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Carlos sits in the hospital bed next to his beautiful Fiancee in sadness. It's been about a week, and she still hasn't woken up from her coma. It really worries him, because the doctors say they don't even know if she's gonna wake up at all. The thought of her leaving, it just kills him. What would he do without her? He'd go crazy. She's his world, she's his everything. He'd be nothing without her.

He looks at her, and she's just laying there. Not moving one bit. He just wants her to wake up with her memory, get better, and he wants to marry her! If this stupid accident would've never happened, they'd be happily married right now. They'd be on their honey moon. But no, they're in this stupid hospital because a stupid pick up driver was on the wrong side of the damn road.

Carlos takes her cold hand into his, and plants a kiss on it. He's alone with her right now. The guys went to the cafeteria, and Carlos chose to stay with her. He wants to be by her side through this all. What if she wakes up and he's not there? Carlos wants to be right by her side when she wakes up.

He starts dozing off and just staring at the wall across from him. He regrets letting her leave that day. If he would've tried harder to stop her, they wouldn't be here, Allie wouldn't be in a coma, and they'd be married. Why does bad things happen to good people? He's always wondered that, and he just doesn't get it.

Out of nowhere, he sees a sudden movement coming from Allie. He looks at her, and it looks like she's stirring awake.

"Babe!?" Carlos says, standing up and watching as she fully wakes up. He hopes she has her memory. It'd hurt him if she woke up and she didn't even know who he is. "Allie...are you awake?"

Her eyes all of a sudden flutter open. Her big beautiful brown eyes look so..different. They're not shining like they usually do. It just looks like the life is draining out of her.

"Carlos..." she says weakly. "I-I don't think I'm gonna make it. I love you, I love you so much. Tell the guys I love them. Tell the babies I love them, give them kisses for me, and take good care of our kids."

"Allie..no, stop, don't go!" Carlos cries, watching as her eyes slowly close. "I love you, please don't leave me!"

Pretty soon, her eyes are completely closed, and beeping goes off. Carlos cries even harder, grabbing her shoulders and trying to shake her awake, but it's not working. She's not waking up. She has to wake up! She can't just leave! Carlos needs her, the guys need her, her kids need her!

Before he knows it, the doctor and nurses are rushing into the room. One of the nurses grabs Carlos, pulling him away from Allie, but he snatches his arm from out of her grip and tries to run back to his Fiancee, but the nurses won't let him get to her.

"I'm so sorry," the Doctor sighs, looking at Carlos. "She's gone."

"No, no she's not!" Carlos yells, watching as the nurses cover her little body with the white thin sheet. No, she's not dead! Carlos knows she isn't! He runs over to her, pushing the nurses out of the way and uncovering her body, looking at her lifeless, yet beautiful face. "Baby, wake up! You guys have to do something!"

"I'm afraid there's nothing we can do." The doctor replies trying to keep her composure. "I'm so, so sorry, sweetie."

"No, no, no!" Carlos cries, falling to his knees.

Two of the nurses grab him, gently pulling him away as the doctor puts the blanket back over her body. He really doesn't wanna believe what's going on right now. He's crying so hard he can't even breathe, but he doesn't even care! He just wants his Fiancee back! This can't be going on.

"Listen honey," the doctor says, as she kneels down in front of Carlos. "I know this is a really hard time for you, but you've got to calm down or else you're gonna make yourself sick, okay?"

Carlos shakes his head. "No, she isn't dead, right? Go make her wake up!"

"I'm so sorry," the doctor says, letting Carlos cry on her shoulders. "If there was something we could do, we would. I'm afraid there's nothing. She's gone."

There's nothing they can do about it? There has to be! They can't just let her die! There has to be a way to revive her! She can't just leave him, their twins, the guys. Carlos feels like his whole heart just left with her. He's missing a big part of his life, and it won't ever be complete again. He feels like it isn't even worth living anymore. The only thing worth living right now is his kids. And Aubrey and Zander! They're gonna have to grow up without their mother! They were both so close to her, and loved her lots. Why did this have to happen? None of them deserve any of this.


Kendall, James, and Logan all walk down the hallway to Allie's room. They just got done eating, and now they're heading back up to see their baby sister.

"I wonder if she's awake now." James wonders outloud. Everynight he goes to sleep, and every morning he wakes up, he's hoping and praying she'll wake up. It's been a week already, and this past week has been horrible. Seeing her just laying there, not moving, not talking, not laughing, smiling, or not being awake? It really hurts him to see that.

"Hopefully." Kendall replies. This has definitely been really hard on Kendall, as well as the other guys. They're all so close to her in their own way. She's been in a coma for only a week, and it seems like literally forever. Kendall misses laughing with her over nothing, teasing her, seeing that beautiful smile of hers, and just having his little sister. She needs to wake up.

"I wonder what's all the commotion?" Logan questions, hearing lots of stuff going on as they get closer and closer to Allie's room. Maybe someone passed away? This is why he hates hospitals. People lose their lifes in this place. The only good thing about them is babies are born, other than that he hates them.

James shrugs, his heart dropping as they enter Allie's room, seeing the commotion is all coming from here. He sees a lot of nurses, Carlos is on the floor crying, sobbing, the doctor is in front of him trying to calm him down, and Allie's body is covered by a the sheet. No..

"W-What's going on?" James questions, tears quickly filling his eyes and falling down his face. He really hopes it's not what he thinks. She can't be dead! She's his baby sister, she's his world she can't be gone! James already lost his mom and dad, why does this have to be happening?

"We lost her," the nurse tells the guys sympethically. "We're so sorry."

"What? No you didn't, she's not dead!" Kendall says, his voice cracking, not wanting to believe the news the nurse just told them. He pushes past her, pushing the nurses away and un-covering Allie's body. He can feel his heart literally break as he sees her lifeless body laying there. "Allie? Baby girl, please wake up! I know you're not dead, wake up!"

Pretty soon he's being pulled away by a nurse, and another nurse is covering her body back up. He voilently pulls away from the nurses, trying to get back to her body but they just pull him right back.

"LET ME GO!" he yells angrily, crying at the same time.

"Kendall, dude calm down." Logan says, grabbing Kendall and pulling him away. Logan is crying really hard as well, but he really wants to calm his friends down. Even though he's about to break down himself, he's worried about their friends' health.

Logan looks over at Carlos, and he's crying hysterically. The doctor is hugging him and trying to calm him down, but it's not working. How the hell can these stupid nurses and doctors expect them to calm down? Carlos Fiancee, and the guys' baby sister just died! How can they be calm after that? They can't! Carlos pushes the doctor and the nurses away, pushing past the nurses in his way and running out of the room.

Logan let's Kendall go and runs after Carlos. He runs out of the room, and sees Carlos turning a corner. Logan follows behind him, running up to him and grabbing his shoulder, turning him around, pulling him into a hug. Carlos cries into Logan shoulder, and Logan cries as well.

Why does this have to be happening? This is gonna be a huge affect on their lifes. From here on out, they're lifes are gonna completely change. And not for the better, either.

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