Chapter 1

It all happened so suddenly our district was not prepared for an attack like this. Tonight was meant to be a happy occasion. Tonight I was dressing in my best yukata and I was meeting everyone at the village center for the festival. Our district is known especially for our dances. It was during my favorite dance of the night for the pre-teens that the blood shed began.

They came out of the sky like eagles.

Swords moved so fast you could not tell who had swung them. All I remember was that the soul reapers standing guard were the first to fall. Everything just turned to chaos from there. There was blood flying everywhere and I could see parents trying to desperately reach their children. "SERIA WHERE ARE YOU MY BABY!" I could hear my mother screaming. I ran towards her voice avoiding bodies that had already fallen. I was too late.

My mother's head was detached from her body.

I was beginning to lose of what was real and what was all an illusion. All I knew was that I had to get away. I could hear screams all around me and blood and fire dancing on the trail in front. I stumbled and fell against a tree. I couldn't hold it in I vomited until it hurt.

Suddenly a man ran out in front of me. "RUN FOR YOUR L…." he screamed at me, but suddenly he stopped and his eyes turned hazy and unfocused.

His body was spilt in two by a sword. And as he fell to the ground I meet a pair of emotionless eyes that were as red as blood.

My first instinct was to run. I knew I was going to die but I had to get away from this murderer . I pushed my way through tress and ferns. I knew that my legs and arms were covered in cuts and bruises and my yukata was ripped beyond repair but THAT IS NOT A PRIORITY RIGHT NOW! I didn't turn my head to see if he was still behind me, I couldn't risk it.

I crossed a fence which meant I was now in the next district the grass was softer and was blood free. I was still running. And that was when I saw him.

A boy he looked about my age with snow white hair and turquoise eyes was walking home. He probably has no idea how lucky he is to have not been a part of the bloodshed. He saw me running towards him and he froze.

And in that moment I knew I made the wrong choice. The man was still behind me. He would have seen the boy as well. My protective nature kicked in and I leapt in front of the boy and shielded him, facing my oncoming enemy as a blade went across my face.