Hook, Revenge, and Baited

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Up until Season 2 There will be aspects from each. And Puck and Quinn never slept together, she was never pregnant.

Summary: Santana wants revenge on Puck. She enlists the help of Kurt in this delicious, sexy plot.

Pairings: Puck/Kurt

Hook, Revenge, and Baited

Santana's whipping hair flies around her as she marches down the hallway, her eyes full of raged, completely pissed off.

Where the hell are you?

She stops in the middle of the intersection and looks down each hall for her target. Her eyes narrow and a smirk grows on her face as she smots him.

Got you.

"Hummel." She calls out as she nears the boy.

Kurt turns around and slowly faces the enraged Latina, sizing her up.

"Santana. To whom do I owe the pleasure?" Kurt asks with his usual confidence as he raises an eyebrow, challenging her.

"You're still queer as a three dollar bill right?" She asks as she steps up close to him, invading his personal space.

Kurt slowly nods as he takes a step back. "Yes Santana. I am still gay and I always will be. Now what do you want? I have class to get too."

Santana just smirked as she grabs his arm before pulling him after her down the hallway.

"Well Hummel, I have a deal that I want to make with you." Santana said before stopping them in front of an open doorway.

"And what would that be?" Kurt asks cautiously, his eyes still trying to analyze her and wherever this is going.

Santana just smiles as she holds a hand out and motions towards the doorway. Kurt clenches his jaw and matches her gaze. She only raises an eyebrow. Kurt shakes his head and groans in annoyance before walking into the abandoned room. He walks in until he reaches the desk before turning as the door snaps shut.

"Santana." Kurt says slowly.

Santana moves to the side so Kurt can watch her lock the door. She turns towards him with a smile and sways her way into the room.

"Santana." Kurt repeats again, just as slow.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you. I really do want to make you a deal." Santana says with a genuine voice as she takes a seat at a desk near Kurt.

She glances over at the nearby desk and pats the small slab of wood that goes over the lap. Kurt eyes are carefully before slowly taking a seat. Santana crosses her legs before leaning forward towards Kurt.

"And what exactly would this deal entail?" Kurt asks as he struggles to not flee the girls presence.

"Let me tell you my story first. So you know how Puck and I used to screw around?" Kurt nods, so Santana takes this as her cue to continue on. "Well now I'm with Brittany as you already know." Kurt nods again. "Well the other day I decided to stop by at Brits' house as a surprise. But Puck was there." Her nose crinkles and venom is in her mouth. "He was making out with my girl. And now I want revenge."

Kurt raises an eyebrow and slowly questions the girl to clarify. "Revenge?"

"Yeah. Everyone knows that she's my girl. Puck knows this too, so he must go down." Santana says with a smirk, as if this is well-known knowledge.

"Why don't you try to talk to Brittany about this?" Kurt asks as he processes this information.

"Because revenge is easier." Santana shrugs like this simple solution explains everything.

Kurt bites his lip nervously before licking his lips and addressing the girl. "What's in it for me?"

"We both get revenge. I get revenge for Puck being with Brit and you get revenge for the years of torture that he put you through. Win" She leans forward with a grin. "Win."

Kurt can't help the small smile that cracks on his face. "And how exactly will I be able to get revenge?"

Santana grinns wide. "We're going to hit him at his very core. The thing that he prides himself on. We're going to tear him down a peg."

Kurt's own smile is wide now. "And how will be do this?"

Santana looked him in the eye. "Sex."

Santana smirks as she approaches Puck in the hallway. He smiles too, but his eyes narrow as he recognizes her planning smirk.

"Hello Puckerman." Santana says seductively as she settles herself against the locker next to his.

Puck raises an eyebrow at her as he pulls a book out. "Santana?" He acknowledges slowly.

"So I want to make a deal with you." She says with confidence.

Puck keeps his gaze on the scheming Latina as he shuts his locker. "What kind of deal?"

Santana loops her arm through his and as she steers him through the hallway.

"Well you see, the other cheerios and I were debating on who gives the best blow jobs." She says casually.

Puck's eyes widen before he coughs and clears his throat. "Oh yeah. How did that come up?"

She smirked at him. "You. We were all talking about how hot and big your cock is. That was when we just started arguing."

Puck grin becomes cocky. "Yeah. The Puckzilla is great."

Santana licks her bottom lip and stares up at him through her thick eyelashes. "Yeah you are."

Puck licks when he sees her wet lip, his eyes focused on her lips. "And what did you decide?"

Santana gives him a sweet smile. "Well that's when our little deal comes into place. We want to blindfold you."


"To see if a blow job is better when you can't see." Santana continues on, breathing heavy so her breasts become a center point for Puck's gaze.


Santana holds back a chuckle. "Then, you'll let each of us give you head again, and you'll have to decide who the best is. Then we'll tell you who gave you head while you were blindfolded."

Puck grins wide. "And exactly how many blow jobs are we talking?"

"Six. Seven including the blindfolded one." She answers with a smile..

Puck stops her and pulls her to the nearby lockers.

"When are we doing this?" He asks as his mouth begins to water.

Santana grins up at him. "After school. Locker room. If you don't show up, I'm sure we can find some other stud."

Puck barks out a laugh. "Please. I'm the only stud around here. I mean, have you seen my guns?"

Santana smirks at him before turning and walking away, swaying her body as she goes.

Santana grins to herself. "Wait until you see my guns."

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