiled a bit, thinking of him before she fell asleep. Meanwhile, Jay thought of her too, but couldn't sleep because of the fear inside him, and not about A, but what A might do to Emma. He looked up at his ceiling.

Playing with the queen of hearts
Knowing it ain't really smart
The joker ain't the only fool Who'll do anything for you
Laying out another lie
Thinking 'bout a life of crime
That's what I'll have to do
To keep me away from you