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Dinner was awkward. Athenodora and Didyme sat on either side of me and Sulpicia sat across from me. Esme sat next to Sulpicia to talk with me about nothing in particular, but looked insanely awkward doing so. The three queens sat in silence staring at nothing in particular. Didyme did add in the odd comment here and there, but other than that, it was just mostly Esme doing the talking since I was eating.

Once dinner was done, since it was so late, I opted to go straight to bed. Sulpicia, before any of the Cullen's could suggest any sleeping arrangements, ordered for the four of us to share a room while the guards would take a room next to ours. Luckily, the Cullen's had a big enough place to accommodate what they wanted. I knew that I was only going to be in the Cullen's place for tonight, so I only had to stay with the four queens, in a much smaller room than what I have been staying in, for just one night.

"Jane, please take the Cullen's and explain to them what our intentions here are." Sulpicia said as I started to go through my suitcase that Didyme had handed me for pajamas.

"She's going to explain what her and Heidi's roles are and then they'll meet up with Alec and Felix and they will explain to the Cullen's what the plan is thus far for Victoria. I've heard Jasper has an extensive history with vampire fights, so I'm sure he'll put in some valuable suggestions that we may or may not take." Athenodora said as she sprawled out on the bed.

"Are you going to take a shower before you go bed dear?" Didyme asked as she made herself comfortable on the bed next to Athenodora.

"Yeah, if you don't mind." I said as I balled all my clean clothes in the bag so that the queens wouldn't see my underwear that I was going to wear; there was no way I was even going to pretend to go braless with them in the same room and there was no way I was going to wear dirty undergarments, especially after taking a shower.

"Of course, do what you would like." Didyme said with a smile.

"If that means that you would like us to join you, then by all means, we would sacrifice our time of just sitting here waiting for you and join you." Sulpicia said with a predatory grin as she sat down on a chair in the corner. "Whatever you would like to do though, of course."

With my face bright red, I darted to the ensuite bathroom and quickly closed the door. Even as I started the shower, I could hear them chuckling to themselves.

"Jerks." I muttered under my breath, even though I knew they could hear me. Their louder laughter was testament to that.

While in the shower, I couldn't help but think over what had happened earlier. I hadn't expected a confrontation.

Well, actually, I supposed I did. I had hoped that there wouldn't have been one. I should have expected it with Edward. I didn't think any of the queens would have resorted to physical violence; they knew how much the Cullen's mean to me. I really wanted to know what Sulpicia heard Edward think. Obviously it was something she didn't like.

I had been in a similar situation with Edward where he got upset over something he had heard someone think and had therefore been angry with me. Not that I was at all involved with the thought of course since it was mine or from I was able to gather, even about me. I had asked him what he had heard, but he didn't want to tell because it wasn't anything important. I tried to reason with him that he wouldn't get upset over 'nothing', but the only thing he would say was that it wasn't about me and I shouldn't know.

I finally decided as I got dressed in my pajamas to ask Sulpicia what she heard. A part of me didn't expect her to answer me, but another part thought she actually would. They had all said that they wouldn't keep secrets from me. I find that even though I really haven't known them for that long, I still trust that they'll keep their word.

I just hope that asking Sulpicia this won't make her mad.

When I had finally left the bathroom, I found the girls in different positions. It was Sulpicia on the bed now, Athenodora in the chair and Didyme was walking around the room, or pacing actually. They all seemed deep in thought, but as soon as I actually started to walk out of the bathroom, they all turned towards me.

"I'll take those dear, we'll have Esme clean these for you that way when you go to your fathers, everything will be clean." Didyme said as she grabbed the clothes from me. I was going to argue with her that my clothes really didn't need to be cleaned, but I decided not to. They seemed like they really wanted to be doing something, but they didn't have anything to do, at least not anything with me at this time of night. If making sure all my clothes are cleaned helped her, in a weird sort of way, then I wouldn't stand in her way.

"Thanks." I said with a small smile and then shifted awkwardly on my feet.

I couldn't decide a couple things. The first being, I didn't know where to sit, I knew I didn't want to stand for much longer because well, my muscles would get tired. I didn't want to lie on the bed because the bed isn't the biggest bed ever and it would mean I would have lay right next to Sulpicia and definitely invade her personal bubble. I knew she wouldn't mind me doing that, but I would; especially since I'm in the Cullen's house, where Edward lives. I just wasn't comfortable doing that sort of thing right now with them. Thinking of Sulpicia though, also reminded me that I needed to come up with a way to ask her that had some sort of tact.

I should have known that with Athenodora here, I wouldn't have time to think of something and with Sulpicia here, she would want to know right away since her power didn't work on me either.

"What's wrong Bella? Afraid to lie next to Sulpicia? I would be too, she tends to bite." Athenodora said, causing me to blush at her comment.

"I'm not, I was just thinking." I answered as I started to move towards the bed, intent on showing Athenodora that she wasn't right. My answer immediately caught Sulpicia's attention though, so I know had her complete attention.

"Thinking about what dear?" Sulpicia asked with such curiosity that if I didn't know better, I would have thought she was being sarcastic somehow. Sulpicia was almost as bad as Edward about wanting to know what I was thinking all the time, I blame their powers, but with Sulpicia, I felt like when asked what I was thinking, she genuinely meant it. I felt like she actually wanted to know what I was thinking, not because she couldn't figure it out herself with her power like Edward, but because she had an actual interest in my thoughts.

"Well, just about something that happened earlier." I answered hesitantly; almost like I was testing the waters.

I slowly crawled into bed as Sulpicia turned on her side to face me as I laid down. I took a couple seconds as I adjusted the blankets around both me and Sulpicia, who had somehow managed to get under the covers without me noticing, as I came up with a good way to ask her.

"What about earlier?" Sulpicia asked, showing a slight annoyance that she basically asked the same question again. It made me not want to give another vague answer.

"Why did you punch Edward?" I asked, causing the three queens to hiss when I said his name.

"Are you mad that she did?" Athenodora sneered at me.

The look she gave me was one of complete anger and disdain. She looked as if even just thinking that I was upset on Edwards' behalf was both disgusting and upsetting. It was her eyes that gave her away though. I could just barely tell that she was really actually afraid of what my answer was. I knew that all three queens put on a brave act about our tentative relationship, but they are in fact, scared. They've said several times that they wouldn't pressure me into anything and that they would walk away if that's what I really wanted. They were terrified that that's what I would choose. Athenodora is the best at hiding her real feelings, but her eyes would always give her away.

"Well, as far as I know, he didn't technically do anything to warrant getting punched." I said, hoping Sulpicia would understand that I wanted to know her reasoning. I didn't how more obvious I could get without just flat our asking.

"You are right, as far as you know, she didn't." Didyme said with a hint of amusement.

Sulpicia pouted for a couple seconds, and then huffed in annoyance.

"I heard some of his thoughts that I didn't appreciate." Sulpicia said, her face morphed into one of anger.

I slowly reached out, afraid that with how angry she had gotten in the last two seconds, she might not take too kindly to any sudden movements. Her eyes seemed to refocus on me as I was just a couple inches away from… well, I wasn't really sure what I was reaching for, but luckily, I suppose, Sulpicia took the choice out of my hands. She grabbed my hand and placed my palm on her cheek and trapped it there with her own hand.

"What thoughts?" I whispered, though I wasn't sure why I did. I think it was the fact that it was taking all my willpower to stay awake right now. Not only was it really late, but I was also still really tired from the trip, even though I had basically slept through all of it.

"He was thinking some very possessive thoughts about you. He kept calling you his and I will not tolerate that." Sulpicia said, her voice just a whisper as well, but there was no doubt that her voice carried a threat in it.

I didn't doubt that that was the truth. All three had said multiple times how protective and possessive vampires can get with their mates. If they had gotten that upset and Sulpicia got that physically violent, even though realistically it wasn't that bad but with vampires something simple like that can escalate quickly and easily, I was afraid to think what they would do if Edward started to act out how he felt. I would think that Alice would be able to see something and prevent him from doing it, but I'm a little afraid that if he did do something, the queens might go too far.

"He can think whatever he wants, it won't change the facts." I said calmly back to her, staring straight into her eyes, my eyes barely able to keep open.

I wasn't entirely sure what I was saying or even what I meant, but I knew I didn't want to take it back. I knew that I didn't want to be upset with Edward; not because of any feelings I may or may not have for Edward, but because I didn't want them to be upset about something. I especially didn't want them to be upset about something they didn't need to be.

"And what are those facts?" Sulpicia whispered as she nuzzled into my hand.

I nervously bit my lip and thought about what I wanted to say. I knew what she wanted me to say, but I couldn't say it, not right now. Everything was all wrong for me to say what she wanted me to say. The environment was definitely wrong. There was no way I was saying something like that in the Cullen household where my old flame still lives. The three queens are preparing for a huge fight against Victoria and to some that may seem romantic, but to me, I prefer calm. I've had enough excitement in my lifetime. I wasn't even entirely sure I was actually ready to say what she, what all three of them wanted me to say; but I knew I was getting there. If they had anything to do with it, and they do, I was starting to think that sooner rather than later I was going to say what they've wanted me to say since we all first met.

"I think I'm falling for you three." I whispered, closing my eyes, sleep deciding it wouldn't be kept waiting any longer.

Before my eyes closed against my will, I was able to see Sulpicia give a wide grin. Just before I fully fell into sleeps' embrace, I felt a gentle pressure on my lips. Sulpicia stole a kiss from me.