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We were led to the same room as before when the queens had dismissed us. This time Athenodora and Didyme were sitting on the two of the thrones, leaving the middle one empty. Sulpicia stood a few feet in front of her throne, her hands clasped in front of her. All three look to be excited for what they have planned to happen.

On the sides of the room stood several guard members. I can recognize Demetri and of course Jane but there are two others that I don't recognize. There's a boy that looks eerily similar to Jane; they look more similar to each other than vampires already do. Then there's a tall brunette that seems her looks can even put Rosalie's looks to shame. All four of them were standing off to the side, Jane and the two unknown vampires to one side and Demetri off on the other side of the thrones.

Alice and I were led to stand in the middle of the room before Jane left to go stand by the other guard members. No one said anything as we stood waiting for one of the three rulers to do something. I did everything I could to stand still, just like all the vampires in the room, but I couldn't but fidget. I feel anxious just waiting here for something either good or bad to happen. I hate not knowing.

I was seriously starting to contemplate asking Alice how much longer we would have to wait, even knowing everyone would hear the question, when the doors we had just entered were slammed open. I didn't even know they were closed.

"Thank you Demetri for bringing our last guest." Sulpicia said.

Without even having to turn around I knew who she meant, I could practically feel who she meant. Edward was instantly by my side and had his arm protectively around my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my face into him so that I can smell his calming scent. His scent didn't seem to calm me as much as it has in the past, but it still helped.

"Have you decided what you're going to do yet?" Edward all but growled out to the three women.

"Like you don't already know." Athenodora said in a mocking tone. I peered slightly away from Edward's chest and saw that she had a smirk on her face that told us she's clearly trying to piss Edward off.

"I won't let you; she won't agree." Edward said with a triumphant smirk. I pulled slightly away from, as far as his arm around me would allow me, and gave him a confused look. I really want him to explain what he means by 'she won't agree', but I know he won't answer me. Not when everyone in the room can hear what he would whisper to me.

"Well see; but we have other matters to deal with first." Didyme said with a smile that made me nervous.

"Yes we do, like why dear Edward did you wish to kill yourself?" Sulpicia asked as she took a couple steps closer to us.

Before Edward answered he repositioned me so that I was at his side again with him slightly in front of me. He kept one arm around me in a protective manner that makes me slightly more afraid of what's about to unfold.

"Because I thought I had lost Bella." Edward said; his voice full of sadness. I hate to be the cause of it and I'm glad I was able to fix it.

"Didn't you technically lose Bella the day you left her? Why come now?" Didyme asked in a curious tone.

"I came because I thought my mate was dead and if she had been. I don't want to live a life without her." Edward said; his voice full of conviction. Hearing Edward say this made my hear t swell. It just shows how much Edward truly loves me.

"I don't understand though." Sulpicia said as she brought a finger up to her chin to accentuate her confusion. "You left her, so she wasn't going to be in your life anymore anyways, it's the same thing. What changed your mind all of a sudden?" Sulpicia asked.

Edward growled at her question, probably because he doesn't like to hear about me being dead or about him leaving me.

"The difference was her being dead and being alive." Edward said. I can tell he's starting to lose any control on his temper. I would too if I was being questioned about my love for him.

"The moment you left her though, she was dead to you anyways. You left her; you left your mate alone. What couple have you ever encountered, would ever willing leave their mate? Especially after only just finding them since I believe your relationship was not that old?" Sulpicia asked, her tone becoming edgier. She placed both her hands behind her back and took a couple more steps closer to us. I could feel Edward tense at her movements and it seemed almost as if he wanted to take a step backwards, but he stood still. The only action he took was tightening his hold on me; which caused me to hiss slightly in pain.

"Watch it boy." Athenodora warned Edward with narrowed eyes.

"I don't have to explain anything to you; I broke no law." Edward said confidently and thankfully loosened his grip on me.

"Wrong! You have to explain everything to us. You took something that doesn't belong to you." Sulpicia said as she took another step closer to us.

"We don't share to well Edward, so you better tread carefully." Didyme warned. She doesn't seem as mad as the other two, that or she's able to hide her emotions better than Sulpicia and Athenodora.

"Bella is my mate and we love each other; we belong together!" Edward hissed to the women.

"You are wrong and you know it! You know the difference between a mating bond and a La Tua Cantante bond are different yet similar things. You've seen it in your own coven; you've read their minds to know better, yet you continue to lie to yourself. You are pathetic and it ends here." Sulpicia said as she took yet another step closer to us. She's now just a couple paces away from us and I don't know if I like that or not.

"We love each other!" Edward yelled out.

"We are not disputing that, I can clearly see you both have deep emotions for each other and that's what makes this so much more difficult. She is not yours and she will not be returning with you two." Didyme said in an almost bored tone. It seems as if she's done with this conversation, but if I look a little deeper into her eyes I can tell that's she's still very much interested.

I know that they are talking about me but I don't understand why. I know, thanks to Rosalie, that the Cullen's shouldn't have allowed me to figure them out because it's against the rules. But surely they can make an exception because we love each other and I haven't and won't tell anyone? Are they going to kill me for knowing their secret? Are they going to force me to turn right now? Are they going to just make me stay here? I don't get what they want with me.

I just want to go home and have things return to the way they were. I want to go home to Charlie and let him know I'm okay. I want to apologize for just leaving like I did. I want to make sure he knows what an amazing dad he is. I don't want to die without him knowing that. I can't die and leave him with no way of knowing how, leaving him with no closure.

I want to see all the Cullen's again. They are my second family and I miss them all, even Rosalie. I want to be able to just be around them again and just feel the love that they clearly have for everyone. I just want to forget about them ever leaving and things to go back to how it was. I don't want whatever it is that's happening right now, I don't want it at all.

"She is mine!" Edward yelled before he started growling again. Edward once again tightened his grip on me and once again it was too tight, even tighter than last time. I hissed in pain again as I watched the scene unfold I front of me; what took place next confused me.

"Edward stop!" Alice shouted the moment I hissed in pain.

Sulpicia bolted from her spot and too quickly for me to see, had me separated from Edward and placed me with Athenodora and Didyme, who were now standing in front of the thrones. Sulpicia had Edward pushed up against one of the tall pillars in the room and her hand around his neck. Edward was thrashing around trying to get Sulpicia away from him but she wasn't budging at all.

"You know very well that she isn't yours. You knew from the beginning she isn't yours. As soon as all three of you walked in here, you knew who she belonged to, yet you still put a claim on her. Your stupidity baffles me." Sulpicia said in a low, threatening tone.

"It's disgusting that you think she'll actually want to stay with you." Edward said as his body slowly started to stop flailing. I guess he's just now figuring that he won't be able to escape her grasp. I wonder how strong she is to not even seem to be putting up a struggle to keep him there, even with his hands clawing at her.

"No; what's disgusting is that you thought you would get away with it." Athenodora said from next to me, causing Edward to growl.

Sulpicia threw Edward to the side and walked towards me and the two other leaders. The moment Sulpicia turned her back, Edward took advantage of it. Just barely slow enough for me to see, I saw Edward run towards Sulpicia. By the look in his eyes, it's clear what he was planning to do.

"Edward!" I shouted at the time Alice did. I may not know much about these vampires, but clearly with them being the leaders of vampires, they are strong and attacking them would just be stupid.

Edward only managed to get half way to Sulpicia from where she had tossed him before he collapsed. He started screaming, from being in obvious pain. I don't know what's hurting him, but just looking at the way his body is arching and thrashing around and off the ground, it's clear he's in a lot of pain.

Sulpicia reached us with a smirk on her face. Once she was in front of me, she turned around to face the other people in the room. She placed her hands on her hips and even though I'm not facing her, I can tell she's watching Edward and she's enjoying watching his pain.

"Stop! Please, stop!" I yelled as I tried to run over to Edward. I don't know what I would do once I got to him, but I had to do something.

It seems I didn't have to worry about figuring out what to do when I got to him, because I couldn't even get pas these women. I tried to move around Sulpicia, but Didyme grabbed arm and pulled me against her and kept me in her grasp. I tried to get away from her but of course I didn't stand a chance.

"Edward! Please, stop hurting him!" I yelled again, tears starting to flow down my face from the frustration of not being able to help Edward and from Edward being in pain. I know what he did was stupid, he definitely shouldn't have attacked, but he should have just been restrained, not tortured.

"You can stop now Jane." Didyme said from just behind me from where she still held me to her so I couldn't get away.

"If you try something like that again, we won't hesitate to kill you." Sulpicia said with venom in her voice.

"Felix, restrain him." Athenodora commanded.

Once Edward was on his feet, Felix had one of Edwards arms locked behind his back and one of Felix's hands was tightly around Edwards' neck. Alice looked back and forth between Edward and me, but she didn't move. She actually seemed a little torn about what she wanted to do.

"You are to leave this place Edward and you are never welcomed back. Attacking one of us is punishable by death; be lucky we are restraining ourselves." Sulpicia said.

"Alice, you will escort Edward back to your coven and you are to tell them exactly what Edward has done." Didyme said.

"Based off of what I can tell; he acted alone, I would hate for that to change." Sulpicia said; the warning clear in her tone.

I don't know exactly what Edward did, I have an idea, but I'm still a little in the dark. All I know is that I want to go home to Forks and forget this all ever happened.

"Edward, you claimed Bella as your mate when you perfectly well she never was and never will be. What makes your crime unforgivable is that you still claim her to be if front of us." Didyme hissed at Edward.

Edwards not my mate? That can't be right. We are meant to be together; we love each other. His whole family even said we are mates. All of them couldn't have been wrong. I know we're mates. That's why it hurt so much when he left; because I can't be away from him. Didyme can't be right.

"No, that's not right." I barely managed to say through the panic that's starting to set it. I know Edward and I are meant to be, we have to be.

"Care to explain what proves he's not dear Alice?" Sulpicia asked, still with her back to me.

All three woman subtly moved closer to me as I felt my heart race faster and faster at what's going on around me. Didyme's arms became more of a comfort instead of a restraint. She started to, just slightly, rub her hands up and down my arms, but she kept a hold on them so I still couldn't get away from her.

"I'm sorry Bella, I didn't know and I didn't think about until after it all happened." Alice said as she took a small step towards. Sulpicia and Athenodora growled just loud enough for me to hear, but even I could hear the warning in it. So, Alice took a step back to her original position. "Mates can't leave each other like Edward did to you. He left knowing it would hurt you; that's impossible for mates to do. I swear if I would have known how hurt you would have been, I would have come back." Alice said. She looked like if she could, she would be crying right now. I felt tears leave my own eyes at her admission.

Edwards not my mate. I don't know if I want to believe that or not. I've spent all this time with him; I've fallen in love with him. I don't want to lose him. I felt my body go lax and any attempt I had been doing in trying to get away from Didyme completely stopped as the realization of what's going hit me. Edward isn't mine, he never was.

"As you already know Bella, you are his singer. Edward knew better, but he still allowed himself to be trapped in what countless vampires have trapped themselves in, a fruitless relationship with a human. If you had ever been turned, which we would have made you after speaking with Edward, you would have instantly realized you aren't mates while Edward continued thinking you two are. Since he planned on never turning you, we would have had to have sent a guard to kill you." Sulpicia said, still sounding very angry and still glaring at Edward.

"Now that we've had to pleasure to meet you though, the only way you will be killed is by our venom." Athenodora said, making my eyes go wide as I realized what she was saying.

Thinking over everything I've heard them and Edward say, now it all makes sense. The reason we haven't been sent home with promise of me being turned or me either being turned here or being killed is because of these three women. They all think they are my mates. They can't be. Vampires only have one mate; a mate of the opposite sex. Isn't the purpose of mates to actually mate with the other and produce offspring? I know vampires can't have kids, but the logic is still the same. It has to. I can't be mated to three, female vampires. That's not possible.

"Felix, Demetri please escort Edward and Alice to the airport and ensure they get on the plane and stay there until it's off ground." Didyme said.

"I want to go with them." I demanded through tears as I once again found strength to at least try to get away from Didyme.

"You will not go with them, but you can say goodbye." Athenodora said in an authoritative voice that made me want to go with Edward and Alice that much more.

As soon as Didyme released me, I ran towards Edward. Before I could get to Edward, who was still retrained by Felix, Alice appeared in front of me and wrapped me into a tight hug.

"Bella, I can never say how sorry I am; please if I had known, I swear I wouldn't have left." Alice said, begging for forgiveness.

"I know Alice, it's alright, I promise. At least you came back." I said as I wrapped my arms around her in a tight hug as well. It took Alice thinking I had killed myself and she had actually come back to only verify what she saw, but still, she came back. Edward should have known what it would do to me, he should have come back. In fact he should have never left.

"You'll be fine here, I promise. And I'll call whenever I can and I'll visit whenever I'm allowed, I promise." Alice said as she pulled slightly away from me so that I can see her face again. She still looked like she was about to cry, but she had a small smile on her face now.

"Those terms will be discussed later Alice." Sulpicia said, really annoying me. How can they force me to stay here, against my will and then not even let someone call or visit me when they can? Which Alice should be able to do frequently because the Cullen's are in no way lacking in funds; I shouldn't have to be left here alone with strange, red-eyed vampires.

"You'll be fine, I promise." Alice said once again with a slightly bigger smile. The look in her eyes told me that she must have seen a vision because her eyes held the usual confidence from when she knows something and the rest of us don't.

Once Alice let me go, I went straight to Edward. I hugged him as tight as I could. Felix still wouldn't let him, so the hug was awkward, but I still enjoyed it. I love him, even with all his faults. He might not be my mate, but I still love him.

"Don't worry Bella; I'll do everything I can to get you back." Edward said when he lowered his head to mine, or at least lowered his head as much as he could will Felix still held onto his neck. Because I was so close to him, I heard Felix snort in disagreement with Edward.

"You know the laws." Athenodora growled out in a warning tone.

"I love you Bella, never forget that, we are meant to be together." Edward said just as Felix started to roughly pull him away from me. Edward tried to fight against him, but it wasn't any use, Felix is clearly much stronger than Edward. Alice followed after them after give me one last quick hug. Neither of them looked back as they disappeared down a hall pass the receptionists' desk.

"Jane, please show Bella to where she will be staying for now. We have important things to go over immediately with our new guest." Sulpicia said in cheerful tone that seemed as if what had just happened did not bother her at all.

Jane appeared in front of me and led me towards doors that were behind the thrones. I felt all three sets of eyes from the women on me until the door closed behind me. As I followed Jane down the hall, I felt my heart grow heavier and heavier. I went from becoming an adrenaline junkie just so I can see Edward's ghost and hear his voice, to nearly dying.

From there I was elated when I saw Alice waiting for me. I didn't even really mind that the reason she came was only because she thought I was dead. The fact that she came was enough for me. Then the call came. If only Jacob had just phrased what he said differently or let me answer the phone since I lived there not him, this could have been avoided. We would have never gone to Italy.

That whole trip I felt very anxious, nervous and afraid. I was anxious for us getting to the next place on time, I was anxious for Alice's next vision to arrive. I was nervous of us not getting there in time. Every time Alice got a vision, I was afraid she was going to tell me that we were too late. I was afraid because I didn't want to lose Edward, not again.

Then we actually got to Volterra. This whole time from saving Edward to watching him leave has been one giant roller coaster of emotions. The ride I've been one has completely exhausted me, but I can't give up. I know now that Edward and I aren't mates, I get that. He lied about it, I get that as well. He shouldn't have lied. But we love each other. We fell in love, doesn't that count for anything?

I don't want anything to do with these women. I don't know them and I feel nothing for them but loathing for taking Edward away from me and for forcing me to stay here. I have a life in Forks. Granted, that life was all but destroyed with how I've acted lately, but I've still got Charlie there.

Oh God.

I can't believe throughout this whole thing I haven't once thought about him and Renee. What am I going to do about them? Surely the Cullen's can't go back and say something happened to me and they got away just fine. Jake knows I left with Alice to get Edward, he knows where I am. What if he tries to come after me when I don't come home? Jake aside, what am I going to do about Charlie and Renee? Are they going to be told I'm dead? Are they going to be told anything? I can't do that to them, I have to somehow talk to them.

Jane stopped walking at the end of the long hallway. We had only passed two other doors and now we stopped by two doors on opposite sides of each other. This hall seems ridiculously long for only four rooms.

"This will be your room." Jane said in a tone that made it seem like she's bored with what she's doing. At least she's not talking to me with the hateful scorn she had talked with before.

I looked in the room and I instantly knew why there are only four rooms down this hall, at least I do if this room is anything to go by. The room is huge, larger than any of the Cullen's rooms; then again, this is a castle for the rulers of vampires, so I guess it would be big. There isn't a lot of modern technology, but enough to pretend that someone at least tried to keep up with the times. There was only a large T.V., larger than what the Cullen's had in their living room and an alarm clock, but that's it. Even the lighting was old fashioned. Most of the light was coming from the big window that took up most of one wall that led out to a balcony. I can only assume the fireplace and scattered candles are enough to keep this place well lit at night. I hope, just based off of what I see in here, that at least the bathroom has been kept up to date with the times.

"The mistresses expect you are tired from both your trip and the ordeal you recently went through. They anticipate you taking a short nap and then speaking with them when you wake up. Is that alright with you?" Jane asked, breaking me away from looking over the room. I wonder what she would do if I said it's not alright, she doesn't seem like she wants that answer, at all.

"That's okay." I said, not at all wiling to test Jane's patience today.

"The bathroom is through there and there is minimal sleep wear through there in the closet. I will stand guard at your door until you decide to leave, so if you need anything, just ask." Jane said before closing the door before I could ask her anything.

For now, I guess I'll just take a nap and when I wake up; hopefully things will start to go my way.