Hook, Revenge, and Baited

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Up until Season 2 There will be aspects from each. And Puck and Quinn never slept together, she was never pregnant.

Summary: Santana wants revenge on Puck. She enlists the help of Kurt in this delicious, sexy plot.

Pairings: Puck/Kurt

Hook, Revenge, and Baited

Running away is never a good thing. It just makes you realize that the person pursuing you will still be on the lookout for you. Instead of Kurt and Puck avoiding each other like the plague this week, it was just Kurt. Puck was now taking the direct approach now that everything was out in the open, or at least out of the zipper with their pants down to their thighs.

Kurt quickly ducks into the choir room when he sees the boy of his many recent thoughts move through the crowded hallway. Surprisingly, it had only been a few hours since their awkward and unsettling, at least in his opinion, confrontation that had left him confused. Fortunately for Kurt, he doesn't have many classes with the boy during the day. Just one in the morning and glee club at the end of the day.

Kurt freezes and comes to a stop. He's standing in the middle of the choir room with his friends trickling in. Kurt mentally swears as he remembers that it's already time for glee club. He just happened on his way to the room when he sees Puck. Kurt lets out a shaky breath as he makes his way around the edge of the group and up the risers to his seat in the back. It only takes a few seconds before Brittany had noticed him and moved from where she was sitting alone to be attached at his side.

"Hey, Kurt." She smiles brightly out of him. "What's wrong? Did you see the ghost too?"

"What ghost?" Kurt's glad for the friendly and typically odd words from the blonde.

"I don't know." Brittany shrugs. "I keep hearing these voices around me. 'The bathroom on the second floor is now open.' or 'Stoner Brett, can you come to the office now?'" Brittany looks to Kurt. "Is it weird that they sound like Principal Figgins? I mean I know it's not him since he wasn't around, but how else could I have heard his voice from his office?" Ooh." She slaps him in the chest with excitement as he attempts to respond. "Maybe I have supersonic ultra hearing? Or I'm a chest reader?"

Kurt raises an eyebrow. "Chest reader?" Sure he had wanted to question all of her statements, but it's easy to chose one and let the others die.

"Yeah. That's where your thoughts come from." Brittany places her hand on his chest. "Most people think it's the brain, but your true thoughts come from here. It lets you know what you're feeling or what you should do."

Kurt's eyes widen slightly and the corner of his lip twitches up. "Wow, Brit. That makes a lot of sense."

"Oh I know it does." Brittany shrugs. "I just don't like telling people. If more people followed their hearts, then we wouldn't have the few connections with someone that makes life special."

Kurt smiles a bit more. "That's great, Brit."

"Thanks." She smiles as she sits back in her chair. "But I'm mainly happy that you and Puck have it."

Kurt has to blink a few times as he looks back to Brittany to focus. "Wait, what? What do we have?"

"You're connected at the hearts." Brittany shrugs off the answer as if it was common knowledge. "That's why Puck likes you. He's all about his hear. Well sometimes Puckzilla, but he can't help that. The heart can only do so much. There's more that goes into that."

As much as Kurt would love to discuss this interesting heart concept with the girl, his mind is stuck on three words. "What do you mean Puck lik-"

"Alright guys." Kurt is cut off as Mr. Schue walks in with a smile and Puck at his side. "Puck has inspired me on our assignment for the week." Kurt tries to meet the boys eyes as his own widen, but Puck is looking at someone else in the group. "Now he was going to perform today, but I'm making him wait until tomorrow."

"What's our assignment Mr. Schue?" Rachel asks eagerly from the first row.

"Movies." Schue seems to be liking this idea more than usual. "Take a song from your favorite non-" He looks at Rachel at this point. "Musical movie and sing it for us. In simple terms, choose a song from the sound track of a movie that's mainly featured in the background and it's up to you to bring it to light and to our attentions."

Kurt narrows his eyes.

How on earth did Puck help with this assignment? He doesn't scream 'I'm a movie watched Mr. Schue, so lets go with this.'

Kurt shakes his head slowly and lets himself fade out of the rest of Mr. Schue's speech. He only lets himself pay attention whenever he sees Puck move in his chair out of the corner of his eye. He can't help but be distracted by the boy after the recent events.

Focus, Kurt. Think about what song you could sing. Yeah. List of non-musical movies that you have. Okay . . . I have the Harry Potter DVD's, but I don't think there are many non-instrumental sound tracks on that. Well except one, but that most likely wouldn't work. What other movies?

Brittany tugs on Kurt's hand. He looks at her and she smiles wide with excitement.

She leans closer to him. "That means I get to do a Disney movie."

"But Brit, those are mus-"

"I think I know which one I'm gonna do." She cuts him off and smiles as she sits back in her seat. "This is fun. Maybe I can do a duet with someone."


"I know who." Brittany smiles and nods.

Kurt raises an eyebrow, but leaves the girl to her own thoughts. He looks away from her, but manages to catch Puck's eye. The boy gives Kurt a smile before looking back to Schue.

That's . . . odd.

Kurt gives a half smile to the boy that's not paying attention before he too looks back to Schue as well.

Sorry for the late chapter. A really busy busy week for me. I hope you enjoyed this one. I'll try to have another one up soon. :) Enjoy.