"So what time will you be back?"

Obaa san was dressed in a teal coloured kimono with her grey hair pulled up into a tight bun. She was just about to head out the door but she was waiting for toshiro.

"I probably won't be back until very late. Are you absolutely sure you don't want to come?"

I shook my head quickly.

"No I don't think it would be wise for me to go. Might bring up memories…"

You see it was celebration time in this district. Tonight there would be dancing, singing and stalls selling hot food. My nightmares had ceased recently but I didn't want to relive that night again.

"I'm coming Oba san."

Toshiro stumbled down the last few steps leading to the door. He was wearing a green yukata with white patterned leaves woven onto it. He was really annoyed though because he had to comb his spiky hair. To be perfectly honest he looked dodgier than he usually did, like a completely different person.

He turned to face me "Baka why aren't't you ready?"

"I'm not going. Problem?"

"Obaa san even bought you a kimono because you said you would come. You can't just go back on your word." He spoke as though he was in a position of authority.

Obaa san cut him off and wacked him over the head softly with her paper fan.

"Toshiro if she wishes to stay she can. See you later Seria."

Obaa san walked out of the house and slowly disappeared into the night with the sound of her shoes echoing in the distance.

"Have a good time toshiro." I turned and went up to my room.

I was hurting. Toshiro had probably forgotten and Obaa san didn't really know. but I was not ok.

I got up to my room and eventually I heard toshiro leave as well. I glanced over my room and I saw the black kimono that Obaa san had got me. It was expensive and it would be a shame if it didn't get worn…

Toshiro's P.O.V

I watched her go up to her room. It was hard to tell but I could have sworn that she looked sad. She didn't smile for starters; normally you can't wipe the annoying goofy grin of hers off her face.

It doesn't't matter. One she's being annoying and two she wouldn't want me to help her anyway. "Might as well get going…" I mumbled to myself. But I left her a note telling her which way, you know just in case.

I reached the town after ten minutes or so. Gahh it would be impossible to try and find Obaa san.

Many drunk adults were dancing to fast paced music. (or trying too).

As I was walking that same black haired boy from a few days ago knocked me over.

He got my Yukata spattered with mud and it hadn't even been 15 minutes

"Where is ya girlfriend to save you now!" he sneered at me.

"HAHA bet she really did die. Good riddance…"

He never got to finish his sentence. Why?

Because I punched him.

He feel to the ground when my fist collided with his face. He coughed and tried to stop the blood coming out of his nose.

"Don't you dare refer to her like that!" I shouted.

People were starting to stop and stare.

"Your not worth my time." I turned and walked away. I didn't want to cause a scene and I was pretty sure that the boy wasn't going to run after me.

"That was a pretty brave thing you just did…"

I turned around to see an old woman with dark brown hair.

"Excuse me? Were you talking to me?"

"Yes boy. You were standing up for a friend am I wrong? Was it your girlfriend?"

I think I blushed slightly.

"No she is just a friend…"

The old woman smiled showing her yellow teeth.

"Where is she then? Why isn't she enjoying the festival?"

"She wasn't feeling very well. I think that she is resting." I lied.

I brushed some of the mud out of my hair.

The woman nodded and turned her head towards the dancers. "It is a shame...the next dance is a lively one. I remember dancing to it when I was a girl."

I looked up at the dance schedule.

6:30-8:30 District 1 traditional dances.

8:30-End of night Other District Dances.

"Excuse me but what district dance are they doing next?"

The woman turned around. "Um I am pretty sure that it's the district 0 dance...Shame did you hear of the massacre last week? Boy?"

I was already running home. Seria would be able to hear the music.

I had to help her…

Seria P.O.V

I stood outside barefooted in the moist grass. My Kimono was beautiful and fit perfectly.

I could hear the music clearly and I could see the fireworks making patterns in the sky.

Although I couldn't stay calm.

My arms were wrapped around me tight like an invisible shield. My eyes kept darting to places whenever I heard a noise. I felt like I was going to throw up.

Right now I could hear the music for the District 1 main dance. Toshiro was probably watching from the sideline, a midget like him probably wouldn't have to guts to actually dance. I chuckled and tried to concentrate on the music. It kept my mind stable.

I pulled my hair out of my pony tail and let it flop onto my back. It was still a mucky brown/red color and VERY knotty.

I scratched at my scar and felt a tiny trickle of dried blood fall onto my hand. The scar had now set in and it gave me spasms of pain every night.

Suddenly the music in the distance stopped.

It played a new tune, the one from my district…

I fell to the ground with my hands on my head. Images of blood and fire were racing through my brain.

I tried to stand up but fell back down.

"Stay calm! STAY CLAM!" I shouted at myself.

This helped me to stop shaking briefly and gave me enough time to stand up. I leaned onto the house beam for support.

I couldn't block out the sound of the familiar violin playing.

I heard movement in the bushes and I screamed.


I was scared beyond all reason and I started to throw rocks into the bushes.

More rustling and movement.

I shut my eyes and fell to the ground waiting.

"Blood...Murder...Pitch black eyes….Death" I started to thrash about and lost myself in my living nightmare...


I snapped out of my fantasy.

Someone was hugging me.

"GO AWAY, GET AWAY!" I started to thrash about again, but his grip was firm.

"Seria everything is ok now! It's me toshiro! Your safe now I'm here!"

Slowly I stopped struggling and fell still. Even so he didn't let go..

"I should have stayed home, I'm sorry…"

"toshiro is he still out there?" I interrupted. I looked up at him with a scared and angry face.

"Yes he is." he spoke after a moment of silence. "But I promise I wont ever let him hurt you again."

"Toshiro promise me that we will always have each others back."

I looked up at him with a smile and held out my pinky.

"Baka. This is so childish" and he wrapped his pinky around mine.

"I promise that we will always have each others back"

I smiled weakly at him and rested my head on his shoulder.

(he is still hugging me by the way)

"Thanks toshi…"

As I closed my eyes I could have sworn I saw him blush…

Toshiro's P.O.V

She fell asleep almost instantly.

Seria scared me earlier. The look in her eyes as she heard me coming in the bushes

She look terrified.

I never want to see that look on her face again…

I looked at her sleeping face.

"Baka. You are such a nuisance…but for some reason I cant stay mad at you"

"Tats cause...you lov me" she mumbled

"Keep dreaming Seria!" I said sarcastically

She opened one eye wearily.

"We are going to be great soul reapers one day...you will run squad ten and I will run squad 14."

I nodded then realized.

"Wait Seria there is no squad 14?"

"Not yet. Cause I am going to form it. Just you wait…"

And with that she started snoring again..

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