Dear Readers,

I recently received a review on this story from someone who did not give their name or any way for me to talk to them directly. I would first like to thank this person for their input and let them know that the time, effort, and thought is greatly appreciated. Whether it be compliments or criticisms, if the review is well thought out and/or helpful, I will always answer with gratitude.

In response to the review:

I probably should have taken responsibility for the Doctor not acting like himself in one of my author's notes but the entire point was that it was all a role play designed by Jack and the ending was supposed to suggest that the Doctor would get his turn next time. Even in the ever expanding reaches of the universe, there's only so much that can be done in one reality and when you've been around for as long as these two have, the same old thing gets boring and drastic measures are usually taken.

When it came to some of my word choices, particularly the one that was mentioned, I admit that I could have done better. Looking back, I suppose that transition didn't quite fit but I still can't think of anything that flows any better and doesn't sound too crude. If you have any suggestions I will change it and re-upload the story.

The Rapture is a phrase many connect to the end of the world or the Apocalypse but I have also seen the term rapture itself be used as a descriptive of a powerful or grand end to a grand situation, like a mind blowing orgasm, and I don't think I need to explain what what a shriek is.

When it comes to the stories I do on request, I tend to try and get them out as quickly as possible to satisfy the person who gave me the idea, and thus they tend to be my weaker works. I realize that this is quite the hypocrisy considering this would only drive people to stop sending in requests and possibly cause me to lose fans who might only know me through my sub-par stories. I believe that an author's goal should not be to force his or her ideals or fantasies upon the reader but rather to do everything possible to please those that receive the service the author is providing. I hope that the person who sent me the review sees this and will assist me in the furthering of my writing in the future or, at the very least, read some of my other works to get a more concrete understanding of my real talent. Thank you all for reading and reviewing and I hope you enjoyed yourselves even if just a little.

Sincerely Yours,