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Chapter 4: Naively Blind

Finally, Rin thought as the last class of the cram school was dismissed. After the class with their new Demonology teacher, he was curious. It would be a lie to say that he wasn't elated by the prospect of talking to Bell. She knew his father and seemed pretty cool. But were it not for his clueless nature, he would have known to be wary of her. With who he really was and how little he knew of her, a high-leveled demon wasn't something he should ignore.

But to him, she was no threat. Despite her being, his late father trusted her to let her interact with Rin and Yukio when they were young. She was friends with him and clearly knew his brother well.

That had to mean there was some trust, right?

As the students around him packed up and began to leave, Rin broke his usual habit of leaving as soon as possible and stayed behind. At the front of the room, his younger twin was putting away the learning materials he has used for their lesson. Glancing around the room and back to Yukio, he walked up to him, lamely rubbing the back of his neck as he wondered how to ask about their new teacher.

But as Yukio finally looked up at his older brother, he knew what he would ask. Though he knew this would happen, he still wasn't too happy. While he trusted his father's judgment of her, no one could honestly put all their trust in Belial. Every exorcist that knew who she was were wary of her at best. As far as they knew, her reason of joining the humans' side was a mystery. She was Satan's oldest and was given a nickname for the hostility and aggression she harbored. To trust her, one would have to be naïve, clueless, stupid.

And much to his chagrin, his brother was often times just that.

Inwardly sighing, he decided to humor his brother by answering his unspoken question, knowing Belial would seek him out in time anyways. "She told me she would be visiting our dormitory." Yukio simply observed how Rin perked up with the information.

Thanking his brother for the info, he left the room. His excitement was as clear as day on his face.


Crossing the bridge towards the old male dormitory that the brothers currents resided in, Rin easily spotted the pale-haired woman that was waiting. Bell was sitting by the stairs, fiddling with her cellphone. As he neared her, he caught the sight of a fleeting smile turning into a scowl before she turned her attention away from the phone. With her chin in her palm, propped on her knee, she simply stared at the school that was not too far away, tapping the phone against her other knee.

As soon as the half-demon got close enough, she smiled his way, fanged teeth showing. "Hey," she welcomed him, finally standing up when he stopped in front of her. As they greeted each other, both silently noticed the height difference between the two. He was at average height, but she was certainly taller, having topped him by six centimeters at least.

"So, why don't you go drop your stuff off?" she said, nodding her head back towards the building behind her. When she saw slight confusion cross his face, she explained. "Treating you to dinner, to you know, catch and explain. I offered Yukio, but," she gave a half shrug and rolled her eyes, "he flat out refused me."

As she spoke, Rin became thrilled by her offer. Free good food? Why not! "Sweet! Where are we going?"

She grinned back at him, a sort of lazy but nearly satisfied grin; as if she was happy with the reaction she had gotten from the boy. After all, he was all but jumping in simple delight. "Well, I was told not to spoil you, but I do have about a decade to make up for, so who cares." She emphasized her couldn't-care-less attitude with an indifferent wave of her hand. "And well, you know, I was thinking of going for-" she gave a brief pause, feigning her consideration of what to eat, knowing he listened with bated-breath, "-sukiyaki. It'd be nice, yeah?" She was sly about her choice, remembering from what Shirō had once said about the boy enjoying the dish.

"Yes!" he said enthusiastically.

She cocked her head towards the door behind, telling him once more to go leave his stuff while she waited outside. As soon as he ran in, as if timed, her phone went off in her back pocket. Unlocking the screen, she went to her messages.

[18:20] YUKIO: Personally I would go against that idea.

Belial clicked her tongue in annoyance when she read the text. Fiddling with the ebony phone, she rolled her shoulders as she juggled her options; whether she should message him back or just call. Within seconds she chose, pressing the call button with more force than necessary.

She tapped her foot impatiently as the phone dialed and rang. When the young exorcist answered, she forewent the customary exchange of greetings and went straight to the point. "So following your message, what am I supposed to do? Hmm? What are we supposed to do? Keep him in the dark forever?" she insistently questioned him, almost unable to still the anger that began to boil her blood. She always felt strongly about this topic, irritated that she had already waited fifteen years to express their kinship.

"No, but what damage could be done if you just waited?" She heard Yukio say from the other side of the line, growing just as peeved as her. Often times they never saw eye-to-eye; it wasn't helping it that he didn't trust her.

Hearing his tone, she groaned, exasperated.


Rin was definitely excited, the idea of going out to eat (his favorite dish too!) clouded the little judgment her had of her. Once he got into his (and Yukio's) room, the half-demon threw his stuff to the ground near his bed. As he shuffled around, making sure he had what he needed to bring with him, he unraveled his tail from underneath his shirt for that brief moment.

Close by on his bed slept his familiar Kuro, only to be woken up from the not-so-subtle noise his tamer made. Yawning and stretching, the cat sith perked up when he saw Rin, immediately hoping they would get to play. Rin! he silently communicated with him.

Looking towards his bed, the dark-haired teen smiled at the little demon. "Hey, Kuro!"

Jumping off from where he slept, the black cat ran to the exwire, both tails twitching in delight. Can we play, Rin? Please!

"Eh? Oh, sorry," he said, satisfied with having his wallet, phone, and the Kurikara sword. "I'm going out to eat! I'll try to bring you something back- huh?" Rin stopped as Kuro began to sniff him.

Oh, oh! You smell like Beli! She was Shirō's friend!

"You know her too?!"

Yeah! She used to visit me whenever she was around!

The half-demon grinned at Kuro. "She's outside. Wanna see her before I leave?" The small demon jumped in anticipation and the two left the room, running down the stairs to the front door. But as they exited the building, they ran out as Bell was on the phone, speaking about something he didn't know of.

"You act as if I'm our damn father. Fuck, Yukio, I'm your elder sister," she hissed into the phone. "Treat me as such-" Bell froze at the sight of the older twin, having turned around when Kuro tackled her leg from behind.

Rin blinked, confused. Shocked.