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I hadn't realized it, but about halfway through the third movie in a row, I fell asleep on Didyme's lap. Athenodora had moved over towards Sulpicia during the second movie to go over what they said were different plans for the confrontation. They wanted to make sure they had every angle covered for not only killing the army and Victoria, but also making sure I was well protected and that there were no casualties on our side. I had suggested for them to just wait and talk with Alice and she could tell them what would be the best plan and they both just glared at me, Athenodora telling me not to take the fun out of planning Victoria's downfall.

When I had finally woken up, it was to Didyme gently massaging my scalp and gently whispering random statements for me to wake up. Trying my best to stay asleep, since I was so comfortable lying on top of her, I just cuddled into her and hoped she would try to let me sleep. Her responding chuckle meant she wasn't going to let me continue sleeping.

"I would love to let you sleep dear, but we're in Seattle already and you have to at least walk to the car." Didyme said as she continued to urge me to wake up.

"We're here already?" I mumbled as I slowly started to sit up.

"You slept straight through most of the trip, not even when we stopped to refuel woke you up." Athenodora said, clearly amused.

"Although, that must mean, you're very hungry. If you would like, we can get you something to eat here or you can wait until we get to the Cullen's?" Sulpicia asked as the guards started to open the door to the plan to leave. "It would take about three hours."

Crawling off of Didyme, making sure not to put myself in too awkward of a position since lying on top of her was embarrassing enough since I had obviously done that in my sleep and not entirely on purpose, I decided what I wanted. Since I had just woken up, I was hungry but I wasn't necessarily in the mood to eat just yet. Plus, if I were to eat now, it would take longer to get to the Cullen's and see them again. I also wanted to be able to see my father as soon as possible and I'm sure the queens would make me eat at the Cullen's place first.

"I just want to get to Forks to see everyone." I answered as stood in front of the couch, not sure if I was able to just start to walk off the plane yet or not.

"Of course you do." Athenodora said in a sarcastic tone; she wasn't happy that I was going to see Edward again. "Come, we'll get you there quickly because we're anxious to get there as well, to start to get rid of this problem. I'm sure as soon as we arrive, Esme will have something cooked for you."

Athenodora wrapped her arm around my waist, and then led me off the plane. The entire walk from the plane, to the baggage claim and then to the car was done in a specific order. Felix and Sulpicia walked out in front of our group and I'm sure a lot of people thought they were a couple because of how close they were standing next to each other. Behind them were Jane and Alec off to the sides with me and Athenodora in between them. Behind us were Didyme, Demetri and Heidi. So, even though to anyone that would look at us and there were a lot because of the vampire beauty and them all wearing sunglasses, we looked like the average large group at an airport.

Half an hour after we had left the plane, we were in our car; we actually took two different vehicles with us, and on our way to Forks. Even though I was in the middle seat, naturally, I still looked out the window, anxious to see everyone again. I was actually even starting to entertain the idea of trying to see Jacob again, though I wasn't sure if he would want to, considering how I had left him.

I knew the queens were having a conversation around me. They were talking too fast for me to be able to understand them, but I was able to catch a word or two whenever they didn't talk softly or quickly enough. From just the couple words I caught on the whole ride, I couldn't really make out exactly what they were talking about, but if I had to guess, it would be them still talking about their battle plans, both what I'll be doing during it and what they will be doing. Heidi and Felix were in the car, with Felix driving, so I'm pretty sure the queens were talking over their plans with them.

When we turned down the Cullen's driveway, the one I hadn't seen in so long, I could barely sit still in my seat. I was very excited to see everyone, not just Edward, but everyone. Well, most everyone because I'm not as excited to see Rosalie, but I was still excited.

"Remember what we've you told please Bella, we wouldn't want to make you upset with us." Didyme said as she gave a somewhat pleading look.

My first reaction was to give a confused look and I almost asked her what she meant because she was being very vague, which I'm sure she was because the Cullen's were in hearing range. After a second though and before I asked, it came to me. She was talking about the conversations we have had about them being possessive and protective and all the other stuff that would probably piss Edward off. This was going to be an interesting trip.

The three were walking into a situation that was guaranteed to set off a lot of their instincts. They knew that Edward still saw us in a relationship still. I used to think we were, but at the moment we live in different countries, and he did technically break up with and we never really said we would be together, it was just assumed. I knew Edward would assume we were still in a relationship, but I'm not so sure right now. The three queens were walking into this situation with Edward and I, it's not going to be a walk in the park.

"I will." I answered as Felix parked in front of the car.

I wasn't sure what I could do to not, well, invoke their inner vampire, but I also knew I wouldn't do anything to purposefully piss them off. It was Edward I was afraid of; I knew beyond a doubt that he would do something that would piss off the queens.

Felix opened the door for me and the moment I was out of the car, I was wrapped in a hug. I fell backwards from the sudden hug and not having good balance, but a hand was placed instantly on my back and I was kept from falling back into the SUV. I knew instantly, from both the touch and the low growl, that it was Athenodora that helped me from falling.

Once I heard the growl, Alice instantly pulled back with a sheepish grin.

"Sorry, I couldn't help it. I'm just so excited to see you again Bella!" Alice cheered and very nearly clapped her hands, but instead just clasped them together and took a couple steps back.

Alice walked back enough to join the rest of the Cullen's that were gathered in front of their house. Instead of my eyes being instantly drawn to Edward as I thought they would have as I walked forward to let Athenodora out, my eyes went to Esme. I didn't think I would feel so relieved to see who I basically considered as a mom to me; I felt more relieved to see her than I did Edward.

I took a step forward to Esme to hug her in a greeting and she took a step towards me as well. We had eye contact and we were both smiling and I had thought this all made it clear to everyone that we going to hug next. Someone else though differently.

Before I could even get my foot planted firmly on the ground again from the one step I had taken, I was wrapped up in a very tight, very familiar embrace. Instead of hugging him right away, I kept my hands out to my side, I didn't know why, but I didn't really want to hug him. Aside from him hugging me would instantly piss off the queens, I just didn't want to and I couldn't say exactly why.

A couple seconds after me not returning the hug, Edward pulled back and gave me a questioning look.

"Hi Edward." I awkwardly said, I could vaguely tell that the three queens were now all behind me in the small room between me and the SUV.

"I've missed you my love." Edward said in a tone that just a few months prior would have had me swooning; in fact just barely a month ago, I would have done anything to hear him say that again.

Before I could even come up with a response, much less say anything, I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and pull me tightly into a body. Athenodora even placed her head on my shoulder. Both Didyme and Sulpicia placed their hands on my shoulders and had themselves so close to me that I was practically squashed against them.

Both Athenodora and Didyme were growling loud enough for me to hear and even though it sounded absolutely scary, I wasn't scared at all. Their growling, in a very strange way, made me feel very safe and protected.

I hadn't seen how it had happened, but Edward was standing in front of the Cullen's, with Carlisle placing what seemed to be a restraining hand on his shoulder. I didn't know if he was tossed, which with Athenodora and Sulpicia I wouldn't be surprised if that had happened, or if he had moved himself when the queens surrounded me.

The Cullen's, aside from Edward and Alice, all looked confused while Rosalie also looked a bit annoyed but still tried to look uninterested by inspecting her nails. I knew she had always done anything to protect her family from exposure and from the Volturi wrath and here I brought the Volturi right to their doorstep. Alice had a very impartial look on her face, almost as if she was trying to keep her emotions hidden or at least not showing on her face, by doing that it would keep her thoughts clear. I had seen Alice do that before and she had told me she was keeping so calm and impassive to make sure she didn't slip up and think something she didn't want Edward to hear yet.

Edward though, he looked pisses. Carlisle's hand might have been the only thing keeping him from charging at the queens. I had hoped that Edward wouldn't actually attack the queens, but right now it seemed like he would. Edward had already been warned to not do anything stupid or the queens wouldn't hold back. He wouldn't dare put his family in danger by doing something to really piss off the queen and their guard.

"Don't you dare call her that." Sulpicia said in a threatening tone and all Edward did was smirk at her. I felt my jaw drop at his audacity, even if I wasn't the queens mates and I really did belong with Edward… not that I'm saying I don't, Edward should never show such disrespect to these women. I couldn't believe he was acting this stupid.

"She's my mate; I'll call her that if I want to." Edward said with a challenging smirk.

He really believed we were meant to be together. He was clearly walking a very thin line with the queens right now and he still insisted that we belonged together. It should have been romantic that he was obviously fighting for our love, but at the same time, I was disappointed. I didn't want him to fight for me, I just didn't.

All three queens snarled at Edward and I had thought he was about to get a really bad tongue lashing, but I should have known that the queens tend to be a bit dramatic. Sulpicia tackled Edward, causing the Cullen's to move out of the way from the force of the tackle; I had even briefly thought she had tackled him hard enough to knock into the house but luckily not.

Emmett and Jasper looked ready for a fight, but didn't dare make a move against the Volturi. Carlisle looked disappointed while Esme looked concerned for Edwards' safety, which was a legitimate concern. Rosalie still looked pissed and annoyed, but at least now she was actually fully paying attention to what was happening. Alice now had a worried look on her face, but didn't look nearly as worried as Esme did.

Edward, he, well he looked beyond pissed and was actually growling at Sulpicia who had him pinned down. He looked to be trying to throw Sulpicia off of him, but Sulpicia looked to not at all be bothered by holding him down.

"Don't you dare claim her, child." Sulpicia snarled at Edward, making sure to point out that she was severely older than Edward.

"I apologize for this Sulpicia; we had talked prior to you arriving." Carlisle said, trying to mediate everyone.

I heard both Heidi and Felix snort in amusement at Carlisle's words, but didn't say anything. I didn't know if they had thought Carlisle had actually talked with Edward, or if they thought it was bad that Edward didn't listen to him.

"Clearly talking wasn't enough old friend." Didyme said, her voice sounded very strained as she tried to say in her normal polite and calm self.

"He needs to learn to respect his superiors." Athenodora remarked and that immediately irked me.

I hated when people had that mindset. I hated when people thought they were better than someone else and expected to be treated better than everyone because of it. It was a poor attitude to have. Wars have been started because of that and the people that had those attitudes never won. I didn't want to associate with anyone that thought they were superior to someone else. I refused.

"You're not superior Dora." I said to Athenodora, only able to turn my head to look at her because Didyme still had a tight grip on me.

Several things happened because of what I said. The guard looked down and away, almost like they didn't want to pay attention to what was about to be said, but still had to present. The Cullen's all looked shocked at what I had said and Carlisle and Esme both looked worried. Seeing their worried faces made me realize what I had actually said. Athenodora was known for having that type of attitude, I hadn't known her for that long but I could still tell from what I've seen that she had that mentality. I basically just challenged a queen of the Volturi in front of a lot of people.

"Um, I mean." I mumbled trying to back track. I squirmed a little in Didyme's arms so that I could try to at least try and face Athenodora, but once again, Didyme wouldn't let me.

Athenodora kept her hand on my shoulder and turned to face me. I expected to see a scowl or a frown or something negative. Instead though, she was smiling at me, not smirking like she normally did, but she was full out smiling. Well, it was a small smile, but for her that was basically like a full out teeth barring grin.

"You called me Dora." She said, turning her smile into a smirk. "I'm so honored that you gave me a pet name that I'll promise to tone down on the superiority complex." Athenodora said as she placed her head so close to me that I had thought for a moment she was going to kiss me. Ignoring what she had actually said, that last thought alone caused me to blush.

"I had thought I would get a pet name first." Didyme said and though I couldn't actually see her face, I knew she was pouting.

"It's not a pet name." I mumbled as I looked away from Athenodora and tried my best to make my blush go away.

From the corner of my eye I saw Sulpicia lean in slightly towards Edward and then faster than I could see, I heard what sounded like two boulders colliding. If it wasn't for Athenodora's fast actions of covering my ears, I'm sure the sound would have really hurt my ears.

Looking at Edward and Sulpicia after the loud sound, it was clear that Sulpicia had just punched Edward in the face. For just barely a second I wanted to rush to Edward to see if he was okay, but once I realized that Sulpicia would have only punched Edward because of something he had said or even thought, since she was touching him, I was worried about Sulpicia. I wasn't worried about her physical state, but worried about her emotional state. I didn't know what had happened, but clearly she was upset and I didn't want her to be. Her being upset made me upset and I didn't like that at all.

"We're done here for now. Come Bella, I'm sure Charlie would be more than happy to see you." Sulpicia said as she stood up, allowing Edward to quickly stand up, give me a quick look and then disappear off into the forest I'm sure.

The guard stared at Sulpicia, waiting for orders as Athenodora and Didyme stayed put.

"I don't think that would be a good idea Cia, it's very late." Didyme said as she nuzzled into me a little, making my blush come back.

"Charlie would probably be asleep by now and it would be good for Bella to sleep now, possibly even have something to eat before-hand." Esme added.

Sulpicia made eye contact with me and she seemed to have an internal debate. I barely noticed she looked at the two other queens before she abruptly turned around to face Carlisle.

"You will go talk with him and let him know that if he dares over step his boundaries again and even thinks about doing what he had thought to do, not even Isabella could stop me from attacking." Sulpicia said. Carlisle nodded and disappeared from site, supposedly chasing after Edward to talk with him. Hearing Sulpicia say my full name with the thicker accent she developed because of her anger, brought a small smile to my face, even though I knew that it wasn't really appropriate to smile given what had just happened. "Bella, would you like to stay here or go to your fathers?" Sulpicia asked once she was facing me again.

"I would like to stay here, I don't want to wake Charlie up this late." I admitted, hoping she wouldn't be too upset with my choice.

"Fine. Alec and Felix patrol the immediate area, Demetri patrol the outer area, but do not pursue anything without the others, I don't want to risk any unnecessary loss on our end. Heidi and Jane, you will always stay with in close range of Bella, regardless of where we are." Sulpicia ordered the guard who all nodded and then went to their prospective spots. Her tone was very harsh and authorative; it left no room for questions. "Bella, are you hungry?" She asked in a much softer and caring tone.

"Yeah, I am." I said, I hadn't eaten the full plane ride because I had slept through most of it, and with how long the trip was, I should have eaten. So of course, I was hungry.

"I have something prepared for you my dear that I'm sure you'll like." Esme said as she slowly, very cautiously walked towards me. She was obviously making sure that she didn't upset the queens. I wasn't sure if she was more worried about the one that had just gotten very pissed off at her son, or the two that were still clingy to me.

"Thank you Esme." I said, moving towards her to give her a hug in greeting like I had wanted to a while ago; thankfully the queens didn't keep me from hugging her.

"It's so good to see you again and I am so sorry." Esme said. I knew what she meant when she apologized, but I had already forgiven them, especially when Alice had told me before we left for Italy that they had left because of what Edward had told them all.

"It's okay Esme, I promise." I said with a smile and gave her another hug before she led me inside.

I'm not sure how long we're going to be in Forks, but I definitely knew that it was going to be interesting. I wish I knew what Edward had done or thought and I'm sure if I asked Sulpicia later, she would tell me. Hopefully, Edward would heed Sulpicia's warning though because she's given him several warnings already and I'm not so sure after this last one that she'll give another one.