DISCLAIMER: Gargoyles are not mine. They belong to Disney. This is written for love of the show and not profit. No infringement intended.

Scarlet Dreamtime

She chants an incantation

making every syllable a sacred prayer

enchanting the woodland circle
where she finds quiet repose

Her Scarlet satin smooth
The robin tweets his Spring song
And Inspiration becomes her guide

as she remembers my sin.

Hear I the catch of her breath

as the shattering of her heart
calls to the depths of my soul
contemplating what I've done.

I know not what moves me
as her song draws me near
All I am falls away in that moment

Bitter, sweet and everlasting.

I inhale the sweet scent of all that is her

She was meant to be my gravity and my center.

I've cast away the serenity of her spell

as she lies down to sleep.

My shame encloses me in a vice grip

choking my psyche until the dreams come

Scarlet dreams of betrayal

wicked and red.

Heave and hell battle within
As my shame grows
Her pain and anger brand me

and nothing can vanquish it.

She calls out my name

Her voice broken with anger
marked by her hatred
as the sky falls.

The vision comes to me
Emotions chanted and magic cast

Feel how her hatred grows

as my betrayal crucifies her.

My Dearest Heart, I lied,

calling you a name that

I wanted you to think

the name was only yours

In truth, it was stolen

from a memory

of a cheating whore.
And with her,

I merrily go to hell.

And I see you there, healing

upon emerald verdancy

Scarlet dreams, I remember

and I weep.

I watch the sun set as I remember

Scarlet dreams painting the horizon

and my nightmares are laid bare

as my heart fails to beat.

In weighty twilight of memory
Across the realm of dreams,

I have come here to her drawn
by her memories of my lies.

Guilt beats my body until I am

bruised and defeated.

Blood pounds in my ears

as I relive my crime.

She loved me deeply and well

without hesitation or reservation

I spurned the sweetest gift

in turn for a whore.

If I loved you, I came undone

by the lies I told myself

in exchange for an illusion

that became my quagmire.

The eons have passed

that once great love is but

memory and ashes

long disintegrated into the universe

As you dream, I leave my

once Dearest Heart. No

you never were and I

repent before you in dreams.

I return now to my world

letting you know peace.

But I leave knowing your pai

in my own personal hell.

I stole your trust and love

and now I am without voice

You have stolen it

so I can't protest my imprisonment.

I will never be set free

because of the coward I was,

am and always will be.

I am the red velvet Judas.