Disclaimer: nothing is mine. I wrote this for a friend of mine, I hope it's not too terrible. I wrote it on my iPad, so I don't think there's any spelling errors. But there are probably some grammatical ones. Sorry. The dashes between things are time skips, and are in the same location unless otherwise noted. The first part of each is Jim in sick bay remembering all the other things. Enjoy.

He didn't mean for it to come to this, he thinks while he lays in sickbay. Bones is so pissed he won't even look at him. But that's okay with Jim, he's to busy trying to remember how he got here.

But it's always best to start a story at the beginning, isn't it?

Riverside, Iowa 2245

His mother dragged him to the dinner. He didn't want to got and sit with all the officers and politicians. He never knew that he would meet THEM there. They sat across from him and his mother, Arnold and Samantha Kudos. Some how, Kudos got him into a conversation. They were like the parents he always wanted, and he was the son they never had. Kodos was exactly how he imagined his father had been, smart, funny, and kind. Samantha was supportive, elegant, and brave. He and Kodos got on like a house on fire, they commed each other at least once a week until Arnold had to start packing up his things to go to Tarsus IV. A week before they were scheduled to leave, Arnold and Samantha showed up at the house. They all sat down at the kitchen table, and that was that. Jim was going to Tarsus.

"Be safe, Jim. Don't do anything I wouldn't." Sam says. It would be the last time he would hear from his brother in almost two years. Winona was already off planet before he left.

Tarsus IV, Early 2246

He didn't even know about the crops until it was pretty bad. Kodos didn't tell him, but he knew something was wrong when he wasn't allowed outside any more. All the windows were covered with the metal sheets that were controlled by a computer in case of an attack. He knew they weren't under attack, so why where the windows covered? He had to know, so he hacked the computers, and lifted the one over the window in his room.

He would never be the same in his entire life.

There was no way to describe the scene outside of his window. There were guards in the town square, guarding the store. He saw all the colonists, even some of his friends, standing in the courtyard. He saw a man and a child fighting over a loaf of bread. One man stabbed another, and reached inside. He stopped watching. He felt sick. What was going on?

It hit him about a hour later that the crops must have been failing. And then he looked out again, and realized that is was much worse. They had failed, past tense, and now the plants were all brown and withered. Then something else hit him. If this was bad enough that people were fighting over food, how did they have so much?

As he came into the dinning room for dinner, he felt sick once again. Samantha had made fried humaru (the planet's equivalent of chicken) and some kind of beans and corn. How could he eat so much when others had so little?

"I don't feel well." He said before he even sat down. Kodos gently lead him into the living room, and explained what was happening. He was right, and he wished he wasen't. He was then lead back into the dinning room, and both Samantha and Arnold looked at him reassuringly.

"Eat up." Kodos more or less ordered. "Don't want it to get cold, do you?"

Jim eats just enough, and slides the rest into the pockets of his oversized sweatshirt. He doesn't need it all, he thinks. Later he goes into his room, wraps up the rest of his meal and quietly slides out the window. He runs to the people in the courtyard, and hands it to a boy he knew from school, Tom. He takes him and five others into the forest.

One night he finds people sliding out of a room and running to the hills, but before they got there, a team of soldiers caught them. The soldiers shot them. Why, he thinks as he watches them die for no reason at all.

That was the first night that Jim had to throw up. He tries not to: the food shortage is getting really bad now, and he just…he can't eat the excessive amount of food on the table every night. Not without feeling like he's killing people that way.

He takes food to Tom and his group again that night, and then returns.

He wanders into the bathroom, thinking that it would probably be stupid not to take a shower. He strips quickly, and turns the water on hot. He starts to wash his hair, but it just comes out in huge clumps. For a moment, he doesn't realize why, and steps out of the shower. He shaves all his hair off, and takes a good look at himself. He can count his ribs even though he standing about five feet from the mirror. He's going to have to add another layer to hide it.

Mid 2246

Apparently Kodos thought Jim needed to see his speech to the colonists. So, he lets himself be dragged along, and sits beside Kudos while he speaks.

"Survival depends on drastic measures. Your continued existence represents a threat to the well-being of society. Your lives mean slow death to the more valued members of the colony. Therefore, I have no alternative but to sentence you to death. Your execution is so ordered, signed Kodos, Governor of Tarsus IV."

The people scream, and try to run out the building, even climbing on top of one another to try and get out. He just sits and cries silently as the colonists are all shot, one by one. He realizes then that Kodos is one crazy-ass mother fucker, and tries very very hard not to stab him with the pocket knife he got for his birthday.

He wonders one day why he wasen't killed. He should've been one of the fist to go. He's a juvenile delinquent, allergic to pretty much everything, and well above the IQ threshold that Kodos set. He should've been there, on the floor with the colonists.

That night he goes to Tom and brings the small group most of his dinner. He can't bring himself to eat anything more than a few bites that night. He wishes he could see Sam and mom again, sit with them in the living room and watch movies from a long, long time ago. The ones from before WWIII that were so good, before political correctness made it impossible to make decent movies.

Of course, that assumes he's getting off this fucking planet, and—

He's not. He's going to collapse someday and just not be able to get back up, or he'll get shot. He's fine with it. There's really no use living if it has to be like this. He can't take it anymore.

I.S.S. Falcon, Very late 2246

There was snow on the ground when starfleet finally got there. He went and got Tom and his people, and took them to the ship. They only counted 914 survivors. He didn't know we're Kodos or Samantha went, but an officer told him that they were both burned to death. They were all safe, he thought.