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Annabeth's POV:

"Hey, Silena?"

"Yeah?" She kept her eyes on her magazine, not even putting it down to talk to me. Plus I was right next to her. I rolled my eyes, slumping down further into the bed. For once, I had actually agreed to hang out with Silena in the Aphordite cabin. She usually almost always suggests it for a hangout spot, but if you've seen it, or been near it, you'd understand why I wanted to avoid it most of the time. The pink paint was so bright, it'd give you a splitting headache. It smelled like a bath and body-works shop, only ten thousand times worse. Plus, there are so many sequins, you'd be blinded immediately. See why I avoid it?

However, after all her begging and pleading, I finally gave into Silena's suggestion. I was being nice, and now I'm not sure if I regret it or not. It got me started thinking girly thoughts, like boys, and specifically Percy.

"If you think a guy is taking forever to ask you to the fireworks, should you just end up asking him?" I twisted my finger around my necklace, the gesture that everyone knew meant I was nervous. . It's, what, two days before the fireworks? Percy hasn't even mentioned it to me. I've been spending more time with Percy the past two weeks to see if he'll ask me, but unfortunately no such luck.

Silena forcefully put her magazine down, her jaw dropped as though I offended her. I was actually gonna ask if I did. "Annabeth, no! Tsk tsk, honey! The man's always gotta make the first move! Never the girl! It's been that way since, like, the dawn of time!"

"But Silena he's taking freaking forever! He probably doesn't even wanna go with me!" I threw my hands up in frustration and in response, Silena grabbed one of them.

"Don't give up so easily, Anna. Maybe he does, but he's trying to work up the courage! Or he's trying to do it in a secret way." She winked at me. I didn't know how to feel about that wink. It was like she was planning to push it now that I've spilled the beans, or she's actually encouraging me. Wanting to believe her, I said goodbye and stepped out the Aphrodite cabin. Half of me wanted to find Percy, but the other really just wanted to get outta that pink dungeon.

"Thanks, Silena!" I hollered on my way out

"No prob! See you tonight!" She waved goodbye and continued reading whatever article it was about Justin and Selena. "He didn't!"

" "

I took a quick shower and decided to head over to the beach. Every time Percy and I hung out we'd always end up going to the beach. It's become sort of a ritual to go the beach before dinner, or whenever it was we'd be together. It kinda grew on me I guess, so its common for me to go there to clear up my head. The way the sand goes in-between your toes, the salty air you take deep breaths of, the cold water that splashes onto your jeans. It's pretty relaxing.

I looked around and found a black haired boy in an orange tee shirt and cargo shorts sitting alone in our usual spot. That was Percy alright. I walked over, greeting him by ruffling his hair.

"Hey there, Perce," he looks at me and smiles a genuine smile. His green orbs twinkled.

"H-hey Annabeth," he stuttered, chuckling nervously. Why was he nervous? I didn't sense a monster nearby.

"Are you okay?" I sat next to him putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Not really. There's this girl I wanna ask to the fireworks, but I don't know how to ask her." Oh. So it's not me he wants to go with. A part of my heart kind of burned, though I really shouldn't be acting so melodramatic.

"I guess I could help you," I shifted awkwardly on my feet, trying to calm my nerves.

"Really?" his eyes lit up which crushed my already dead soul even more.

"Really." I forced a smile onto my face. He doesn't want to go with me?! Darn you Jackson! "well what do you know about her, seaweed brain?"

"She's smart, beautiful, she likes to write a lot. Every time I see her, she's got a notepad in her hands." I tapped my chin. Smart...okay had to be a child of Athena. Writes a lot...a lot of my siblings like to write. I'll narrow it down later.

"So she likes to write. Well, I'd write her a cute poem or something. Sure it'll be cheesy, but it'll put a smile on her face." I gritted my teeth. You're suppose to put a smile of my face!

"Hey! That's a great idea! Thanks Annabeth!" He pulled me into a quick hug before running to the big house, moving far too quickly to notice me blushing. I sighed and lied down on the warm, comforting sand. I fell fast asleep under the warm Rhode Island sun.

" "

"ANNABETH, WAKE UP!" I felt someone shake my shoulder roughly, and I almost got some sand in my mouth.

"Huh?" Rubbing out the sleep in my eyes, I sat up groggily. The sky had gotten much darker, so I was out for a while. "What?" I turned and saw Silena hovering over me. She had this smirk on her face that got me worried.

"I saw your little Seaweed Brain walk into your cabin. He was in there for a bit and then walked back out." HE WHAT. I swear if he put a fake spider in my bed again, I will kill him. Well no time to waste! Get up! GET UP!

"PERCY!" This boy gets on my nerves! Once I stepped into my cabin, it looked pretty safe. No spider on the doorway, no spider hanging from the ceiling, no spider anywhere. Huh. "If he wasn't pulling a prank, then..." something on my bed caught my attention.

A note and a lily sat on my bunk, the bow on the flower's stem tied neatly and a cute owl drawn on the cover of the envelope. I hesitantly opened the letter. A poem was written put before me, making my heart pound.

Some owls are gray
Some oceans are green
Will Annabeth chase
Go to fireworks with me?
~Seaweed Brain.

"Aww Percy...wait." I cooed. Then, it hit me: smart, always carries around a notepad...that's me. Except I'm always drawing, and he knows that. He must've covered it up by saying writing so he wouldn't give it away. "AWW he called me beautiful!" Giddily, I twirled in the spot I was standing, unable to contain my happiness.

"It's because you are," a voice came from behind me and I turned around. At the doorway stood Percy, who was rubbing neck nervously. "Sorry it's kinda crappy. I tried my best though." I tackled him into a hug which probably scared him a little.

"It wasn't crappy at all. It was the sweetest thing I've ever read." I kept holding him because I didn't want to let him go. Hey, he didn't care.

"Um, will you go with me?" He raised an eyebrow. "T-to the fireworks." I laughed and smacked his arm.

"Of course. Couldn't your kelp filled brain figured it out for itself?" I looped my arm around his and sat down on the steps of the Athena cabin.

"So you seriously had no clue I was talking about you on the beach?"

"Uh, nope."

"Jeez, I thought you would figure it out! I was having a little heart attack sitting there!"

"Well, I'm glad that you didn't or else you would've given it away!"

"Same here," Percy smiled sheepishly, and took the lily from my hand. I couldn't help but smile back, and I took good note of his features. Compared to the scrawny twelve-year-old who first came to camp, he was doing nicely. It's been two years since that day, and he's been getting more handsome ever since. His jaw line was strengthening, his eyes sparkling, his muscles were beginning to develop, and his raven hair was still always messy in a very attractive way. I couldn't help but reach my hand up and brush several strands of hair out his eyes. Percy turned towards me, doing the same for me when a curl fell into my face. We spent a couple of seconds staring into each other's eyes. I was actually starting to think he was going to kiss me.

"PERCY!" A new voice called over. We broke from each other's gaze immediately, and he placed the lily back in my lap. Coming from over the hill was Travis, with a sword in hand. "Chiron wants you mentoring the littles!" Percy face palmed.

"Dammit did Tony loose control of his sword again?!"

"No, this time it was Ricky!"

"Ugh, Ricky, Ricky, I thought you were a good kid.." He rubbed his temples while I patted his back.

"Looks like they need their sword master," he grinned at me, with hair falling in front of his eyes.

"Yeah, so it seems. Okay, coming Travis!" Then he did the most unexpected thing: he kissed my forehead as he left. "See you, Annabeth." It seems like he didn't even notice he did that, as if it were natural. Result? I was tongue tied.

"B-bye Percy." I called out way too late. He had already disappeared. All I could do now was hope for the fireworks to come sooner.

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