Title: When All Else Fails (Destroy It All)
Category: Anime/Manga » Blue Exorcist/青の祓魔師
Rating: T, Eventually M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairings: Samael/OC, OC/OC, Rin/Sheimi/Yukio

Summary: The 'angel of hostility' is back in the Japan Branch after many years. Her close relationship with the King of Space and Time has always been suspicious to the Order, but it was her friendship with Shiro that kept her on good terms. And she's one of the few that knew of Satan's half-demon son, the one who inherited the blue flames. She now comes back to have some fun. (Set during manga, not anime)

Author's Note: I wanted to write a Mephisto/OC as most are yaoi or don't catch my interest. Other than my OC Belial, there will be a few more original characters of my design that will appear later into the story – all whom I hope you will like with their different personalities and such. I'm taking creative liberties with writing this of course. Some slight facts might get changed, ex: certain demon family ties. I'll be working in quite a bit of demonology that I know and continue to learn about. If you see something that might pose as a problem, just PM me. I may have an explanation for it already – as such, everything will be explained throughout the story as I write it.

01/01/2015: The first four chapters have been revised, adding more information to some. I would also like to apologize for the very long wait. I have had to deal with the odd work schedule I have. With holidays over and the retail season basically dead, I hope to update more frequently. Please bear with me as I try to get back into writing stories again.

Without further ado, please enjoy.

Chapter 1: Premeditation

The city of True Cross was quiet in the dead of the night. Only some souls roamed the night quietly and peacefully while the rest slept, blissfully unaware of what roamed around them. One individual in particular lay in her thoughts.

Golden eyes gleamed from the moon's dim light as their owner scanned the large area surrounding the school. The bangs of her white hair blew in the slight breeze as the rest of her long hair stayed in its tight bun, showing off her pointed ears and the lone crystal earring that hung from one. She laid on her front, her feet up and kicking back lazily. A long, white fur-tufted tail wagged idly with the wind.

Placing a blueberry flavored lollipop in her mouth, she hummed in curiosity. "It's been a while since I've come here. I wonder if Samael has anything interesting for me to do," she wondered aloud before crawling back up to her feet. She languidly stretched her arms above her head before flipping off one of the high ledges of the academy she had occupied. "Maybe I should check out the new exwires sometime soon."

The white-haired woman easily jumped down the ledges until she found an opened window into the school and slipped in. She landed with a soft thump, crouching on the ground, careful not to make too much noise despite knowing no one should be there anyways. With the coast clear, she brought herself up and walked from the empty room into the equally empty hallway. Her pale tail swept back and forth behind her as she walked aimlessly, but gracefully.

She smiled slightly as she noticed the green-eyed coal tar floating all around. She gave one a tiny poke with a sharp nailed finger, even sometime cooing at the tiny demons as she continued by. Though they were not her dominions, her kin, she still found them a bit adorable in their human world forms.

Her kin were her 'sons', all of darkness. They roamed the shadows, lurking and waiting for humans and demons alike to tempt. They were the tempters, the seducers, but also fantastic familiars if the human interested them. She had other kin as well that she had 'adopted.' She was the only one to do this because not only was she the Prince of Darkness, but also of Worth. Her adopted kin were demons that had been deemed worthless, useless, by their own kin. So she took them in, under her control.

This habit of hers was only one of the reasons why some in Gehenna thought lowly of her or simply hated her. However, she never particularly cared what the others thought of her. It was that habit that gave her a tad more credibility with the Order because she seemed more…generous.

She thought absentmindedly as she fingered at the exorcist pin attached to the breast pocket of her jacket. Stopping in front of a window that overlooked the town, she looked out to the city, glowering at nothing in particular as her mind travelled to the reason why she was here.

Her permanent attendance in the Japan branch of the Order had been requested by Mephisto Pheles, by Samael. She didn't mind it; she was rather glad to be back after so long. However, she knew it had something to do with the death of the late Paladin Shirō Fujimoto. Based on the whispers among the demons, she knew Satan was responsible with his death. How he was able to possess Shirō was a surprise to her because she knew of the man's strong will. That was something she would probably have to find out herself.

"I swear, Shirō, my father will pay dearly," she promised, her golden eyes hardening from the anger that coursed through her. Letting go of the thought for now, she shook off her wrath and with a twirl of her fingers, vanished into the shadows.

She silently emerged in the Faust residence that was towards the top of the city, slinking through whatever shadows there were in the lit, colorful hallways. It had been an awful amount of time since she had stepped into these halls; thought it was only a small fraction compared to her long life. The sound of video games being played is what drew her to a room she was accustomed to; one she knew would be filled with anything of Japanese culture, considering how much of an otaku the owner was. Just the thought almost made her roll her eyes, though she couldn't suppress her smile.

With her infamous silence and sneaking, she crept with the brightly colored and cluttered room to watch her purple-haired close friend. As his green eyes were preoccupied with the game that he played, she continued her advance. The pale-haired demoness crouched behind him, behind the large pillows on the ground that he leaned against. When she saw a critical part in the game come up, she swiftly placed her hands over his eyes and tugged him backwards gently. He gave a surprised grunt before falling against her, tightly gripping onto the game controller.

"Hello, Mephisto," she whispered into his ear before sliding her hands down and wrapping her arms around his neck. She pressed her cheek to the side of his neck, a smirk slowly tugging at her lips.

He knew who it was just by the feel of the hands that stole his sight and the smooth voice that spoke his false name. After years of separation, well…of course she would choose to appear in such a way. She was always sneaky when it came to entrances. She wasn't flashy like him, but she certainly loved causing a good fright from it.

"Nice yukata," she commented, her arms letting go of him finally. Sitting back on her hunches, she proceeded to shed her soft leather jacket.

Mephisto turned his gaze from the TV screen to her, the curl on his head bobbing with the movement. He frowned. "You made me lose."

She shrugged as she folded the jacket and placed it on the ground next to her. "What a greeting," she said sarcastically. "And that's why there's checkpoints in games," she retorted. The demoness unraveled the cloth that was wrapped around her hips, previously holding one of her sheathed kukri knives. With that placed on the folded jacket, she added to the pile the holstered kukri knife that was clipped to her thigh and toed off her boots.

Now clad in only her wife-beater, trousers, and socks, she climbed over the pillows to his side. As he resumed the game, she settled back into the huge, plush pillows. Her tail waved in contentment as she watched the game playing on the TV.

The demoness finally spoke up after a moment of silence with only the sound of the game playing surrounding them. "So what have I been requested for?" she asked, as her long-nailed fingers listlessly traced the pictures on the pink yukata he wore.

"Our youngest brother has finally joined the school."

Her hand stopped at the mention of Rin. Her eyes gazed at him intently with her interest peaked despite his attention still being on the game. "So he has awakened?" She remembers feeling a surge of demonic power some time ago before a fellow demon she worked with had told her of the rumors of Satan's half-demon son finally reappearing. With this confirmation, she knew it opened a world of possibilities for them.

"He's joined the cram school and plans to become an exorcist," he continued on, grinning as he remembered the boy's will to defeat Satan.

She could hear that sly humor in his voice, one that she knew all too well. But she grew irritated by his attention on the video game and easily snatched the controller from his grip, though kindly paused it in the process. "You mean to tell me that he's willing to fight?" Now that she had gotten his undivided attention, she could see in his eyes that he had plan. "He wants to fight Father?" she whispered in increasing importance. She had sat up by on, facing him and leaning in more and more.

She was liking this all the more; it was making things far more entertaining. "Tell me then," she started, now far closer to him than before, her hand delicately lying against his chest, "what are your plans? Because I know you're planning something." Her face broke into a sly grin.

He smirked at her, green eyes locked with her golden one. "How does becoming a teacher for now sound like, Belial?" As Mephisto questioned her, he reached up, clawed fingers hooking into the band that held her bun up and pulled. Her white hair fell to its natural length that was well past her shoulders.

She let him card through her locks and leaned even closer to him. Her grin widen at his question, face centimeters away from his. "Sounds like it's worth the fun."


"All right, before we finish, I have one last announcement," Yukio told the class in front of him, adjusting his glasses. The exwires silently hoped for no additional homework. "Tomorrow you'll be getting another teacher. She'll be your new Demonolgy teacher. She will be teaching you far more information than before, some that is actually hard to come by, so I advise you to pay attention to her." Some of the exorcists-in-training listened to him in interest. "Any questions before I end class?"

"Who is she?"

"Is she from a different branch?"

"Is she hot?"

"Sorry, but I'm not allowed to give her identity." He ignored Shima's question entirely. "If that's all, class is dismissed. See you all tomorrow."


"So, who's the new teacher, Yukio?" Rin asked, looking over the current manga he was reading. The twins had come back from cram school and were finally settled back into their dorm room for the day.

The younger of the two sighed and stopped what he was doing at his desk to turn towards the half-demon. "I really can't tell you, Rin."

"C'mon, please?" he pleaded, his tail lazily thumping against the bedside.

Rubbing his temples, the bespectacled twin sighed again. "I'll only tell you one thing, but then you have to wait until tomorrow to find out."

Rin perked up at this. "Okay," he grinned.

Yukio turned back to his work and answered without looking back. "She's a close friends to Sir Pheles and was a good friend of Dad's."

Rin shot up in surprise, banging his head in the process on the low ceiling above his head. After quickly swearing, he cradled her head and looked to his brother. "A friend of Dad's? Really?" His face slipped from joyful surprise to a mixture of doubt. "And Mephisto's?" Falling back into his bed, he mumbled to himself.

"…She better not be some clown too."