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Ranma woke gently to the sound of his father's loud snoring. It was too early for anyone else to be awake so he tried to doze back off. When he turned on his side, the sight of Ryoga sleeping beside him jolted him awake.

'What the hell is Ryoga doing sleeping in my room?' His startled brain quickly caught up and he remembered the events of the previous day. 'Oh, yeah, Ryoga rolled back into town yesterday. Ryoga, not P-Chan...Wait, what's the difference?' He thought, shaking his head. Ryoga didn't change personalities when he became the little black pig so why would he differentiate?

Ranma looked back at Ryoga's sleeping face. Normally the boy looked as if he were carrying the weight of the world on his back but here, asleep, he looked so at peace that it made Ranma smile despite himself. His eyes started to scan the other boy and noticed that every muscle seemed completely relaxed. Except one. Ranma's gaze landed, unintentionally, on the rather large bulge in Ryoga's boxers. Ranma scowled. 'Maybe he's having some wet dream about Akane. No, he's way too nice a guy to have those kinds of thoughts...Still, he's pretty big.'

Ranma shook his head again. He'd known for a while that he didn't exactly swing the way his father wanted him to, but he couldn't get hung up on a guy who was clearly in love with Akane, and who clearly hated his guts. He sighed and turned back over to go back to sleep.

When he opened his eyes again he could smell breakfast cooking downstairs. His dad was gone and he could hear Ryoga moving around behind him. He decided to get up. If he let Ryoga leave the room without him, the boy might end up in the park. He stood quickly and pulled his pants on over his boxers, not bothering with a shirt besides the tank top he slept in. Ryoga was standing by the door, fully dressed. The two walked down the stairs together in a comfortable silence. When they got to the table Ranma sat next to his dad on the side close to the open screen door while Ryoga sat next to Akane on the side near the kitchen.

Kasumi brought out the food she had prepared and the fighting started almost immediately. Ranma was forced to defend his rice by kicking Genma out into the pond. When he emerged as a giant panda, he grabbed Ranma by the pig-tail and threw him into the same pond.

Ryoga watched Ranma walk out of the water, her red hair dripping onto her now too tight shirt. He couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. He liked to watch Ranma fight as a boy. The way his muscles would coil and flex and his long limbs would stretch out to assist him in his acrobatics. As a girl she had flexibility but her body was just to curvy and flouncy and delicate. It's not that he didn't like girls, he loved Akane because she was so nice to him all the time, but he was never attracted to them. Well he did like the way Ranma's red hair made the blue of her eyes pop. Ranma was just all-in-all his type. That's why he was always picking fights, to see him as a boy up close and touch him without it being weird. Ranma just wanted to fight, he probably hated Ryoga.

It was that moment when Ranma decided to take off her shirt and ring it out in the floor. Akane threw a plate at her and started screaming.

"Ranma! What are you thinking? You're being completely indecent in front of Ryoga."

"Oh, he doesn't care. Stop being such an un-cute idiot. Well, you can stop being an idiot."

"Ranma, how dare you talk to Akane that way?" Ryoga yelled as he threw a hot water kettle (that magically appeared) at her.

Ranma was hit with the water and his chest turned back into the expanse of toned muscle and pale skin that haunted Ryoga's dreams. He glared at Ryoga through his sopping black bangs, his eyes still blue but darker now, and smokey as if they held some mystical secret.

"What was that for?"

"All you're doing is making a mess and upsetting everyone. You're not even fighting your dad anymore."

'That's right, Boy. You're just being noisy.' Genma said via his signboard as he and Mr. Tendo sat playing shogi.

"Ranma, if you want to blow off some steam you should at least do it somewhere where you won't be disturbing people. Come on, we'll go to the training hall and have a nice, friendly brawl."

"Fine. But don't think I'll go easy on you."

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

Ranma dropped his damp shirt on the floor and started to walk toward the training hall. Once inside, they faced each other, standing a few feet apart. Ranma made the first move, using his ridiculous speed to get in close and used the 'Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire' technique. Ryoga let it hit, he could hardly feel it anyway, but Ranma was relentless. Eventually Ryoga reached out and grabbed Ranma around the waist, effectively stopping his attack, and threw him into the wall. Ranma hit hard enough to hurt but not hard enough to break anything. He stood back up and continued to assault Ryoga with inhumanly fast kicks and punches. Sometimes dodging the counterattacks, sometimes not, and a few times he managed to land a good solid blow that would make Ryoga stagger backwards. This pattern continued for hours on end until the sky turned dark and they both stood panting and sweaty. Ryoga was the first to speak.

"Okay, I think we're done. Feel better?"

"I was fine to begin with Jerk, you're the one who called this fight...I'm too tired to get into this. Let's just go."

"It's really dark out there. We probably missed lunch and dinner."

"Yeah, and Pops didn't leave us anything, I'll bet." He sighed and stretched his aching muscles. He didn't seem to realize what he was doing to Ryoga. "Hey, do you want to go to the public baths?"

"What? Why?"

"Because I want to do something different tonight and I figure you'd want to come because you have to be just as tired as me."

He was right. Ryoga's whole body was sore and the thought of a long hot bath was inviting, as was the thought of Ranma in a towel. He had to stop himself from physically shaking those thoughts away. Ranma would kill him if he knew that Ryoga thought of him that way.

In reality, it was the opposite. Ranma had given that little peepshow earlier because he wanted to make Ryoga look, wanted to turn him on. When he had been splashed with hot water and basically rejected, it had honestly hurt. He only wanted Akane and there was nothing he could do about that. What he could do was get a good look at Ryoga's naked body. He had seen him shirtless and there was that one time he got into the bathtub as a piglet and got out as a man, but he had been soft and Ranma had been so startled that he couldn't absorb what he'd seen. In Ranma's fantasy, and even his favorite dreams, Ryoga was bare, hard, hot, and pressed against him.

"So are you gonna come with me?"

"Yeah. Sure, why not?"

"Come on then, let's get our stuff."

The two of them went back inside to collect their bath supplies and on the was out they grabbed a couple of rice balls Kasumi had saved for them. They walked in silence but stole glances at each other when the other wasn't looking.

The outside of the bathhouse was brightly lit but inside it was quiet. There wasn't even anyone behind the front desk. There was a sign between the doors to the mens' and womens' baths that read 'Magic and Mystery. Come see the show of the century and let your mind be boggled.'

"Who comes to a bathhouse, sees some dinky little sign for some stupid magic show, and just goes to the show?"

"I don't know, Ranma, but this place is pretty deserted so maybe it's not as stupid as it sounds."

"Aw, it's all just smoke and mirrors. Come on, we've got it to ourselves so let's go in."

Ryoga swallowed the lump in his throat. He and Ranma would be alone, and naked, together. He was half hard just thinking about it. The two walked in and, with their backs to each other, they began to undress. When each boy only wore a towel around his waist they both walked out into the actual bath area.

Though empty, it was still beautiful. The shiny tile floor, glittering water of the heated pool, and gleaming metal of the individual washing stations all reflected the white light produced by the hundreds of bulbs in the high ceiling. Ryoga went over to the individual washing station and set down his stuff. Sitting on the low stool, he pulled out a washcloth and a bar of soap. He wet the cloth and rubbed it into the soap then began to wash his arms and shoulders.

Ranma had been debating between also taking to the washing station or going with taking a dip in the pool. Now, he stood entranced by Ryoga. His eyes followed as the soapy water trickled down his chest and under the towel that hid the beautiful view he sought. His own towel began to tent and, to keep himself from jumping the boy, he walked over to the pool. He dropped the towel and began to wade into the warm water.

When he heard the towel hit the floor, Ryoga looked up and was rewarded with a magnificent view of Ranma's ass. He had started to sink into the water and Ryoga acted on impulse.

"Hey, Ranma?"

Ranma turned and even though he was in waist deep and the water kept him covered, Ryoga had to fight to keep his eyes up.

"Do you mind washing my back for me? I can't reach."

"Sure, just give me a second."

Ranma started to walk out of the water and, out of courtesy, Ryoga forced himself to look away. Ranma dried himself off and tied the towel back around his waist. He walked over to the other boy, taking the washcloth to re-wet and soap it. He knelt behind the boy and ran the cloth over his shoulders. He could feel Ryoga's hard muscles relaxing even through the barrier. He moved his hands so that his fingers were almost touching the warm skin as he began to move down the other boy's back.

Ranma's hands were amazing and provided the perfect amount of pressure to just the right places so that Ryoga could relax but was reduced to just short of a writhing mess. All of a sudden, he felt just a touch of his nails running almost directly down his spine. He couldn't stop himself. He threw his head back and moaned loudly, hearing it echo back from the smooth walls and ceiling. Ranma had frozen but Ryoga had nothing left to lose. He leaned into Ranma's hands and whispered,

"Don't stop."

Ranma's self control snapped. This was his chance. He didn't care if all Ryoga wanted was the touch, he would be the one to give it. He dropped the washcloth and pressed his hands against Ryoga's skin. He was warm and solid and Ranma set to work rubbing away all the tension along his back, sides, waist, and even ghosting over his stomach. Ryoga was wonderfully reactive. Ranma, becoming bolder, moved so that his chest was pressed against his friend's back and let his hands rub along his chest. He went as far as playing with his nipples, teasing them into hard nubs. Ryoga arched his back in such a way that he was pressing into both Ranma's hands and his chest at the same time. He was letting out the sexiest little moans and leaned his head back a bit. Ranma took advantage and began to kiss and lick the other's neck. One of Ranma's hands detached itself from the perfect little nipples and snaked it's way down toward the towel. When he got there he opened it and took hold of the huge, hard, piece of meat that was Ryoga. The boy gasped then cried out in pleasure and began to thrust into Ranma's hand.

"Damn, Ryoga, you're really sensitive. This is your first time isn't it?"

"Y-yeah. Oooh, more, please."

"Have you ever even touched yourself?" Ranma gripped him tighter but moved his hand more slowly.

"N-n-no, I haven't. It feels so good. Oh, move faster. Faster."

"I don't want you to cum yet. You're so hard, Ryoga, I can feel your heartbeat in your dick." Ranma whispered into Ryoga's ear.

"Mmm, Ranma, you're hard too. I feel it pressing against my back. Can I...Can I see it?"

Ranma let go of Ryoga and stood up. Ryoga froze, thinking he had done something wrong.

"Well, are you going to look?"

Ryoga turned and saw a long hard cock almost touching his nose. The musk coming off of him was intoxicating and there was precum beading at the tip. Ryoga looked up at Ranma's beautiful body and up further at his adorable face. His cheeks were red from a combination of embarasment and lust. Ryoga looked back at the magnificent 10.5 inch cock and suddenly had the erge to taste that glistening precum.

Ranma gasped when Ryoga took hold of his manhood and moaned outright when he licked the very tip, ever so slightly digging into the slit. Ranma gripped Ryogas's shoulders, stopping him.

"Ryoga, lie on your back. I want yours too."

Ryoga moved from the stool to the clean, smooth, shiny floor. He kicked the stool out of the way so it wouldn't cause problems. He lay on his back with his legs spread slightly and gazing up at Ranma with innocent, pleading eyes. Ranma slid easily into 69 possition, holding his hips above Ryoga's face and holding himself up with his hands on either side of the boy undernieth him.

"Okay, let's start slow Ryoga. Don't get too excited." Ranma then began to lick all over the 10 inch dick in front of him. It was a good 3 inches thick and was twitching violently. The musk it gave off made his head spin and when he lapped over the tip and caught the bead of precum on his tongue he could have sworn he was in heaven.

Undernieth him Ryoga was copying his technique by dragging his warm soft tongue over his entire length. Ryoga was clearly inexperienced but it did nothing do lessan the pleasure Ranma felt.

Ranma decided it was time to keep going and took the head of Ryoga's dick into his mouth. He lazzily swirled and flicked his tongue over the head as he sucked the shaft in little by little. As he felt the shaft fill his mouth, his own was also being taken into Ryoga's wet heat. Ranma was doing all he could to supress the groans building in his throat as he took Ryoga a little more than halfway down. Ryoga did the same for him but did nothing to contain his moans of pleasure and the vibrations Ranma's cock recieved were driving him crazy. He didn't think that Ryoga could handle those vibrations and wouldn't even think about deep-throating him with his level of senseitivity. He just sucked harder and bobbed his head slightly.

Ryoga had lost his ability to think straight. He couldn't concentrate on sucking or licking what he held in his mouth so he just lost himself in the pleasure, letting himself moan around Ranma.

Ranma could no longer hold it in. He released the moan he had tried to stop from deep in his throat. The intensity of what Ryoga felt almost sent him over the edge. He had to say something, had to tell Ranma how amazing he was. He grasped Ranma's hips and pushed them away from his face. When Ranma's back end was forced upwards, in turn, his head was brought down. Ranma had to quickly relax his throat or else be choked by Ryoga's cock. Ryoga screamed at the feeling of having his entire dick swallowed like that. He came hard and Ranma had to pull back fast to catch the cum in his mouth. There was so much and it was so thick that he had no choise but to swallow each spurt as it filled his mouth. He felt the hot liquid slide down his throat and warm his body. After Ryoga had finished, Ranma held the last of his cum on his taste buds to truly experience the flavor. It was salty and just a bit bitter but would forever remain one of the most delicious things he had ever tasted.

Ranma could feel Ryogas hot breath on his aching dick as the boy tried to regain his senses after his orgasm. Ranma wanted nothing more than to have Ryoga pound his ass so hard that he couldn't even speak but Ryoga was tired and going soft and Ranma needed to cum.

Ranma stuck a couple of fingers in his mouth to wet them with his saliva and Ryoga's leftover cum. He removed them and used one to tease his friend's hole. Ryoga wimpered as his cock twitched, desperately trying to harden once more. Ranma probed as deep as he could but it just wasn't enough. He added a second finger and wiggled them both, trying to find that spot that would make Ryoga scream. Every now and again he would whine, letting Ranma know that he had just barely touched it but it was still too shallow. He could never reach from this angle.

He removed his fingers and turned around to face Ryoga. He should not have turned around. Ryoga was sweating and panting heavily, his cheeks stained with a deep blush, and his eyes, oh his beautiful gold eyes, half lidded and clouded with absolute need. Ranma wanted so bad to just take those glistening, parted lips with his own and taste that beautiful mouth. But this was not supposed to be romantic. This was not supposed to be the start of something. This was about helping Ryoga get his rocks off. It didn't matter what Ranma wanted, but he'd be damned if he didn't leave Ryoga with some memories.

He placed his lips close to Ryoga's ear and spoke softly.

"I need to prepare you, Ryoga, but I can't get deep enough with this angle. Can you stand?" Ryoga nodded sharply and Ranma got off of him.

"Go put your hands on that wall, spread your legs, and keep your ass up."

Ryoga walked over to the indicated wall and did as he was instructed. His hands were pressed flat against the wall and his legs were spread far enough for Ranma to see his entrance twitching. He was leaning forward just enough so that he could still look over his shoulder.

"Like this?"

Ranma moved over to him and covered his body with his own. He placed one hand on Ryoga's hip and the other went down to play with the boy's balls. He growled into his ear,

"Yeah, I like this a lot."

Ranma's body blanketing his, Ranma's hads toying with him, Ranma's breath on his skin, Ranma's voice in his ear, and Ranma's dick against his ass. All of it was too much for Ryoga. He shivered and waited for Ranma to just take him, then the warmth was gone. Ryoga wimpered at the loss of the other's body and looked to see what was going on. He saw Ranma seaching through his bath supplies and finally come out with a thin tube of conditioner. He unscrewed the cap and walked slowly back over to Ryoga. He spread the boy's cheeks with one hand and pressed the tube into him, just a little, and squirted the liquid into his hole. Ryoga squirmed and clenched around the tube.

"Shit, that was cold. You could have at least warned me."

"Sorry, let me warm it up for you."

Ranma removed the tube and quickly inserted two fingers. He could reach much deeper now and when he wiggled his fingers he easily found his prostate. Ryoga cried out at the sudden and intense pleasure so deep inside of him. Ranma jabbed it hard one more time before slipping in a third finger and spreading them wide. The memory of the cold was gone and the feeling of being stretched washed over Ryoga's mind. He couldn't stop himself from pushing back against those thrusting fingers.

Ranma could tell that Ryoga really wanted to get stuffed from the way he was moaning and impaleing himself on just those fingers. That combined with how tight, and hot, and soft he was inside made Ranma increadinly horny. There was no way he could have been expected to wait any longer. He took out his fingers and bent to retrieve the conditioner. Ryoga had his eyes closed and was rotating his hips, trying to seduce those fingers back to him but he was going to get something so much better.

Ranma squeezed the conditioner into his hand and began rubbing it onto his cock. It really was cold but he could handle it if it meant Ryoga wouldn't be hurt. He carefully positioned his cock at his friend's entrance and pressed in gently until the head was inside. He waited a moment for Ryoga to relax around him. When he felt the other boy had loosened up enough, he snapped his hips forward, burrying his whole length in one go. Ryoga yelped in surprise and pain as his inner muscles clenched around Ranma.

"That hurt, you bastard."

"I know, I'm sorry, but it's better this way. You'll adjust faster than if I had gone slow." Ranma explained as he kissed and nibbled the boy's neck to soothe him. He even stroked Ryoga's cock to distract him from the pain.

"You have to relax or I won't be able to move."

"Okay...I think I'm getting better. I'm just so full, it's weird."

"Here, let's see if this helps."

Ranma began to rock his hips in and out of Ryoga, finding his sweet spot once again. Ryoga moaned louder than before as electricity coursed through his veins from that one spot. He pushed back on Ranma's incoming thrusts so they would hit harder. Ranma took this as a good sign and picked up speed. He would pull almost all the way out then plunge all the way back in, faster and deeper each time.

Ryoga was a mess. All he could do was moan and scream because any words he wanted to speak were lost in the pleasure he felt. Ranma was rough and fast and he loved it. Loved the way he had to press his hands into the wall to keep himself upright. Loved how the pleasurable jolts to his prostate hardly had time to fade before the next one overwhelmed him. Loved the quick but controlled pups to his manhood that sent him careening toward release followed by the tight squeeze at the base that pulled him back from the edge. Loved how if he dropped his head, even a little, he would be pulled back by the hair and Ranma's mouth would attach to the junction of his neck and shoulder. There was sure to be a mark that would last for days. He loved it all and it was all just too much.

It felt incredible to be inside Ryoga. Tight and hot didn't begin to describe what his passage was like. It was as if his body was pulling and sucking him in and then doing everything it could to milk him of his cum. For a moment he entertained the thought that if he stayed inside for too long his dick would melt from the indescribable fires which burned within Ryoga. He was extremely glad he had lubed them up as much as he had because he loved the feeling of the soft inner skin and rubbery muscles around him with just enough friction. He looked down at the mark he had left on his friend and knew it would last a long time but, somehow, it wasn't enough. He wanted to leave something permanent. He licked the mark once and felt Ryoga shiver against him. He couldn't stop, didn't want to, he needed to do this. Suddenly he sank his teeth into the tender skin around the hickey. He bit deep enough that it was sure to leave a scar and pounded harder into Ryoga at the same time. Ryoga screamed in pain laced pleasure and came hard against the wall. Hearing those delicious sounds, feeling Ryoga tighten around him and tasting his blood sent Ranma over the edge. He only had enough time to slam in as far as he could go one more time before he emptied his seed into his friend.

When Ryoga had reached his release, it had felt like he was shattering, imploding, and melting all at the same time. It had washed through his body like a tsunami of pleasure from his very core. But when he felt Ranma's cum inside him, filling him to his deepest parts with thick, hot liquid, that was on a new level of amazing. He felt Ranma's soft cock slip out of him before they both stepped back a little and fell slowly to the floor, exhausted and satisfied. Ryoga watched his cum trickle down the wall for a moment then turned to face Ranma who then pressed himself into his chest to keep warm on the cold floor. For the first time since Ranma had started moving inside him, he had enough of his mind together to speak.

"Ranma, I...I still really like Akane and..."

"No!" Ranma stood as quickly as he could on his shaky legs and walked to the middle of the room, shoulders tight, head down, and fists clenched.

"What..." Ryoga stood slowly.

"I won't just sit here and listen to you tell me that you love some other...girl after I...after I let you be my first time. There's no way in Hell!"

"Ranma, I don't love Akane. I love you."

"What? But you just said..."

"If you would let me finish a sentence. I was saying that I like Akane and that probably won't change. She's so warm and kind to me all the time and when I'm P-Chan she takes such good care of me."

"Is this going somewhere?"

"But I'm not even attracted to her. She and I could never be more than just friends. I love you, Ranma, only you." Ryoga moved closer to his friend and wrapped his arms around his waist. "You're beautiful and powerful and sexy as Hell. Not to mention how funny and cool you are. I adore everything about you, even if you have a short temper and can be unreasonable, I love that too." Ryoga bent his head to rest his forehead on Ranma's shoulder and held him tighter.

"Ryoga, I..."

"I don't care if you don't love me back. Even if I want, more than anything, for you to love me. You didn't want me to love Akane and you've left me with a mark that will always be yours and that's enough for me."

"Now you're the one not letting me finish a sentence."

Ranma turned in Ryoga's arms and wrapped his own around the taller boy's neck. He pulled him down and kissed him gently. He pulled back and smiled.

"I love you too. I want us to be together. Can that happen? I mean, I'm engaged and if I say anything to my pops or Mr. Tendo they'd skin me alive. Even if they didn't, the girls would do worse. Akane, Shampoo, Kodachi, they'd kill us both."

"You're not even engaged to Kodachi."

"Try telling her that. The girl is bat shit crazy. I want us to be together but I don't want you to be in danger."

Ryoga bent and kissed Ranma again and the shorter boy moaned a little. When Ryoga pulled off he kept them only a couple inches apart.

"We don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to. We'll keep it secret and come out when you're ready. Now let's actually get cleaned up."

"Sure, but, one more kiss?"

Ryoga kissed him again and Ranma kissed back, pressing his tongue against the other's lips. Ryoga opened his mouth and let his lover's tongue sweep inside to explore and taste him. They played 'one more kiss' as they bathed and dressed. When they walked home they kept it so that their hands were just barely touching and when they made it back they slept as close to each other as they could without it being obvious what was going on. Their love would have to be just between them but that was all they needed.

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