This is my first Janet Evanovich Fic so I'm not sure how good it is but I hope if you read it you'll enjoy it.

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Summary, Stephanie has a hard time getting information about a FTA from two six year olds, who don't know what a court date and are determined to Make trouble for Stephanie.

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Double Trouble

Stephanie's P.O.V

" I told you already, I don't need a bodyguard" I said glaring at Joe Morelli.

" Yeah that's what the last guy said" was Morelli's response.

" You guard people a lot Then?" I said

" it's a figure of speech cupcake" Joe said knocking on the door of the house, that my FTA 's Brother Jack Lamb lives in.

A little girl about six opened the door. Hopefully I wouldn't have to talk to the kid long. " Hi, I'm a Bond Enforcement Agent" I said.

The little girl had a yellow and pink romper sundress on, her strawberry blonde hair was pulled back in a floppy ponytail bun.

Leaving her bangs framing her face. " Is your Daddy Home" I asked. The little girl scrunche up her face in thought. " Why?" She asked.

I decided to change the subject. " What's your Name?". " Why should I tell you I don't like you" the girl replied.

Okay I thought she was cute until she started insulting me.

I looked at Joe helplessly unsure what to say next. Joe shrugged his shoulders, always so helpful I thought.

" what's your name ?" Joe asked her. " Mary-Kate Lamb, what's yours ?". I couldn't believe it the kid was sucking up to him.

" Joe Morelli" He said and smirked at me. Jerk I thought.

" are you a bond Forceee person too ?" Mary-Kate asked Joe Suspiciously.

" No I'm a Police officer" He told her straight faced. " Oh good…. Police officers are better than bond forceee people" Mary-Kate Said.

I decide to re-enter the conversation, " your Uncle missed his court date and your Daddy may know where he is" I said.

Mary-Kate scrunched her face up in thought again. Then Mary-Kate turned her head and yelled down the hall " Michelle, come downstairs , I need you".

Another little girl the same age came tumbling down the stairs.

Then I saw the second little girl I assumed was Michelle looked exactly like the first.

Same eyes, Same Outfit and same haircut, Long story short they were twins.

Mary-Kate and Michelle had a whispered conversation in the hallway.

When they came back, " Why are you looking for Uncle Dixon?" one of them asked Michelle I think.

" He missed his court date" I said. Two Identical Blank Faces Stared back at me uncomprehending. " Who'd Want To Date a Court?" Mary-Kate Asked.

" well" I started, "It's when you….. go to a court to…. Talk" I finished lamely. How was I supposed to know how to explain what at court date is to a couple of six year olds.

" what's court" Mary-Kate ? I think asked.

Joe crouched down so he was eye level with the Twins " Dixon Lamb was supposed to come to a place called court to talk, but didn't and that made some people unhappy, so we want to find him can you help us?"

" So the people won't be sad" Michelle Asked. Why couldn't I have explained it that way Joe made it sound so easy.

" Mary-Kate Knows where uncle Dixon is" Michelle said suddenly.

We looked at the girl standing on the right, " I'm Mary-Kate not Michelle" She said

. " No I'm Mary-Kate not Michelle" The girl standing on the left said.

I looked back and forth at them, Why? Did they have to be so identical. I pointed to the girl on the right " Your Mary-Kate" I said uncertainly.

" Yes I am But So is She " was the reply.

" fine" I said . I pointed at the girl on the left " Your Mary-Kate". " Yes I am But So Is She" was the reply again.

Now I was annoyed they were messing with me on purpose.

Joe looked at them briefly and said " Your Michelle," Joe said pointing at the girl on the right

" and Your Mary-Kate" He said pointing to the girl on the left.

" That's Not Fair" They whined, Scowling at me like it was my fault Joe Could tell them apart.

" Do you have any pets?" Mary-Kate asked stalling.

" I have a Hamster named Rex" I said

. " I hope it Dies" Mary-Kate said and stomped down the hallway leaving Michelle at the door.

" Uncle Dixon Stole Daddy's Car Yesterday" Michelle told us.

" And that's all we know" Mary-Kate yelled coming back to the door.

" He Likes The Seashore" Michelle volunteered.

" Tell Your Hamster to Beware my Kitty is coming to eat him" Mary-Kate said in a creepy sing-song voice.

Then in her normal voice shouted " Beware The Great Kitty Cat" and slammed the door shut in my face.

I turned to face Joe , who was laughing. " Real Smooth Cupcake " He said.

I stuck my tongue out at him. " How did you tell them apart " I asked as we walked to my current car.

" Easy " Joe replied " Michelle had a small freckle under her nose".

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