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Double, Trouble Part 2 The Dream

Stephanie's P.O.V

There are all sorts of dreams a person can have.

There is the beyond weird type and the super scary leave the light on dreams.

My best Guess is this is a mixture of both.

My dream started out plain weird; Ranger and Tank were wearing Black Easter Bunny Costumes and hopping after FTAs. And My Mother was Ironing Waffles, not flat enough I guess.

That's about when it switched to those Twins. They Both Grinned evilly at me dressed in matching witch Halloween Costumes. I really don't like Kids at the moment.

Twin # 1 was holding a very large Black and White cat with a red collar and a tag that said Fluffy.

The Other one, Twin #2 held Rex in her hand. " Come On Fluffy Just One More Hamster Tonight" Coaxed Twin # 1.

As Twin # 2 held Rex in Front Of Fluffy the cat. Fluffy Burped and opened his mouth ready to Chow down on my hamster .

Sweet , Innocent little Rex and….. I woke Up.

To say I was freaked out would have been a understatement. It was So real, I was certain That Rex had been eaten and was dead.

So In my half – awake state, I did Something really stupid, thinking back on it.

{Mental note to self: Don't ever suddenly hit a Cop who is sleeping, They go for their Gun.]

" Joe" I whispered Frantically. " Wake up" as I smacked his chest with my arm.

His eyes were open in a split second and in the next had his gun in his hands aimed at the bedroom door.

Cop / Former Navy reflexes, I guess.

" No Gun" I said taking it from his hand and putting it back on the nightstand.

I Threw back the covers and mumbled something incoherent about Rex and went downstairs.

I headed for the kitchen because that's where Rex's cage is. I could hear him running on his wheel in the dark.

I Flipped the light switch on and Rex stopped running and looked at me whiskers twitching.

" Good Your Still Alive" I whispered. Pressing my hand on the metal outside of his cage.

I Heard footsteps stop behind me and a familiar pair of arms wrapped around me.

" What are You Doing Down Here?" Joe asked.

" You'll Laugh at me if I tell You" I said. Leaning back against his chest.

" I promise, I won't Laugh At you " Joe said yawning.

" Yes you will laugh" I said. Breaking free of his arms and sitting down at the kitchen table.

" Promise, I won't Laugh" Joe said. Sitting down at the table.

" I had this Dream" I said.

" A Dream " He repeated

" Well it started out a bit weird" I said pausing making sure Joe was Still paying attention and Not falling Asleep.

"Ranger and Tank were wearing black Easter bunny suits chasing FTAs and My mother Ironed Waffles" I blurted out in a rush.

I Looked Over at Joe he had his cop face on, probably so he didn't laugh or was it because I had a dream with Ranger in it.

I Started to tell Joe the other half watching as his eyes started to droop shut and he had to hold his head up with his hand.

By The Time I finished tell the whole thing, I may have repeated some parts… Okay a lot.

But Then it was too late anyway Joe looked very all sleep with his head on the table.

I thought of a good way to wake him up and voice my opinion about children.

" I hate Kids " I shouted Slamming my hand on the table purposely.

Joe Jerked his head up " I'm Awake" He said rubbing his eyes, Pretending not to have fallen asleep.

" You Quit Listening" I said

" No I didn't" Joe Replied

" Tell me what I said Then, Officer- snooze-a lot" I asked

" um… Twin… Witch's…. Cats… ate ..Rex?" Joe said.

So he was close enough, I suppose.

" It wasn't Just any Twins, It's The ones That Hate me, Mary-Kate and Michelle." I Ranted

Joe seemed to be deciding how to reply. " Why Don't We Talk About this Tomorrow Morning" He said.

" It Is Tomorrow Morning" I said Pointing at the digital Oven Clock That read 2 :00 A.m.

" Well How about when people normally Get up in the morning" Joe suggested.

" But The Twins….. and Rex" I stuttered Out.

" Bob Will Take Care Of it" Joe said. Pulling me out of the chair.

I was pretty doubtful about Bob protecting Rex. Because

#1. Bob Loved Children, He sniffs every single One 40 times.

# 2. Bob Doesn't the difference between good and bad people

" Bob's Not even Scary, Just Big" I complained to Joe.

" Well" Joe reasoned." If your only 3 ft tall Bob Rushing at you is scary".

" I glad I'm Not 3 ft tall then" I said

" Me Too" Joe Replied. " Because then I would have to bend down to do this"

And he pulled me close and kissed me. I kissed him back forgetting all about crazy Twins agter Rex.

I let Morelli Pull me back to bed.

Besides I had to sleep at some point , Didn't I ?

I was after all going after my FTA Dixon Lamb Tomorrow.

The End

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