Witching Hour

Beast Boy, awake with Raven in her bed, reminices of what he wants of their relationship, and how he's optimistic for their future. I promise, not a songfic

Beast Boy slowly opened one green eye. Something about this moment was... Peaceful. Serene. Then, he smelled her. Raven murmured something in her sleep and rolled towards him, releasing a cloud of her scent into the air. It reminded him, precisely, why he was in Raven's bed, with her supple body pressed to his.

He loved when Robin went with Starfire on spontaneous trips and Cyborg found tech-cons to go to so he could show off his 'baby'. He loved it because it meant time alone with Raven. In her room, where it smelled of herbs and her silken skin, they could talk for hours and just be close. Beast Boy's primal instinct was to be close to those he loved, in particular to the one he wanted for his mate.

Raven more than anyone seemed to understand this. So she performed small tasks around him, like cooking, reading, even meditating. Whatever she did, he would be right there, keeping quiet when needed. But the real treat came at night, when she left her door unlocked. How he would creep on velvety cat paws draped in darkness and silence into her space and slide under her covers with her. How she would stroke his hair and hold him to her as they fell back to sleep...

Raven made him feel like the most of everything. Funny she was so stoic. She always seemed to evoke the better part of him; the side that the doom patrol always wanted to see. he was responsible, leader-like, tried to be practical in the given situations and at home, he tried to be happy and jocular, all of which Raven encouraged.

He liked to think he found his mate in Raven, grounded, calm, and a little guarded, who he was sure loved him. It was the little things that made Beast Boy appreciate their relationship, because that was how Raven showed her love. Any small thing- making him tofu in the morning, folding his clothes, touching his cheek. His favorite thing was when they had privacy in her room and she would whisper, "I love you." Beast Boy practically melted everytime.

Raven suddenly inhaled audibly and groaned softly into chest. "Mmm... Beast Boy?"

"What's up, Rae?" The green teen began to stroke the gray girl's arm, feeling a shiver go through him when he felt her inner thigh brush his leg.

"Why are you still awake?" She murmured drowsily.

"I was just thinking about you."

"Oh. Well we can't have that- if you think to much your head might explode." The changeling nuzzled her and she let fall half-open the onyx pools that were her eyes.

Beast Boy smiled and whispered, "Eyes like the sea under night. I think I see I siren in your eyes, Rae, cos I seem to be mesmerized."

Raven rolled over, but Beast Boy caught her smile. "Shh. Come on, go to bed with me." The green titan immediately contoured his body to the priestess's, snaking his arm around her torso and into her small hands. She kissed his fingertips as he let his lips brush just behind her ear. "Night Rae."

"Night..." Wait for it... Beast Boy was promising himself. Wait for it... "I love you."

"Love you too," He churred happily. The witch didn't realize what a spell she had over him.