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Chapter 1: The Beginning Of A New Falcon

It was nighttime in Port Town, and there was a lot of hubbub in front of a TV store, where a lot of people were watching the news of another Black Shadow attack, this time in the Lightning area. Captain Falcon, meanwhile, wasn't all that bugged by it. To him, a great bounty hunter, a Black Shadow attack was nothing new; in fact, it happened almost every week. As he walked along, he turned into an alleyway that led to one of his secret bases, where he proceeded to enter after the door at the end of the alleyway confirmed it was him. The base was rather small and empty; mainly all it kept in there was his F-Zero machine, the Blue Falcon, and a TV. But little did the bounty hunter know that he was about to get a new ally, driving an almost-perfectly identical machine. Entering the cockpit of his machine Falcon activated the simulation mode, set to level E. It was a timed collect mission: 25 capsules spread around the Sonic Oval course, to be collected in 80 seconds over the course of three laps. He was halfway through the first lap when a portal appeared and a second Blue Falcon, this one numbered 05 and more of an amethyst purple color, appeared on the track. To the bounty hunter's surprise, the simulation mission was completed in only two laps as the capsules collected by the amethyst machine counted toward his total.

When Falcon stopped his machine next to the amethyst one that had appeared out of nowhere via an XQ portal (he heard the portal open, expecting Jet in his number 35 Cyan Falcon, not this amethyst-colored number 05 lookalike of his Blue Falcon, number 07) he couldn't help but notice this new machine's pilot was a very beautiful female. She had knee-length wine red hair containing a number of pink highlights, in which was a ribbon on the right side, in front of a flower-embroidered hairband, which was in front of a pair of bulbous hair clips. Her eyes were a shiny azure color, surrounded by some teal eyeshadow, and there was a pearl pink tone to her lips. After climbing out of her machine Falcon took a look at her outfit. It consisted of a platinum-colored jacket worn open over a wine red tube top, along with a pair of teal pants with three different elemental designs on it, a pair of white lace-frilled socks, and a pair of amethyst purple platform sandals.

"I have to admit, you're quite beautiful, miss."

"I know. People tell me that a lot. Judging by your own appearance, i'd say you must be Captain Falcon."

"Got that right. As for you, i'd say you're about the same age as Princia."

"Yep. Sixteen." Anise then looked at the TV, showing the news of Black Shadow's attack on the Lightning area. "Figured he'd be up to something again, eh?"

"Yeah. Stuff linked to him happens like every week. This time he must want the F-Zero title."

"You know, Falcon, his actions happen to be part of the reason i'm here. Maybe Deathborn has something to do with this. Only way to find out for sure is to beat that doof in the Grand Prix."

"Right. By the way, nice machine. Looks almost identical to my own, actually."

"I know. Jet designed it specifically for me. Named it the Amethyst Falcon, after my 'Amethyst Angel' codename. As for number, Jet took you having 07 into account so he used the designation number from my homeworld group for it."

"Homeworld group? You're not from this dimension?"

"Nope. Not even from this dimension system. As for the group i mentioned, it's a currently eight member group called the Rune Angels. 5's my designation number on that team."

"So, with your experience from that dimension, piloting an F-Zero machine should be a piece of cake for ya."


And there's chapter 1. Next chapter has the two Falcon machines in Red Canyon, where they run into an ambush led by rival racer Samurai Goroh. Until then, people.