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I woke up feeling more comfortable than I have in a while. Last night seemed like it was the best rest I have had in a while. I was able to actually to sleep through the night. I still had a nightmare, but as soon as it started to scare me it transitioned into a much more manageable dream that I can no longer seem to remember.

I moved to stretch my body and then make my way out of bed, but when I started to straighten my back from its' curved position, I instantly became more aware of the position I was in. Directly behind me was a cold, hard body pressed into me. An arm was around my waist holding me to the body behind me. I was pressed so tightly to the vampire behind me that I could actually feel their slightly bent legs behind mine, their chest against my back and their head buried in my neck.

"Don't panic Bella. You seem to be a very affectionate person while you sleep and I was all too happy to oblige." Athenodora said into my ear.

I felt a slight shiver run down my spine at her words; I just couldn't tell if it was from fear or… something else. I had often woken up with Edward holding me close to him and I had always felt content, happy even about him holding me. I was always sad on the more common days when I woke up and he wasn't holding me. Now though, now it feels different.

I don't want to like having Athenodora holding me, I've barely known her a couple days and she's already in bed with me. I had known Edward much longer before we would lie down and cuddle with each other. Even after we had known each other for months and had cuddled dozens of times, Edward was still hesitant about being close with me. Most of the time he felt so stiff next to me and a lot of the times I had to fight asking him if he was okay; I already knew his answer would be that he's fine. With Athenodora, she seems to have no problem laying this close to me and if her nose being practically glued to my neck means anything, she actually seems to like being this close to me and isn't suffering like Edward would.

"What happened to Sulpicia?" I asked, doing my best to not just right away leave her warm embrace. I knew that I shouldn't stay in her arms since it should only be Edward holding me like this, but a part of me that I can't ignore, just loves having her arms around me. I feel so much more protected with her than I did with Edward and I actually feel a lot more relaxed as well.

"I made her leave." Athenodora said like it was no big deal.

I felt my face scrunch up in confusion. I had thought Sulpicia was the head leader of the Volturi, kind of like I had thought Aro was before I learned he was just a toy and already dead. How had Athenodora made Sulpicia leave and I didn't hear it? I would have thought that Sulpicia would have made a big deal about having to leave, at least that was the impression I had gotten from what all they've told me.

"How?" I asked.

"I told her that I would get you to agree to start on remodeling the entertainment room with her, Heidi and Felix if I could switch her spots." Athenodora admitted.

They were making deals with each other to spend more time with me? I don't know if I should feel flattered or upset.

"I hope you don't mind, but you must remember how… possessive we can get and there will be a lot of this happening since there are three of us fighting for you attention first." She further explained.

It wasn't hard for me realize that she said they were fighting for my attention first not just to solely get my attention. It was almost like they were treating this as a race instead of trying to simply win someone over.

"So, it's a race." I mumbled; a little hurt that they would think so lowly of me to think so little of what they are trying to do. I don't want to feel like I'm just a prize for them to win.

"Of course it's a race, if we could make it happen you would already be in our bed. You are by far the best prize that we will have ever won." Athenodora said, not at all helping with my growing anger at them. "Of course, we hope that in turn you find that we are acceptable prizes for you to win; though I promise we won't be that hard to win over." Athenodora explained, giving her an out. I'm still mad about how they perceive me, but in turn, they are allowing me to see them that way as well. Even though she made it clear that she wants me to think of them the same way, I don't like it.

"You'll have to once again excuse Athenodora; her views on the world can be a bit… out dated." Didyme said as she walked into the room.

"What are you doing here Dora? We were happy without you here." Athenodora said as she tightened her hold on me.

"Well, I'm here for a couple reasons." Didyme said, now standing right in front of me. "First, I came here to stop you from saying anything stupid. Bella may forgive in the future for your mouth but I doubt she will right now. Secondly, Bella, would you like to go some breakfast?" Didyme asked me directly as I was just starting to think that I was going to be ignored throughout this whole conversation. Edward had a habit of talking about me while I was next to him but he talked like I wasn't there; I didn't like that.

"Breakfast sounds nice." I admitted as my hunger made itself known, luckily my stomach didn't feel like it needed to add to the conversation at all.

"How about Gianna starts on something now for you and then in about an hour you can go eat?" Athenodora asked, almost like she was trying to barter a way for me stay in her arms; which honestly is really tempting.

"You can do that Bella, or if I remember correctly, you would prefer to cook with Gianna right?" Didyme asked, with a smirk on her face. I could practically feel Athenodora trying to hide a pout as she buried her head into my hair.

"I think I'll help her cook." I answered, wanting to get out of bed and away from Athenodora. I shouldn't be cuddling with her, no matter how nice it feels. "But, if it's okay, I'd like to take a shower first and change." I added as I started to get up and pull away from Athenodora.

"Wonderful, I'll go with you. A shower does sound nice." Athenodora said as she got up with me, one hand planted firmly around my waist.

My whole face went red and Didyme chuckled at me; I didn't have to see her face to know that Athenodora was smirking at me.

"Dora." Didyme said in a scolding yet amused voice.

"Fine, but just remember Bella; showers are always more fun when there's more than one person." Athenodora said to me as she took her arm from around my waist. "I'll see you later today." Athenodora kissed my cheek then disappeared from sight; leaving my face a bright red.

"Well, isn't she lucky now" Didyme muttered just loud enough for me to hear. "Feel free to use anything you want in Sulpicia's bathroom; she won't mind. In fact, you could even wear her clothes if you so desired to. If you want though, Jane is right outside the door and can escort you to your room to change into clothes of your own." Didyme said. I don't have clothes of my own though, so I'm assuming she meant the ones in my room. As if hearing my thoughts, she responded to them. "We'll have to take you out shopping though, or at least get you shopping online so that you can have clothes of your own desire and not ones we picked out. Perhaps tomorrow we can go or tonight I can have Heidi help you shop online; she's must better at that online stuff than the three of us are." Didyme admitted.

"Thank you." I mumbled as I made my way quickly to the bathroom that Didyme had opened the door of for me.

"Of course my dear; I'll see you later I'm sure. Remember, Jane is right outside if you need anything." Didyme said and of course to not be outdone by Athenodora, she kissed both my cheeks and was then gone from my sight.

With a bright red face, I quickly made my way into the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Wrapped in a towel, I left the bathroom; but not before peering through a crack in the door to try and make sure no one else was in the room. Naturally with my luck, I could only see a portion of the room. So gathering my courage, I left the room intent on going to Sulpicia's closet to see what she had to wear. At one point while I was in the shower, someone had taken it upon themselves to take my clothes and leave me with nothing but the towel I now had wrapped around me. At least the towel was more than large enough to cover me.

When I first noticed that my clothes were taken, I was really mad. They were using their skills as a vampire against and putting me in positions that I really didn't want to be in. I hadn't even let Edward see me this undressed. Granted, Alice had seen me this undressed before because of little dress up sessions she liked to give me, but that's different. Alice was, is, my best friend and she wasn't trying to woo me like three other vampires that I know of are.

After thinking about a little, I found that I wasn't as mad as I wanted to be, as I should be. For some reason, a reason that I refuse to acknowledge right now, I felt as if they were playing a game with me and I had just trumped them by wearing the towel. A part of me felt that they were simply trying to see how far they could push me, to bend my limits more to, well, to accept their offer of a relationship. I wanted to be mad, I really did, but I was also a little amused that they would resort to stealing my clothes but leaving a towel for me. I almost wanted to compare this to a little boy pulling on a girls pigtails because he liked her.

"That towel really doesn't do you justice." Sulpicia said from the corner of the room, apparently just walking out of her closet. I was only a couple steps out of the bathroom and immediately froze when I heard her voice; I really didn't think she or anyone aside from me would be in here. Though, this is her room, so I should have expected it. "You could take that towel off and look so much better." Sulpicia said as she practically sauntered towards me with a smirk firmly in place on her face.

"I um, I uh think I'll just go back to my room and change." I said as I quickly moved to the door that led to the hallway. I was fully confident that there would be no other vampire out there, except maybe Didyme or Athenodora, I was sure not even Jane was there now. I don't know why I was so sure of that, but a big part of me told me that part of their vampire instincts was to not allow anyone aside from them see me this undressed.

Of course I wanted to leave as quickly as possible given my state of undress and how okay Sulpicia was with keeping me that, but also of course, I wouldn't be Bella Swan if I was able to make a graceful exit. As I turned to leave, my feet got tangled in each other and I quickly started to fall backwards; I hadn't even managed to turn all the way around. Before I could even get half way to hitting the floor, Sulpicia had me in her arms holding me bridal style. My arms instantly went around her neck and my whole face went the brightest red I'm sure it's ever been.

"If you wanted me to hold you my dear, all you had to do was ask." Sulpicia said as she leaned in closer to me. For a moment, just a very brief moment, I was completely enraptured with her eyes. I felt myself lean just slightly closer into her and for just a moment, I actually thought we were going to kiss.

Just as that thought crossed my mind though, I instantly pulled back and looked away from her. I would have also distanced myself from her, but her arms kept me close to her and I refused to remove my arms from around her neck in fear of falling even though knew full well she would never drop me. A part of me though, a very annoying part, didn't want to distance myself from her and actually liked being this close to her, even though I was only in a towel.

"Um, I need to change." I awkwardly said, still not looking at her. I heard her give a heavy sigh, probably one of disappointment before she talked.

"Of course my dear, I'll take you there." Sulpicia said her tone a combination of disappointment and determinedness.

I didn't say anything else as she slowly walked me to my room. Well, it was slow for a vampire and even for humans for that matter. Instead of just using her vampire speed to get me there practically instantly, she walked slowly for even a human. I knew the reason she walked this slow was because she wanted to have me in her arms for a little bit longer; Edward had done the same thing. The thing is though, when Edward did it I sometimes got annoyed with it because he would always seem to take his time like that when I actually had something I needed to do and wanted to get done. That's the case now, I need to get dress and I want to quickly so that I'm not in just a towel for much longer, but I didn't have a problem with Sulpicia taking her time. I'm oddly okay with it.

"I'll wait out here and then we can go get you some breakfast." Sulpicia said when we finally got to my room and she put me down on my feet.

Thanking her for carrying me here, I acknowledged her statement and went to the closet to get dressed; of course I closed the door.

Sulpicia was right where I had left her when I had left to get dressed. I left the towel on a shelf in the closet and gave myself a mental note to put it in the appropriate place later. Sulpicia and I walked to the kitchen in mostly silence. I would ask the occasional question about a picture I saw and whether or not she was around in the time and if so where. Because I was just asking general and vague questions, she gave general and vague answers back which made for a brief conversation about the topic because I didn't ask for more information. I was okay with that and I would like to think that she was okay with that as well.

It wasn't until we entered the kitchen that I realized that we holding hands the entire way, our fingers interlaced. It wasn't until the three of us, Gianna, Sulpicia and myself had sat down for us humans to eat that I realized that I really didn't mind at all; holding her hand that is. Sulpicia's hand seemed to fit so comfortably in her hand and it felt so natural; I can't not like it.

"Well, why don't we go start of redecorating the entertainment room?" Sulpicia asked with a clap of her hands as Gianna put away the last dish that I had just finished drying with a towel. I still didn't know where everything went, so she put most of everything away, but I still helped when I knew where something went.

"Okay." I said, slightly nervous of the giant grin Sulpicia had; she seemed entirely too happy about the renovation.