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The moment I had woken up, they queens started to finish getting us ready to leave; which meant they had me move to get dressed, eat and then we would leave. I had actually wanted to procrastinate us leaving, and this time it was on purpose.

When I had woken up, I woke up cuddled up to Sulpicia with Athenodora cuddled up to me from behind. At first, my sleepy mind only recognized that a cold body was lying next to me, I hadn't even realized that it was two bodies next to me. My braid first thought it was Edward and for a brief moment, I was happy, but along with being happy things were back to normal, a bigger part of me was actually disappointed that it was Edward.

I moved further into the body in front of me, momentarily ignoring it was Edward. The movement caused me to get a breath of the scent that was surrounding me. There were two distinct scents, neither of which were Edwards, or any of the Cullen's for that matter, and the scents smelled so much better than Edward. I couldn't help but let out a small moan at how good the scents were.

"I like that sound." Athenodora said from behind me, instantly causing me to blush as my mind finally woke up completely and I realized what I had just done in front of two of the queens. Though I'm sure if I look up from having my face planted into Sulpicia's body, I would be able to see Didyme somewhere in the room.

I pulled Sulpicia tighter into me so that I could fruitlessly hide my blush; at least this way I couldn't see them and they couldn't see my blush, even though they could definitely tell I was blushing.

"I think you embarrassed her." Didyme said from somewhere in the room, causing both woman around me to chuckle.

"Come my dear, it's time to get ready and then we can leave." Sulpicia said as she nuzzled her nose into my hair.

"Breakfast is on its' way here; so why don't you shower and get dressed? We'll wait outside." Didyme said, causing both Sulpicia and Athenodora to reluctantly pull away from me.

Once the three had left my room, which I'm sure they only went as far as just outside the door, I quickly went to the bathroom to shower. I was excited to be able to go home and to see Charlie and the Cullen's again. And Edward, I wanted to see him also.

Within half an hour, I was showered, dressed and ready to go. The moment I finished tying my shoes, the three queens were in front of me, Didyme offering me her hand to help me stand.

"Let's go, our ride is waiting to take us to the airport where our jet is ready to take off." Sulpicia said as I was tucked into Didyme's side when she pulled me up.

"The others are already waiting for us there, you can eat on our way to the airport." Didyme said as she wrapped her arm around my waist and started to guide me from the room.

"Who's going with us?" I asked as we briskly walked down the many corridors.

"Jane and Heidi of course since they're your personal guard; Alec, Demetri and Felix will also come along to take care of the army while the three of us have fun with Victoria." Athenodora said from behind me as Sulpicia led the way.

"We decided last night, and as long as you don't have any qualms about it, we would like to permanently assign those two as your guard, even if you somehow don't choose us in the end." Didyme said as we turned corner and faced the exit we had used when I had lunch outside last. "Even if you don't choose us, if we won't be able to protect you, we want to leave someone who could."

They wanted to make sure that if I didn't want them around me, that not only would they respect my wishes, but they would also make sure that they left someone they trusted that would protect me. I actually felt very touched they would do that. I had thought that if I chose Edward, they would disappear and I would never see or hear from them or anyone associated with them again. I was happy to hear that they would keep me safe if I left them, but I don't think I would like to do that.

"I would like that." I answered, blushing slightly at admitting it. Didyme responded by tugging me closer to her and I was all too happy to oblige.

"Good, I would have hated to do something against your wishes, there was no way that I would have allowed you to go without at least our guards protection." Athenodora said as she opened a door to a nice looking black car with windows tinted so dark that I couldn't see anything inside.

"Felix will be driving us; the others are waiting for us, getting the plane ready for take off." Sulpicia said as she crawled in first, I'm assuming she went first to make sure one of them were in there first for protection.

Once I was sitting next to Sulpicia, she handed me a plate full of food and I immediately started to eat. The other two moved in and I was quickly sandwiched between Sulpicia and Athenodora while Didyme sat on the seat opposite us, facing us. While I ate, Sulpicia looked out the window at the buildings passing us, Didyme had her eyes closed and I'm sure she was just thinking things over and Athenodora kept her hand on my thigh as she absent mindedly stared at my plate. I was actually surprised when I had first started to eat in front of them all, that they wouldn't stare at me in amazement like most of the Cullen's would do. Well, Alice and Edward were the only ones that stared at me, but they were also they were the only ones that were really around when I ate. Esme was the only other Cullen that would stay around me when I ate, but she was always too polite to stare. None of the vampires I have eaten around thus far with the Volturi, had stared at me eating. It was nice.

In no time, we were pulling up to the airport and Didyme and Athenodora were crawling out. Athenodora pulled me out of the car and kept my hand in hers as we made our way into the airport. Unfortunately, their power of the vampire world didn't reach into the human world, meaning their money could only get us so far. We still had to wait in the different lines before we were allowed to go to where their plane was waiting for us.

Eventually we boarded the plane and I instantly fell in love with the plane. It was very spacious. It had three individual seats, where I'm assuming the queens spend most of their time, a long comfortable looking couch, a bar, large television and what seemed to be a stereo system.

"Have a seat first, you'll have to wear the seat belt until we fully in the air." Sulpicia said as she directed me towards one of the seats.

"What about you three?" I asked, a bit annoyed that I was the only that had to wear a seatbelt, as I saw Didyme make herself comfortable on the couch and Athenodora disappeared into what I was guessing the cockpit.

"As soon as you have skin as hard as ours, you can travel in this jet without a seatbelt; until then, for your safety, you will wear it please." Sulpicia said as she sat down on a chair next to me.

Within five minutes, as I started to look through the list of available movies to watch once we were in the air, the Volturi guard boarded as well. Heidi and Felix went straight to the cockpit while the others moved so a place in the back of plane that was blocked off from my eyes. I'm sure it was just a place where they could be while we were in the air.

I found myself a little excited from Sulpicia's words. From what she said, it sounded like I would be able to fly in here again, aside from coming back to Italy since I pretty much figured I would have to. I would love to be able to travel everywhere in this plane.

"Received permission to start." Heidi said over the intercom, definitely just for my benefit, and I felt the plane start to move.

"From here, it will be smooth sailing. Heidi will take the fastest route available, though we will have to stop once to refuel." Didyme said from her spot in the middle of the couch, obviously trying to set me up to sit next to her. To be honest, I didn't need the set up, I actually wanted to sit next to her.

Ten minutes after what seemed like pointless taxing, I finally felt the plane start to pick up speed and instinctively placed a tight grip on the arm rest of my seat. I'm not afraid of flying at all, in fact I like the feeling of taking off, I like the feeling of picking up speed. Sulpicia noticed right away and instantly had both my hands in hers as she kneeled next to me.

"Are you alright?" She asked as Athenodora appeared next to Didyme, all three woman were looking at me with concerned eyes.

"I'm sorry, I'm fine, really." I answered.

"Are you sure?" Sulpicia asked with a pointed look at my hands that were gripping hers as tightly as I could, not at all afraid of hurting her hands.

"Yes, it's just, I don't know, a thing. I'm not afraid or anything, I swear." I said, with a small smile.

Sulpicia smiled back at me and leaned up to give me a kiss on my cheek, one that lasted a bit too long and made my face go bright red. With a small giggle, she pulled back and continued to kneel next to me as the plane gained altitude.

"Have you picked a movie yet, I can set it up so it's ready to go for when you can take your seat belt off." Athenodora said as she slowly made her way towards the television opposite of us. It took me a few seconds to be able to answer her because my eyes, for whatever reason, decided to betray me and kept glued on her swaying hips. It wasn't until I saw her turn and my eyes moved to stare at her bright red ones, did I actually realize I was ogling her ass.

"I um, yeah, this one." I barely managed to say as I closed my eyes in embarrassment of being caught staring and pointed to the movie on the list, which thankfully Sulpicia told Athenodora which one I had picked.

"Did I have something on me Bella?" Athenodora asked as she started to get the movie ready.

"No." I managed to squeak out as the other two queens giggled at me.

"Are you sure? Would you mind checking again for me?" Athenodora asked with a smirk as she turned around once she was done setting up the movie.

"She didn't seem to mind before, I'm sure you wouldn't now, would you Bella?" Sulpicia asked with a teasing smirk.

"I hate you all." I muttered as I pulled my hands away from Sulpicia and crossed my arms over my chest and pouted while I silently wished for my face to go back to its' normal color.

"You can take your seat belt off now dear." Didyme said as she tried, unsuccessfully, to not smile at me. At least she wasn't laughing like the other two.

Without saying anything, I moved from my chair and to the couch, and sat right next to Didyme. As soon as I had sat down, she put her arm around my waist and pulled me into her. Without hesitating, and actually happy she had pulled me to her, I cuddled into her and rested my head on her shoulder.

I felt the spot next to me being taken and knew without looking that Athenodora had taken the other spot next to me. Slowly, she started to lean into me and soon, I had her head resting on my shoulder as the movie started to play.

"You could never hate us." Athenodora stated. I knew, without her or the queens saying anything, that what I would say next was very important. Even though they all seem very confident in themselves and in what they do, but, they are still creatures ruled by emotions. They were still afraid of me rejecting them.

"Never." I affirmed.

I could feel happiness radiating from the two I was cuddled next to and I'm sure if I was close enough to Sulpicia, I would feel it from her as well. I knew without a doubt that they all had big smiles on their faces because I'm sure they find this as me taking a step in the direction of picking them over Edward. At this point in time, I'm actually starting to lean towards that. So, a part of me is happy that I'll be seeing Edward again and can reconnect with him, but another part of me doesn't want that.