Hello world, Shaydrall here once again. This will be my fourth real fic that I've worked on, though this time it's an SI (self insert). Tales of Legendia (something I don't own/disclaimer) has always been one of my favorite games for it's great cast of characters and their growth together. That is why I find myself here, and not somewhere else.

On a different note, this story was inspired through great conversation with my new friend Sylph Writer who has written a truly awesome Tales SI called Fairy Tales and Brave Vesperia (which you should go check out) and so Sylph holds my dedication for this fic as well. To each and every author, a new story is a new piece of life springing from our minds, our hearts, and our souls. So to inspire such a thing is about as noble as it gets you know? Thanks Sylph =) I hope you enjoy it.

As for all the other ToL junkies reading this: Prepare yourself for some good old ToL fun and to see sides of the game you never knew existed. Just don't forget, with an SI you actually have to get in the game, so be patient. It's only two small chapters of Earth. I promise you'll be there before you know it. Enjoy.


I closed my notebook with a yawn, clicking the pen I had been using absently. Another page was filled with novice level calculus problems, though I was hardly going to complain for that. After years of attacking the mindless theoretical sides of mathematics it was nice to be doing something more simple, not to mention enjoyable, for a change. Snow fell in thick sheets beyond my fifth story apartment window. I hadn't been living in the city long but I was a New Yorker by birth and any native of this state could tell you how unpredictable the weather was. For all I knew it'd be t-shirt and shorts tomorrow. Sure it was early February, but the only certainty I could take away from that was that I'd be 23 years old in two months.

Pushing my homework out of the way (I'm in grad school btw), I opened my computer and looked at my current project. Well, projects. Three separate fanfiction stories and I was stuck with all of them. Ugh. Not that I normally had problems like this, but sometimes you could hit a rough spot and just feel uninspired for a few weeks before the drive came back. I assumed that's what I was dealing with. Of course, I wasn't having any issues reading fanfics. In the past couple of weeks I'd torn through about two dozen, all of moderate to long length. Truly some good writers in the world. My iPhone started ringing: the challenge complete music from Ratchet: Deadlocked. Good stuff. I let it play for a bit before answering the call.

"Hey Liz what's up?"

"I'm out," said the voice on the other side. "They told me I could go home now."

"How was the operation?" I asked. I wasn't really concerned about the answer, I knew that she'd be alright. Still, conversation is a conversation.

"It was good. Well, no it hurt like hell. I'm still high on morphine actually."

"Jesus, just like that first time eh? You really have no tolerance to anything."

"Hey, I'm tolerant," she said. I knew she was pouting.

"Like you're tolerance of people not believing in evolution?"

"Shay, you can't believe in evolution. Evolution happened. Period."

"I'm not so sure if I believe you anymore, what about the missing link?"

"Well trololol to you too."

"Look at you using those meme words like that. I've taught you well."

"I don't know how I put up with you."

"Actually you don't. Not tolerant remember?"

"I'm tolerant!"

"Right, try telling that to two glasses of wine."

"You're insufferable. How are the roomies?" I glanced over at my roommates door. Gay couple that had been living there since October when Liz moved out. Yeah, long story. A two year long story for that matter.

"They're alright. I think I'm going to be upping their rent by a hundred bucks, things have been getting a little sticky lately. Not like they don't have a good deal already." The doorbell rang, making me look around in surprise. "Hang on a sec, I think this might be UPS." Turns out it wasn't. Nice lady, late twenties, Hispanic, looking to raise money for children in need. Fortunately she apparently wasn't allowed to speak with anyone under the age of 25.

"Who was it?" asked Liz when I returned to the call.

"Police, they're looking for an escaped murderer who's running around this area. I told them to try next door." Liz just snorted with laughter. My next door neighbor was an ancient looking African American woman who could only be seen coming and going from her home between two and three in the morning. I know it's weird but I live in NYC so pretty typical if you ask me.

"Can you come visit me soon? I want to hang out and I can't move around that much."

"Yeah, I'll try for later in the week. I have to go now. Doing homework."

"Alright, talk to you later."

"See ya." I hung up the phone and started paging through my apps. "Well at least she sounds alright. She's always getting sick," I muttered, heading over to the kitchen. Grabbing a coke from the fridge I opened the fanfic reader on my phone and continued reading the last chapter of a fic I had found recently. A Self Insert fic of a Tales game. Quite good. The female main character tended to have lapses of mania and that only added to it. Not someone I'd ever want to have as an enemy at any rate. As if something like that would ever happen.

"Nope, no fairies in New York City..." I mused, making my way to my room. "Well, unless Holly Black is to be believed. I can't believe I actually read through that book..."

I flopped onto my bed, sinking slowly into the four inch thick memory foam... only to jump back up when the doorbell rang again. Fortunately this time is was the UPS guy, delivering my textbook. I still can't believe that the school wanted nearly $200 for it. Half price on ? Well considering that I'd only have to give up an arm for the amazon copy as opposed to an arm and a leg at the bookstore I think I made the better choice.

I ended up spending the rest of the night watching the snow fall out of my room window. Occasionally I went back to check the rest of the area through the main room window. By the time the clock read 2:00AM there was nearly a foot of it in the nearby roofs. I drifted off watching the flakes fall.


I woke up the next morning bleary eyed. Strange dreams of various sized, solid color butterfly like things passed through my mind.

"Jeez, that was bizarre," I muttered, making my way to the bathroom to freshen up. The fairies are coming to get me, I thought, snorting. I glanced out of the window and froze. Everything was completely covered in snow. "Shit, this is nuts. When was the last time the city saw a blizzard like this. I hope I have enough food." I bypassed the bathroom and headed straight into the kitchen, popping open the fridge. Package of Trader Joe's bbq chicken, check. Can of refried beans, check. Full case of Mike's Hard Lemonade, check check. Snacks back in my room, check. Opening the freezer I found one pint of B&J Smores ice cream, check (though it sucks, don't buy it). And finally a bag of frozen tater tots, check. I let out a heavy sigh.

"Dammit, this will only last me till five. Might have to brave the storm after all." For the record, I'm doing my best not to exaggerate, but when faced with the inability to restock on food I get hungry. No exceptions. It's quite troublesome. On the plus side I have a ridiculous metabolism so no matter how much I eat I still maintain a great figure and will always be underweight for a guy who's six feet tall. I only weigh about 150lbs. Go metabolism, yay!

Munching on some of the tots, they were still frozen, by the way I have a really big thing for frozen food, I tried to work more on my fics but I couldn't focus. My head was still filled with random pieces from that dream with the weird colored butterflies. A sudden sharp pain pierced my head. "Ouch. Advil." I went to my room and grabbed a couple capsules of the godly medicine from my bottom drawer before swallowing them with a swig of water. The sudden headache was strong but as far as my body was concerned, there was nothing an Advil couldn't fix.

Sure enough as I predicted, I ran out of food by late afternoon and had to risk going outside to stock back up. I had a grocery store not two blocks from where I lived and hopefully the neighborhood hadn't already cleaned them out of most things. New Yorker's never passed up an opportunity to stock up, so when the weather got back people got shopping. Of course there was no question that the store would be open. They'd literally have to be blown into a smoking hole in the ground to close. I pulled on two pairs of pants and my large thick winter coat, finishing up with my heavy boots, and made my way down the stairs to the tundra outside. The people who maintained the buildings in the surrounding area including my own hadn't even bothered trying to keep up with the snowfall. Occasionally I saw someone in a large pickup or something similarly large drive past shakily, but it looked like most people were staying off the roads.

I pushed through the snow to the store which was predictably empty of customers and a good portion of everything on the shelves. Grabbing a basket I just filled it with frozen veggies, pasta, and rice. No point getting fresh stuff if it wasn't fresh. The sole cashier looked quite miserable at being forced to work in this weather so I gave her a tip for bagging my stuff, to which she gave me a weak smile and a nod of thanks. One hand holding my bags, I walked back into the cold only to crash into someone smaller than me.

"Ah!" The girl who walked right into me fell over into the snow, her long blond snow covered hair obscuring her face.

"Shit, sorry about that," I said quickly. "You alright?" The girl brushed her hair out of her face and peered at me as if not sure I was real.

"I f-finally found y-y-you," she stammered through chattering teeth. Somewhat taken aback by the statement I actually got a good look at what the girl was wearing. A long white dress with some blue sashes. That was it. Of course that was the second thing on the "are you fucking kidding me?" list.

"Lyra?" I said, dumbfounded. What the hell, and seriously what the hell, was some girl I'd only met once two years ago doing here in a blizzard wearing a dress!?

"H-hi, S-Shayne," she said with a small smile. Her lips were purple blue and her fingers were reddish.

"Jesus christ, where's your coat?" I snapped pulling her to her feet, which were wearing dainty white shoes. I unzipping my own coat and pulled the girl inside of it with me. There was certainly enough space in the giant thin. She immediately wrapped her arms around me in a sigh of relief. Pulling one arm out of my coat I slipped it behind her back and used the ones holding the bags to lift her up bridal style. Had she always been this light? She clutched the coat so that it would keep us covered and not slide off my back. "Let's get to my home and then we can catch up yeah?" Lyra said nothing, just absorbing every bit of warmth she could. Getting back to my apartment was awkward between juggling groceries, my keys, and girl only a couple years younger than myself, but when crazy shit happens to you, you tend to just get things done and not think about how you got them done in the first place.

Safely back in my apartment I brought Lyra to my room and quickly tucked her into my bed, letting her stay in the coat as it was already very warm.

"Now," I said, bringing her a steaming cup of tea, "mind telling me what on Earth you were doing outside like that?"

"Sorry, I didn't know it would be snowing like that," she said sheepishly, sipping the tea gratefully. I just looked at her blankly.

"What, have you had your eyes closed for the past few days or did you just magically pop in from somewhere far away?"

"The latter."

"I see," I deadpanned. "And you said you were looking for me?"

"Yes, I'm so glad I found you," she said, putting down the now empty cup. I glanced at it with raised eyebrows. Girls and their high heat tolerance... Suddenly I found myself being dragged onto the bed after which I was blessed with a very passionate kiss. Breaking it off, Lyra just sighed happily. "Oh you have no idea how much I've been wanting to do that these past two years."

"I, uh, wow," I said, looking into her sky blue eyes. "It's really great to see you too." I blinked a bit before thinking over exactly what had just been happening. "You've changed a lot."

"Well a lot's happened since I last saw you," she said with a shrug.

"And by saw me you mean met me in a bar where you had practically no idea what alcohol was at the time, though was willing to try it," I said with a smirk. "And then keep trying it. That was a fun night. We ended up in a hotel room downtown somewhere if I remember correctly."

"Completely changed my life," she said happily.

"I don't understand how a one night stand can change anyone's life but if you say so," I shrugged, still on my back. "Plus if it meant so much to you then why did you vanish the next day. I never saw you again, though I'd have liked to." Lyra just let out a breath.

"This isn't my home, I told you that when we first met," she said. "I needed to get back to my village."

"Have you been out much since?" I asked, wondering exactly where she was from. I was absolutely terrible at discerning heritage from a persons look, though something about her did feel familiar. Interestingly enough, I was sure I felt the same thing last time too.

"No this is my second time out in this world," she said, shaking her head. I sat up with a frown.

"As in this urban world or like Earth?" I looked her up and down. "Tell me, did I have sex with an alien two years ago?" She just sighed, rubbing her head.

"Maybe I should start from the beginning." Clearing her throat she folded her hands in her lap and looked me directly in the eye.

"Have you ever heard of the Ferines before?"


A/N: Part one of two of the opening. I won't be leaving much here at the end until I actually get into the game. Then I'll put everything I need to.