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The renovation was not what I was expecting. Sulpicia brought me to a large, almost empty room. The only furniture in the room was a chair and a bookshelf that didn't even have anything on it. Sulpicia had explained that this was going to be the new entertainment room. We stayed in the room for barely a couple seconds before she ushered me out of the room and to her own office.

"Alright, from what I've been told, these hold all the new and fun things we could buy. Why don't we go ahead and go through them together to see what would be fun to buy?" Sulpicia said as she placed several thick magazines down on the desk in front of me.

Sulpicia moved her own chair from behind her desk to next to mine so that we were sitting next to each other. The first magazine I opened had no pictures, but just brief descriptions of what the product was. Feeling slightly confused, I opened the other magazines and noticed they all had the same layout. Normally I wouldn't mind not having any pictures, the description is often more than enough for me to be able to figure out if I would like it or not. The problem was, all the magazines were in Italian; I couldn't even pretend to read any of it.

"Okay but um, I can't read any of this." I said as I looked through the last magazine to see if I could make out any of what it said.

"I must have forgotten to request the magazines in English, I'm sorry. It's no problem though; I could just as easily translate for you." Sulpicia said; the grin she gave me sent shivers down my spine.

I knew without a doubt that there was no way Sulpicia could have 'forgotten' to get the magazines in English. I happen to know that all vampires have a perfect memory so I knew Sulpicia purposefully neglected in getting the English version of these and probably even made sure to get ones without pictures so that I couldn't even just go off the pictures to decide if it was a good item or not.

I chose not to mention any of that to her though. Even as she moved her chair to angle mine and moved herself so close to me that her knees brushed my leg and her arm now hung around my shoulders as she leaned into me to look at the magazine, I still chose not say anything. I knew that she didn't need to invade my own personal bubble to be able to 'see the magazine better' because I knew she could it just fine from her own seat. Instead of asking her to move away from me or to even just try to move away from her myself, I let her get close to me.

I couldn't help but want to have her closer to me, to take in her non-existent warmth. Her body may be cold, but having her arm around me with her fingers gently rubbing random shapes on my warm, it still sent warmth through my body. I liked having her scent right next to, practically drowning me in it. I loved her scent. I even allowed her to put her head on my shoulder as she translated the words to me, her accent a lot thicker than what it normally was and I knew she was doing that on purpose also but I didn't mind.

It wasn't until Didyme walked in to announce lunch was ready, that I realized that I hadn't actually heard a thing Sulpicia had said because I was too lost in what I was feeling with her this close to me and whispering in my ear. She wasn't saying anything remotely romantic, but just listening to her voice and feeling her unneeded breath on my ear was enough to distract me. Not to mention feeling her body slowly become more and more pressed into mine was a very nice and distracting feeling.

"Lunch is ready if you're hungry my love." Didyme said from the doorway.

If it had been Edward in Sulpicia's spot, I knew without a doubt that I would have jumped away and my face would have been bright red from being caught in such an intimate position with him. With Sulpicia though, I didn't want to, I didn't feel the need to jump away like I was doing something I shouldn't have been. Since I could stop the jump away reflex, maybe I could eventually stop the blush reflex. Something tells that while I'm human I will never be able to avoid blushing, especially around these girls.

"Yeah, sure, thank you." I said, barely able to keep eye contact while I was blushing and still had Sulpicia pressed into me. Apparently she didn't feel the need to move away either, which didn't come as shock to me.

"Um, yes I am, thank you." I said as I moved to stand up.

Sulpicia moved with me, keeping her body close to mine and moved her hand to wrap around my waist. Sulpicia kept glued to me until we reached the door, at which point she had to let go in order for us to leave. Didyme had moved outside to let us pass and seemed to be waiting for me to walk through the door because as soon as I had and before Sulpicia could reclaim her spot, she had attached herself to me.

"Did you get a lot of planning done?" Didyme asked as she guided me towards where I would be eating.

"Someone was a little distracted to get too much done, but we have enough to get started with as far as ordering some things are concerned. I'm sure in the next couple weeks or so we'll actually start really planning." Sulpicia said as she walked on my other side. From the corner of my eye I could see a small pout forming on her face as she practically glared at Didyme's arm.

I didn't remember agreeing to anything, but I wouldn't be surprised if when something had caught my eye, I made some sort of noise that showed I agreed with it or liked it. I'm not really sure what I had done to show I liked something, but apparently I did something if Sulpicia was able to get enough info to start this project.

"I wasn't distracted." I weakly defended, or lied, whichever definition was fine with me.

"Of course dear, because looking at me the whole time helped you pick out different furnishings?" Sulpicia asked and even though I didn't look, I'm sure there was a smirk on her face.

"Don't act like you didn't like the attention Cia; I'm sure both Dora and myself will hear later all about how much our dear Bella loved to stare longingly at you for hours on end." Didyme said, coming to my rescue. Before Sulpicia could defend herself, Didyme leaned in closer to me and whispered in my ear conspiratorially, even though Sulpicia could very easily hear her. "Cia has a bad habit of exaggerating things; she's a bit of an attention whore."

I didn't mean to, but I couldn't help but laugh a little at what Didyme had said. Not only did I not expect to hear Didyme cuss, ever, but also just what she said was funny. I could easily see Sulpicia being that way. I could definitely see her doing all she could to get attention and then pouting when she doesn't get it.

Sulpicia's need for attention aside, I was actually a little impressed with myself that I managed to not blush from how close Didyme's lips were to my ear. Perhaps these women will be able to help me stop blushing all the time. I'll just have to ignore the fact that they would be able to do that by teasing me all the time.

"You're just jealous." Sulpicia retorted.

"And there's that amazing quick wit you always go on about." Didyme remarked as we turned into the small dining room where Gianna was already sitting with both our lunches.

"Thank you Gianna for making lunch, you didn't have to." I said quickly, hoping to stop Didyme's and Sulpicia's little argument even though I'm sure it wouldn't have escalated… at least too much.

Sulpicia didn't follow us into the dining room, but instead wished me a good lunch and continued on her way. Didyme led me to the table to sit across from Gianna and the two of us ate and in between bites, all three of us talked. Gianna talked about some places that she liked to see in Italy that not many tourists saw and Didyme commented about the history behind the place and had even said that she would look into getting me to see all those places.

Just as we finishing up eating, Didyme's head snapped up and she stared intently at a wall. If it wasn't for my time with the Cullen's I wouldn't have recognized that she was listening to a conversation that was taking place in that general direction.

"Bella, something important has come up and I'm afraid that I'll have to leave now and leave you with Heidi's company." Didyme said, not turning her head away from the wall.

"Okay." I said and before I could ask or say anything else, Didyme was gone and Heidi was walking in. "Do you know what's happening?" I asked out of curiosity.

I knew that it wasn't really my place to ask about why one of the queens had to leave me so unexpectedly, but I can't help my curiosity, cat be damned.

"I do, but it's not my place to say anything. We all tend to talk very fast when we don't have humans around, so I'm sure within an hour they'll call for you. If you don't mind though, I think a trip to the library would be amazing, you don't mind cleaning up here do you Gianna?" Heidi asked as she was helping me to feet. By just the tone she was using and the fact that she was already starting to lead me out the door, going to the library wasn't really so much as a suggestion as it was an order.

"Of course not." Gianna said with a smile, seemingly not confused about what was happening. I suppose living with the vampire rulers, she's used to people quickly leaving and coming.

Something about this whole thing just doesn't feel right to me though. I feel like something big is happening and it makes me a little scared. I know that I'm basically in the safest place in the world right now with all these vampires protecting me, but I guess it was the urgency in which Didyme left that makes me nervous. She seemed to be more of the type of person to not get nervous or upset, or at least show it, ever. Just now she seemed both and I didn't like it.

"I figured we could just relax and read for a while, is that okay?" Heidi said as she kept leading me towards the library. The route she was taking though, was one that I wasn't even remotely used to. I wonder if she took this route on purpose, perhaps to get to the library sooner or maybe even for another reason that I'm not aware of.

Heidi kept her hand on my lower back as a way to guide me through a new part of the castle. Having her hand there compared to any of the queens gave me a different feeling. Heidi's hand on my lower back felt like when Charlie would occasionally, as just a way to lead me, to keep me close. I felt that she had her hand there strictly as a way to lead me, not to be close like the three queens.

"Yeah, that's fine. Everything is okay though right?" I asked hesitantly as we went down another hallway that I hadn't seen before.

"They're fine, just dealing with a situation. When they see you next, they'll fill you in on what's happening."

"Are they actually going to tell me what happened or just make up something to tell me?"

That was something the Cullen's, in particular Edward, had always done. I knew that he did that just to protect me and I'm glad he did that. The protecting part at least, not the keeping things from him. I had never thought it was a problem because things had always worked out in the end.

"I had thought they went over this." Heidi mumbled. If I hadn't known that she could have easily talked in a volume that I couldn't hear, I would have thought she had said that on accident. "They would never lie to you Bella, you're their mate, they would never dream of lying or keeping something from you."

They had in fact told me that, several times in fact. I just can't help but doubt it, Edward had told me the same thing after all. A part of me wanted to believe them without a doubt, I really wanted to. Experience though, told me not to.

"I guess I just don't really expect them to." I admitted. I may not have known Heidi for that long, but I couldn't help but see as a friend already. I didn't see her like Jake and definitely not Alice, but I could easily see her as a friend. I could actually see her being as close as Jake and Alice, but I didn't want that to happen because well, I didn't think I would be here that long, at least longer than I had to. That option, the option of staying longer, was starting to not look so bad though.

"They'll earn your trust; I have no doubt about that." Heidi said as we turned down another hall.

The rest of the long walk to the library was done in silence and by the time we got there, my legs had started burning. I hadn't realized it, but Heidi had us walk at a fast pace. Normally all the vampires I've been led by had done a really good job at keeping the pace slow enough to where it was just a leisure walk for me, but now Heidi definitely wanted to get me to the library.

I picked a book, I didn't know which one it was because I knew with what was happening, even though I didn't actually know what was happening, was going to keep me distracted. As I started reading, or just looking at the pages, the idea of one of the Cullen's being here crossed my mind. I knew that only Alice or Edward would have actually come here to visit, possibly Esme, but more than likely just Alice or Edward. If it was one of them visiting though, wouldn't have Didyme brought me with her to meet them? Wouldn't they have also told one of the Volturi that they were coming to visit me? I would think so.

Luckily before I could start thinking about why Edward or Alice would come to visit without telling anyone, in particular me, Heidi put her book down and stood up.

"They're asking that you join them in the office, so since I know you didn't actually read anything, go ahead and just put the book down, someone will put it up later and follow me." Heidi said, a sense of urgency in her voice.

Not hesitating to do what she said, I put the book down and she once again put her hand on the small of my back and led towards where I' sure the three queens were. Her pace was just as fast as last time and I was just barely able to keep up. If it wasn't for the fact that I really wanted to know what was going on, I would have asked Heidi to slow down, but that was so not the case right now. Heidi is acting weird and I wanted to know why.

In minutes we were walking into the office where the three queens were in fact waiting for me. Well, I walked in, Heidi closed the door behind me and I didn't know where she went from there. The moment I walked in, all three moved closer to me and seemed also seemed to be looking me over for something. It was Didyme though that broke the silence as she pulled me into a hug.

"I'm sorry my dear for the abnormal behavior, we have just received some disturbing news and I'm afraid it's affecting our instincts a bit."

"It doesn't help that we're also so newly mated." Sulpicia added.

"It's a nuisance." Athenodora muttered.

Didyme led me over to a larger chair that wasn't in here last time I was here and together we sat in it. It was a tight fit, but something told me that Didyme needed to be this close to me and I bet so did the other two, but they settled for sitting in two chairs across from me.

"We have vampires stationed all over the world to keep an eye on things and to report to us anything abnormal." Sulpicia started, apparently starting to explain without me having to ask.

Didyme cuddled further into me and I found it really hard to not cuddle into her. I found myself just sitting in the corner, not really trying to put distance between us, but also not trying to get rid of the distance like Didyme seemed to be trying to do.

"This helps us in case a vampire decides to get a little over their heads by breaking laws but the local news agencies here don't report it. With the, scouts I suppose you could say, see or hear something in their area, they report it immediately. We just had a phone call that was very disturbing." Athenodora explained.

"We had known, thanks to young Edward, that you had been attacked not too long ago and the Cullen's had dispatched of the problem. What disappoints me is that no one seemed to think that his mate would avenge him." Sulpicia said, the last part coming out very harsh, she obviously didn't like that the Cullen's didn't kill Victoria.

"Now though, she's seeking revenge but doesn't know you're here. She's building an army in Seattle, to apparently use to find and kill you." Athenodora hissed.

Instantly my heart sped up. I knew that vampires were bad, but an army of them would be even worse. If she's looking for me, surely her hunt will lead her to Charlie and the pack. They could be hurt, or even more likely killed. I can't let that happen.

"She can't get away with that, Charlie is there. She can't hurt him." I said, panic showing through my voice. It must have been the panic in my voice, but Didyme started to purr and it helped to calm me down, I wasn't entirely calm, but hearing her purr did help… as odd as that was.

"Don't worry, we won't let the army get out of hand." Didyme whispered in my ear.

"Because of how new our bond is, and how severe this threat is, our instincts are screaming at us to be near you, protect you and to kill the threat. As you can guess, this presents several problems." Sulpicia said.

"I will now allow anyone but the three of us to kill the rogue, there is no other option." Athenodora said angrily.

"We also cannot allow you to be far from us for too long while there is direct danger out there to you, no matter that we're in a different country. It's only a matter of time before she figures that out because I'm sure the Cullen's will give her a good trail to follow to us." Sulpicia said.

"The Cullen's will help clean up this mess that they created. I will not put our guard at risk because they didn't finish something that they knew better about, especially Carlisle and that Jasper he has." Athenodora added.

"The Cullen's will go back to Forks, where the problem originated and we, with a few select guard members, will go as well to make sure that not only the job is done properly this time but also to kill Victoria." Sulpicia said.

"We want to ask if this okay with you because you will be going on this trip with us and then return here with us." Didyme clarified.

My mind was reeling. They were offering me a chance to see my family again. They were giving me the opportunity to see Edward, even though honestly, that option didn't as amazing as it would of a day or so ago.

I was touched that they wanted to take care of this problem personally to make sure it was done right. I had thought the Cullen's had done a good job, but thinking back about it, leaving Victoria out there after they killed her mate was a bad idea. They should have known, since they are all mated, what a vampire would do if you killed their mate. Even though Edward was the one that killed James, I'm the weak and easy target; clearly she would go after me.

"I want to go." I said as I stared off to the side, just thinking about what this all would mean.

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