Hook, Revenge, and Baited

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Up until Season 2 There will be aspects from each. And Puck and Quinn never slept together, she was never pregnant.

Summary: Santana wants revenge on Puck. She enlists the help of Kurt in this delicious, sexy plot.

Pairings: Puck/Kurt

Hook, Revenge, and Baited

Kurt winks at his boyfriend as he makes his way into the choir room. It had been one week since Kurt had had his cock sucked for the first time. It had been one week since Kurt and Puck had started secretly dating. Only Brittany knows. Puck had already texted him that they would be celebrating their one-week-aversary that night. Not sex, but everything that comes before that. Within their first week as a couple, they had swapped blowjobs, 69'd, fingered, swallowed each others seed, cum-swapped, and had each had a dildo or two used on them. Sure they were neglecting their friends and families by fleshing out their new relationship, but hell if they cared. The only time they hadn't done anything was last night and that was only because Puck had wanted them to save their cum, stamina, and eagerness for their one-week-aversary. Kurt can hardly wait to see what the one-month-aversary or even the annual one-year mark.

Puck turns slightly in his chair so he can see Kurt out of the corner of his eyes. He brings his hands up, one forming a circle with his thumb and index with his index pointed out on his other hand. He suddenly rams his index fingers and does it over and over as he bites his lip. Kurt rolls his eyes as he kicks the boys chair. Puck chuckles and puts his hands down on his crotch. How they had remained secret this long was completely lost to him.

"Hummel." Kurt stops his secret glances to his boyfriend to look at the storming Latina.

"Santana. What do I owe the pleasure?" Kurt raises his eyebrow at her, feeling a sense of deja vu.

"I have a deal to make with you." She states as she makes her way up the risers to take a seat beside him.

"Santana." Kurt warns. "I do believe that these are the exact words that you repeated to me just a few weeks ago."

"Really?" Santana barely thinks of Kurt's mention before she shrugs it off. "Even if it is, this is a completely different deal."

Kurt wants to roll his eyes with frustration, but he figures he'll be able to get that out tonight. "I'm listening."

Santana glances to the ground. "I need you to help me get back with Brit."

Puck snorts before Kurt can answer. "Even Kurt can't do that. That's all up to you, Santana."

"Stay out of this, Puckerman." Santana hisses. "This is between me and Hummel."

"Hummel and I." Kurt mutters under his breath before jumping to his boyfriends defense. "And he's right, Santana. Last time I helped you I ended up in more trouble than I ever wanted. I'm staying out of any current and future plans that you may want my assistance with. Excuse me." He adds to the girl before nodding and standing up.

He doesn't wait for a respond before he moves down the tier and to take a seat by Puck. It's a rare sight to see, but no one will question it. This way, Kurt can glance at his boyfriend secretly while trying to turn him on with his foot or subtle 'mistaken' touches by his moving hand or arm. It's brilliant and Santana just helped him with one of his plans.

"Kurt." Puck acknowledges the boy with a subtle nod and a quick wink.

"Noah." Kurt gives the boy a small smile before letting his hand brush the tan arm as he sits down.

Puck shuts his eyes and a shiver runs through his body before his eyes snap forward to ignore the distraction as best as he possibly can.

"Kurt!" Kurt looks up to see Brittany rushing up to him.

"Hey, Brit." He watches as he eyes flick over Santana only to come back down and rest upon Kurt and Puck.

She grins when she sees the pair sitting by each other and makes her way to join them in the front row of seats. 'So what are you doing to-" She leans closer and lowers her voice quickly. "Celebrate the first week."

Kurt grins. "Well I plan on not being a virgin anymore." He adds after he leans closer to the girl to keep things between them. "Whether it's me entering Noah's hot body or him into mine. It's gonna happen. I'd be insane to see no to him."

"You would." Brittany nods. "Especially because he hasn't had sex with anyone in so long."

"What?" Kurt narrows his eyes. "How do you know that?"

"Well why do you think I went to him in the first place?" Brittany smiles softly. "I've been helping him sustain until he could get into a healthy relationship."

"So you mean-" Kurt cuts himself off to look back at his curious boyfriend and then back to Brittany. "He's only been cumming because of me recently?"

Brittany nods. "He told me that he was only cumming twice a week or so because it felt better to wait between them. You've kicked him off of that with just a little bit of head."

Kurt finds himself blushing as he returns to his seat.

He could have given into temptation and get serviced by some random girl, but I was the one to break that. My, my, my.

Kurt feels immense pride in his stomach and cock as he looks over to his boyfriend and smirks. He gives the boy a quick wink before readjusting his hard position in his jeans. Tonight was going to be a very good night.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the final chapter and the story in total. Let me know if you have.