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I was happy to get back to Italy. Italy had started to feel a lot more like home when I was at Forks; sounds a little backwards, I know. Being at Forks made me miss Italy; it made me miss the castle. I wanted to read the many books they had stored in that large library, I wanted to visit Dora's garden and I wanted to visit the entertainment room that I had, sort of, helped Sulpicia with. I found that even though I had missed living with Charlie, I didn't really see his home as mine anymore. I was okay with living there, but I didn't feel at home; I felt like a visitor. I wanted to go home to Italy.

After the battle with Victoria and the newborns, I went straight to my house. Charlie had said he was going to be gone again for most of the day, doing paperwork, so I wasn't concerned about Charlie accidently running into the queens and I cuddling on the couch in the living room. After the events of the battle, Sulpicia and Didyme were perfectly content to just cuddle with me on the couch. I had eventually learned that while the three of us cuddled on the couch before lunch, Dora was interrogating the guard on how the battle went. The first thing she said when she joined us for lunch, myself being the only who ate of course, was that when we got back to Italy, she was going to have to do more training with the guard with multiple attackers. I guessed that Dora wasn't happy with how the guard managed going against an army of newborns. I had learned that, though they had fought and killed many newborns, they had never actually fought an army of newborns. Dora wanted to make sure that if they were to face on again in the future, they wouldn't hesitate with charging in to fight like they were this time.

With the battle over and the risk gone from Forks, by evening I had already asked to go home, to go back to Italy. The queens were more than happy to let us go home as soon as possible. They would have been happy to leave for Italy that night, but I couldn't leave that soon; especially without saying goodbye to Charlie. I wouldn't do that to him again. The earliest I would leave Forks, would be tomorrow night, no sooner. The queens were a little sad about having to wait even longer to go home, but they were more than willing to give me the time I wanted.

I stayed home the whole day and cuddled with the queens, it was a nice day. I had made dinner for Charlie and I and after dinner, I spend time with him as he watched a sports game of some sort. It didn't take long for him to realize that I had something important to tell him. I was proud of myself for not trying to find my way out of telling him what I needed to. I knew he was happy to have me back and I didn't want to upset him by telling him that I wasn't going to be here much longer like he had hoped. I told him right away though. I didn't want to put off telling him since I really did want to leave the next night.

Charlie was sad that I wanted to leave so soon, but the excuse I gave him had him not complain too much. I had told him that we had to get back to work; I was, as far as he was concerned, there for a small business trip with my boss. I wasn't supposed to be in Forks for long and I knew Charlie knew that, but it still sucked to have to point it out to him.

The following day we had spent all day together. We didn't do anything aside from watching sports games of Charlies' choosing and going to the diner for breakfast and lunch. Charlie cooked us fish for dinner and then I said goodbye. One of the last things Charlie had told me before I had left was to make sure that Renee heard from me since the only thing she had heard thus far was that I was fine; nothing else. I couldn't help but feel guilty about leaving my own mom out of the loop of everything. I hadn't done it on purpose, it just kind of happened. I made a mental note as Didyme drove me to the Cullen's place that I would call Renee soon, in Italy and update her on what's been happening. Or, at least tell her the same story I told Charlie so that she could be on the same page as he was.

When I arrived at the Cullen's, I didn't have much time to say goodbye to them. The queens had said, several times as I said very quick goodbyes that we were on a time limit. Something to do with getting authorizations to fly during certain hours and having to refuel in certain locations; I really wasn't paying attention apart from them telling me to hurry up. All I had time for was to hug most everyone goodbye, even Rosalie gave me a hug goodbye and said that she practically had no choice but to like me because I was putting up with Jane; it didn't escape my notice that she said that as her arms were around me as an extra precaution incase Jane decided to retaliate a bit violently against Rosalie for the remark. The only person I didn't hug goodbye was Edward and that was because I just didn't feel right hugging him. I was surprised that he more than cordial towards the queens, I guess whatever Carlisle had told him really affected him.

Alice had once again assuaged my thoughts about seeing them again and told me that without a doubt, we would see each other again soon. She also told me that we did see each other again, my relationships with the Cullen's could be fixed and be brought back to how they were, better in fact. There was still an undercurrent of distrust and hurt as I had said goodbye to the Cullens and I didn't like that feeling. Alice's words though helped calm me and made me look forward to what would come. What gave me the most hope though of my future with the Cullen's was when Edward was more than willing to shake hands with Sulpicia and Sulpicia only barely narrowed her eyes but nodded in acceptance at something none the less.

It was that thought about Sulpicia accepting something Edward thought that actually brought me back to my surroundings. I had been in the castle for a few hours and was actually almost ready to go to sleep, but my curiosity was killing me. The queens had told me previously that they had wanted to check up on a few things as soon as they were back, just to make sure everything had truly run smoothly while they were gone. I was told that as soon as I was ready, if I had wanted to, they would be more than happy to cuddle with me while I fell asleep. After I was dressed in some pajamas and was considering not sleeping in my bed but using one of their sparsely used ones, I decided to ask Sulpicia what had happened between her and Edward earlier in the day.

"Hey, Jane, can you get Sulpicia for me please?" I asked after I opened the door to my room the revealed it was the blonde twin that had been assigned to guard me.

She nodded her head, but didn't leave her spot. She only turned her head in the direction of what I was fairly certain was where Sulpicia was.

"She's finishing a discussion with a guard member then will be here." Jane at my questioning look and the added, "She and Didyme are within hearing distance." She explained.

"Oh, well, thank you anyways." I said before closing the door again.

My room held a small sitting area that the queens made sure had a couple chairs in it that not only fit their decorating scheme in the room but that I found it comfortable to sit in. I decided to sit in one of those chairs as I waited for Sulpicia to get here. The book I was reading earlier was draped across the arm rest, opened to the page I had left it on. No sooner had I picked up the book and read the first word, did someone knock on my door. Perfect timing of course, I was sure it was planned.

I hesitantly put down the book and looked at the door curiously before another knock sounded and I jumped to my feet. I wasn't sure who would be on the other side since I had thought that if it was Sulpicia, she would just walk right in like they all had in the past. Jane didn't bother knocking in favor of opening the door and saying what she needed to from the crack she created. I knew it couldn't be anyone that wanted to hurt me because that would mean they would have had to get past Jane and honestly, I doubted anyone could without alerting anyone else in the castle.

I slowly opened the door after another knock on the door and cautiously looked through the small opening I was slowly creating. To my shock, it was Sulpicia with a very amused look on her face.

"For a moment I thought you had changed your mind about wanting to see me." The ancient vampire said with a very fake, yet very adorable, pout.

"I wasn't expecting you to knock." I truthfully answered.

I opened the door more than wide enough to allow her to come into my room and even with the more than plentiful space I had given, she still managed to walk past me so closely that her arm brushed against my chest. I couldn't suppress the shiver if I wanted to. I closed the door as soon as she had cleared the doorway and turned to face her. She had made herself comfortable on the chair opposite the one I was sitting on and was looking at the book I was just reading.

"This is a good book." Sulpicia commented before she put the book mark in place and put the book down on the table. "Well my dear, we are now officially courting you since you no longer have any strings attached to anyone else. Although, I will confess that we will be courting you slightly different than how things went about in our day."

I wasn't sure why, but being told that I was being courted, made me blush. To me it seemed a lot more intimate that saying someone was dating me. The intimacy involved with courting and the fact that courting usually ended up in marriage, it just made me blush. The smirk on Sulpicias' face made me believe that she knew full well what her word choice would cause and I blushed just that much more as I sat down across from her.

"Different how?" I was willing to put off asking about her and Edwards quiet conversation until I understood exactly, or most of, what these three women were planning. I would just have to make sure she didn't distract me too much.

"Well, for one, we have absolutely no intention of being so chaste with you. Courting usually meant abstinence from everything, for the most part, and we just don't see the fun in that. We will basically, what you call, be dating you, but we prefer using the word 'courting', it makes you blush and we like that effect." Sulpicia said with a teasing a smirk. At least now I knew exactly what she meant, I would also bet that the first person to take me out on a date would her so she can get her kiss that she was mercilessly teased abut from Dora on the plane ride home. I also wondered if they would let me take them on dates. I didn't want them to think that I didn't want to put any work into our relationship, or that I expected them to always do all the work. I think it would be fun to take them out someplace, do something that they normally wouldn't have done.

"I guess I'm okay with that." I said as my face finally cooled off.

"Good; because there wasn't really a chance of us, not courting you." Sulpicia said as she leaned further back into her chair and folded her hands in her lap. "Now, what can I help you with? I believe my presence specifically was requested?"

"Oh, yes, I was just wondering about something I saw before we left Forks that I was hoping you could explain to me."

"Ask and I'll explain my dear."

I couldn't help but appreciate that Sulpicia didn't seem at nervous or even hesitant about giving me permission to basically ask anything I wanted. None of the queens were particularly guarded around me, they were open books. I loved that about them. To some it may seem that having them so open about everything may take the fun out of learning everything about a future partner, but my queens, they've had such long lives that I doubt I would ever be able to learn everything about them. But, I was more than willing to spend my lifetime trying to.

"Well, before we left the Cullens, when you shook Edwards' hand, you nodded at him. It just seemed to me that you guys had some sort of conversation." I said, not really asking anything, but I knew she knew I was asking. I think that was the first time that I truly realized how comfortable around them I had become. Prior to the trip to Forks and even when I was with the Cullens, I had never really asked something so openly that could have been a very personal thing. I was always hesitant with asking anything that I thought may have been personal. With the queens, after coming back from our trip to Washington, I found that I was very comfortable in asking them basically anything; as it should be in a relationship.

"Edward had a few thoughts he wanted to share with me." Sulpicia started and at first I was nervous to know what Edward could have wanted to tell her and not the others. Then again, if it was anything bad, I would have seen Sulpicia react right away and hurt Edward when he shared his thoughts. So, it shouldn't be bad. "He made it clear that he still had feelings for you." Her eyes darkened slightly but just as quick as they darkened, they lightened back up. "He expressed that Carlisle helped him to better understand the different between what he felt for you, which was a form of love, and that of a mates love. He just wanted to let me know that he was sorry for his actions and that he would behave better next we meet all together."

The answer made me feel like a weight had been lifted off my chest. I was worried that Edward was going to be stubborn about what he thought was right. I was immensely happy that Carlisle was able to talk some sense into him and that he wouldn't be a problem going forward. I knew that I would never really be that close to him in the future, chances were I would be closer to Rosalie before I would be closer to him, but I was still happy he was going to stick in the picture. As a friend though; not as anything else, I couldn't see myself as anything aside from a friend to Edward.

"Good; I was worried he was going to do something bad." I confessed.

"He had planned to." Sulpicia said with a slight frown. "Luckily he thought it through and found that it not only would lead to his death, but it would also hurt you. So he backed out." I hated to admit it, but if he had done something, I wouldn't be mad with my queens for killing him. I would hate that it happened and I would definitely be sad, but I couldn't fault them. "He actually had another message he wanted to pass along to you, but I will confess I didn't want to give you."

There wasn't a hint of guilt in her expression. Apparently, she still stood by her previous decision even though she was bringing it up now. Although, since she was bringing it up, I assumed there had to have been some sort of guilt otherwise there would have been no way for me to know she kept something from me. I didn't want to be mad at her, and I wouldn't be, if what she kept from me wasn't that big of a thing. Something told me though, that whatever she didn't tell me was actually a big deal.

"What did he want you to tell me?" I almost added 'that he couldn't tell me'.

"The dog, that stupid shifter that hurt you; he said that you should talk to him again and try to forgive him. I have a hunch as to why he's asking you to do that, but if I'm right, it's not enough to forgive him forcing himself on you." Sulpicia said with a slight growl. "He didn't have anything else to say, and I honestly didn't want to hear any reasoning he made up to get you to go along with it. But now I don't feel bad about not telling you right away; since I actually did tell you." Sulpicia added and actually had a small, sheepish smile.

I wasn't what to think about Edwards' message. At the moment, I was still mad about what Jacob did; I didn't want to forgive him. I knew that, after some time, I would be able to think about with a clear head, not one filled with anger, and I might feel different. Right now though, I didn't want to feel anything aside from anger at Jacob. I didn't care what his reasonings are for what he did, kissing me twice without my permission or any sign that I wanted to, is not okay.

"Let me give you some good news now, I would hate for you to go to sleep upset." Sulpicia said as she slid forward in her seat so that her knees were touching mine. Funny, I hadn't realized earlier that our seats were that close to each other. "I hear that's a bad thing."

I couldn't help but smile at that comment. It wasn't really funny, but coming from a centuries old vampire, I couldn't help but see at least a little humor in it.

"What's the news?" I asked, happy for the distraction.

"Well, it's more of a question since I don't want you to think I have an ego or anything." I snorted at that and I had no shame about it. There was no way Sulpicia could not have an ego. She wouldn't be Sulpicia if she didn't have one. "Very lady like dear, now, my question: Tomorrow night, since I've been made aware that you have no concrete plans; how you would like to go on a date with me?"

By the time Sulpicia had finished asking me, she was on her knees, kneeling in front of me. The very brief thought of comparing her position to someone asking another for their hand in marriage passed through my mind, but I valiantly ignored that thought. I wasn't anywhere near agreeing to marriage, especially since I wasn't all too into the idea at any point I could remember.

"I would love to." I answered with a giant grin, which broke when I yawned. I may have slept a lot from the plane ride back to Italy, but I was still very tired.

"Wonderful, but I guess it's time for you to go to sleep now?"

"Yeah, I'm more tired than I thought I was." I admitted as I stood from my seat, Sulpicia moving with me, neither of us bothering to distance ourselves from how close Sulpicia had put us. "Would you mind keeping me company?"

Even though they had all said they would be more than happy to hold me as I slept, I couldn't help but feel weird at asking. Not only did it sound like something I definitely didn't want it to sound like, but I just wasn't used to asking someone to sleep with me. Luckily Sulpicia didn't choose this moment to tease me.

"Of course dear, I would be glad to."

We both made our way to the bed and I could help but feel nervous, even though I knew without a doubt that nothing was going to happen. All I could think about was that I was about to climb into bed with a woman that would be than happy to allow certain things to happen. I knew that I was eventually going to have sex with her, but not tonight, no matter how close temptation was.

"Would you mind if I asked if the others could as well?" I nervously asked as I procrastinated actually climbing into the giant bed. Sulpicia had no problem pulling the covers back and crawling under them. She was lying on her side with her head propped up by her hand as she looked at me.

"Of course not; we've shared each-others' beds plenty of times in our lives, doing so now would just mean more because you're in the bed with us."

"Plus, aren't you a young adult?" I heard Athenodora say as she walked into the room. I was very thankful that I didn't jump when I heard the door suddenly open. "I thought it was all young adults, especially teens of which you still are, wet dreams to have three hot women sleeping in the same bed as them?" Dora moved to get in behind Sulpicia and the two had problem getting close to each other and staring at me to see what my reaction would be. Thankfully, I was saved.

"Dora, you fool; that's teenage boys. Woman, as I have fleetingly thought you were one, are a bit more mature than to constantly think about who may or may not be in their bed."

Didyme was right next to me, with her hand on my lower back and gently pushing me forward so that I would have to either fall awkwardly face first onto the bed, or climb in. This time, I didn't hesitate to climb in. For some reason, seeing all three of them in their relaxed clothes, which I had honestly thought were some very fancy pajamas when I first saw them, it helped me relax.

I allowed Didyme's hand to guide me into the bed, she had already pulled the covers back for me and the two of us crawled into bed. It almost felt as if a magnet had pulled me into Sulpicia, but I couldn't be happier about where I had ended up. I was facing Sulpicia, who was on her back, and I was cuddled into her. Didyme was cuddled into my back and had an arm wrapped around me. Dora was lying on top of Sulpicia, neither seemed to mind, and had her face so close to mine that our foreheads were touching as I fell asleep. I wasn't sure how Dora managed the position, but I just had to remind myself that these three women didn't feel any discomfort from any position their stone bodies were in, the only thing they cared about was that I was technically cuddled into all three of them.

As I actually fell asleep, I couldn't help but think that I was about to have the best nights rest I've ever had.

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