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For some reason I had stuck in my mind that it would take longer than what it did for us to actually leave. I had thought that there would be a lot of things that the queens would need to do to get everything ready for them to leave. At least, I would have thought that since they literally have a kingdom type place here with vampires coming for to them for lots of different reasons, I had thought they would have a lot to do to prepare for them to leave their castle for an unknown amount of time.

I was wrong.

Apparently I was the one that slowed us down from leaving to Forks right away. There were a couple of things that made me end up causing us to delay our leaving. First was sleeping and eating. Both of those I could have done on the plane, but the queens thought it would have been better to leave in the morning when I was wide awake, that and even though they apparently had their own plane, arrangements still had to be made to be allowed to fly, take off and land at the different airports. So at least that one isn't on me but the different laws that the queens were loath to follow but had to.

They also wanted to explain some things to me. I ended up having dinner in the office while the queens talked and vented. There were a lot of threats to Victoria, there were some threats made to the Cullen's for not killing Victoria that were quickly taken back when they saw I didn't want them doing that.

Over all I learned that apparently with such a big threat being directed at me, their instincts were screaming at them to hide me away and protect me. They also wanted to destroy the threat themselves, to prove their ability to protect me, not that I doubted they could, but whatever. So with them wanting to keep me safe and them wanting to get rid of the threat themselves, they only logical thing to do would be to take me with them to kill victoria and her army. I didn't think that was the only option. I pointed out that I could stay here, even though I really wanted to see my family again, or only one or two of them could go, take some guard members with them and kill Victoria.

Apparently those ideas were absolutely horrible.

Athenodora went on a ten minute rant about how leaving me alone without them there to protect while being threatened is just stupid. She also ranted for another ten minutes about how all three of them had to kill the threat because they each wanted to 'kill the bitch'.

It was all very amusing to me to watch Sulpicia pace around the office while she rattled off different plans on how to kill Victoria. The whole time she did that, Athenodora would point out flaws to her plans, which prompted Sulpicia to change to a new plan that the two would discuss until Sulpicia went a little crazy with her plots and Athenodora pointed out flaws again. Didyme just sat quietly next to me the whole time, apparently very content to just next me and watch the other two.

It wasn't until after dinner that I broke Sulpicia's plotting and Athenodora's fun ruining, as Sulpicia had come to start calling Athenodora's remarks, with a question that I should have asked sooner.

"Can I call my dad?" All three looked at me and I felt prompted to add to my question. "Since I'm going back to Forks, I want to see him. I'm pretty sure since I'll be there, I'll just be staying at his place."

There was no doubt in my mind that since I would be back, I would be staying with Charlie again, even if just for the few days we would be there, instead of at the Cullen's. How could I return to Forks, after having been forced to stay here, and not see Charlie? I still considered his house to be my home and I knew that he wouldn't have changed my room at all; he didn't from when I was a kid. I'm sure he would really want to talk to me in person about how this was all such a bad idea, leaving in the middle of the school year for some internship in Italy. I could probably even get one of the queens to act like my boss and that I took them with me so that they could see America. It's not the best excuse, but I'm sure with their vampire influence, Charlie would believe it.

"There's room for all us at your fathers?" Sulpicia asked first, sounding very skeptical.

"Well, no, just for me; but I can't go home to Forks and not stay in my home." I argued back.

"You could stay with us." Sulpicia answered like I had just asked a stupid question.

"I want to stay with my dad." I said assertively. I almost said that I didn't want to stay with them, but I couldn't because I could see myself not really being bothered if I had to stay with them. I would definitely prefer to stay with Charlie, but if I had to stay with them, I could live with that. I bet they would be staying with the Cullen's though; I'm not sure how I would feel about doing that.

"That's fine Bella; of course you can call your dad and make sure you can stay there with him. You do realize though that with Victoria after you, arrangements will have to be made when we get there to keep you safe right?" Didyme asked with a smile.

"Well, yeah." I answered, trying to figure out what she was planning.

"Chances are, we'll just stay in your room at night and during the day we'll just pick you up for breakfast or something. Once we've seen the area and the house, we'll make more concrete plans." Athenodora added.

"Here, call him but I hope you don't mind us staying here." Sulpicia said as she handed me the cordless phone from the desk.

I nodded my head that I didn't mind and dialed the one I would always know by heart. Luckily we were late enough that Charlie should just be having lunch now; hopefully he opted to have lunch at home.

"Hello?" Charlie answered in his gruff voice.

"Hi Charlie." I answered right away, all too happy to hear his voice again. I knew I had just talked to him not too long ago, but when there's an entire ocean separating us and I couldn't hear his voice every day like I had gotten used to, it makes it a lot nicer to hear it.

"Bella? How are you doing kid?" Charlie asked, easily showing his awkwardness over the phone, causing Didyme and Sulpicia to chuckle a little. I missed our awkward conversations.

"I'm good Charlie, I have good news though." I said, getting straight to the point, neither of us was really any good at small talk.

"What kind of news?" Charlie asked, probably afraid of what it could be. After all I've done to him with abruptly leaving to Italy and then randomly deciding to stay when I've never expressed any interest in visiting here before, I could understand how he would probably be afraid of what I would have to say.

"It's good Charlie. I'm going to visit, and I'm bringing friends with me since they've never been to the U.S." I said. This way if he see's anyone of the Volturi with me, since he would right away tell they were new to Forks, he wouldn't think anything of it.

"That's great Bella. Remember your room is here if you want it." Charlie said, but then paused as he thought over what to say next. "Seems kind of soon to be visiting, not that I mind of course, but with a job, well, I would have thought you would need to stay there for a bit." Charlie said, trailing off at the end to the point I could barely hear him.

"Oh yeah, um, they were already planning on visiting and since I've lived there my whole life, they decided to take me with them." I weakly lied. Hopefully Charlie would pass my hesitancy off as just awkwardness at talking on the phone; it wouldn't be the first time I've talked like this to him.

The rest of the conversation was nice and short and of course just as awkward. I told him that I would definitely be staying in my room while I was there, I didn't know how long I would be visiting or what my plans were for when I was visiting since I was with my work. He briefly mentioned Jake and Billy, saying that Jake missed me and would want to see me when I visited. I hadn't thought about the pack.

That brings in a whole lot of other problems. The pack wouldn't allow the Volturi to be in Forks since they hunted humans. They would attack and kill the Volturi. After getting that news, I ended the call pretty quickly and tried to come up with a way to explain this to the queens without them wanting to kill the pack; I couldn't live with myself if I ended up causing the pack to get killed.

"What's wrong?" Didyme asked as soon as I hung up the phone.

The other two queens were instantly in their seats, opposite of mine, and seemed to itching to get closer to me. I guess I wouldn't be able to procrastinate telling them at all. It wouldn't be fair if I did that anyways, they deserve to know about the pack that will more than likely attack them as soon as they could. Plus, this would also give me time to make sure they wouldn't hurt the pack.

"Well, I just remember something that I should tell you." I said, still buying time to figure out what exactly I'm going to say.

"Does it have anything to do with that Jacob and Billy your father mentioned?" Athenodora asked a bit angrily, letting me know instantly that she was jealous of those two, even though she knew nothing about them.

"Yes." I answered, causing the three to growl, Athenodora louder than the other two. "Before I tell you more, you have to promise me you won't hurt anyone from the Forks area."

"We can't promise that." Sulpicia said, sounding upset about where this was going.

"We would hurt anyone to protect you Bella." Didyme added.

"No one there has ever hurt me, they've protected me. Jake and his friends actually protected me from a vampire; if it wasn't for them…" I said, not bothering to finish the sentence.

"How were they able to protect you from a vampire Isabella?" Athenodora asked, sounding very mad, so mad in fact that I didn't even want to correct her using my full name.

"Well, this is part where I want to make sure you won't hurt them. Jake is my best friend, I would never forgive you if you hurt him." I said, make sure to look them all in the eye so they could see how important this is to me.

"We promise Bella, that as long as no one hurts you, we will not hurt anyone in the Forks area." Sulpicia finally said after a few seconds of silence.

"They're shape shifters, they turn into giant wolves." I finally said, waiting for the worst.

Athenodora still looked just as made, Sulpicia and Didyme's face hardened.

"This is very important for us to know Bella. When do they change into a wolf?" Didyme asked, her voice sounding very tense.

"Whenever they want to or whenever they get really mad." I answered right hesitantly, afraid that I was giving the wrong answer.

Athenodora shook her head and chuckled a little, Sulpicia smiled and leaned back into her chair while Didyme also relaxed and chuckled, she also put her hand on my shoulder.

"Then we can definitely keep that promise with no problem. We were considered they were Children of the Moon, in which case we would have had a big problem on our hands. But since they are in fact shifters, as long as your friends do not attack us, we will do the same." Didyme said as she rubbed my shoulder.

"Thank you." I said right before I yawned.

"Why don't you go to bed, we'll get everything ready to leave tomorrow morning as soon as you've had breakfast." Sulpicia suggested to which I instantly agreed; I was really tired.

"If you wouldn't mind, we would like to stay in your room as well, as we prepare." Didyme asked.

I'm sure that they wanted to stay in my room with me because of the whole instincts going wild thing and that they just wanted to keep me close to make sure I was safe. Or something like that at least. I wouldn't mind that at all, I actually like having them close to me as well; not that I would admit that out loud.


We all made our way to my room and I instantly started getting ready for bed, doing everything I needed in the bathroom of course because there was no way I was changing in front of them. No matter how often Sulpicia said it was okay to. The three made themselves comfortable, not that they ever wouldn't be since they are vampires, on my bed when I was in the bathroom and I was too tired to care. So, without thinking much about it, I just crawled over Athenodora to lie in between her and Didyme and fell asleep that way. That was perhaps the fastest I had ever fallen asleep, but lying next to them was insanely comfortable and I was tired after all that had been unloaded on me and from just knowing that tomorrow I would be flying towards a vampire that was building an army to kill me.

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