Love Conquers All

Chapter 1

Author's jibberish: It's Girlquinndreamer again! It's another E+T! I'm also breaking new ground for myself. First, the characters are around 22 years old, which is the oldest I've ever portrayed them in. Second, there will be lyrics of ballads I think are ultimate, super cool love songs…you might disagree with me, but the lyrics fit for each scene they appear in. But not every chapter is a songfic; the songs just appear where I deem necessary. Anyway, enjoy! BTW, for legal purposes, "Card Captor Sakura and its characters do not belong to me. This fanfic is purely fictitious and created in the mind of the author. Any similarities to events in real life are completely coincidental." Hah! How's that for a disclaimer!?

            Maruyuku Riko jabbered on about promotions. She was 23 years old, with her black hair gathered in a tight bun and her face decorated with small black cat-like frame glasses. She kept her clothes simple, with a green blouse and black pants, keeping jewelry to a minimum. "I was thinking maybe hair product commercials--."

            "Have you ever thought of putting on makeup?"

            Riko turned to her with a disdained face. In front of her desk sat Daidouji Tomoyo. She sat with her legs crossed, her foot kicking up and down as she twirled her tendril of hair around her finger. Riko approached her and slapped her hand away. "Don't do that. That'll cause your hair to twist out."

            Tomoyo folded her hands on her lap. "That's interesting. I've never heard that before."

            "As I was saying--."

            "In the two years I've known you, you've never worn anything but cherry-flavored lip gloss."

            "Tomoyo, are you going to listen to me or give me make-up advice?" Riko huffed. "You are Daidouji Tomoyo, new fresh young star on the Japanese scene. You are the new 'it-girl'! And by this stack of requests, everyone wants you!" Riko slammed her hand on top of twelve beige portfolios that sat on her desk.

            Tomoyo sighed. "I just finished a movie. I finished five photo shoots and three talk shows in one week. I've been working ever since I got off 'Ren'ai!' In all honesty, I'm a little tired."

            Riko pulled out a pen from her white mug. "You want a vacation?"

            "That'd be good."

            "Ok, I'll make the arrangements but you gotta go to a charity banquet this afternoon with Tatsuo."

            Tomoyo groaned. "I don't really like him…"

            "You don't but all of Japan's female population do," Riko sighed. "He's so hot right now, it'd be good for you to be seen with him."

            Publicity stunts are a pain. For three months, Tomoyo had been dating Tatsuo Mikado, the charismatic, good-looking son of a gun.  He had been acting for 3 years already. Mikado was the young heartthrob that made every girl melt; Tomoyo felt like barfing. She only got into this business les than two years ago. She made a few guest appearances on a sitcom called 'Ren-ai!' and then was hired for a movie, opposite Mikado. Both of their agents thought that them being seen together would help their careers. They were the ideal couple.

            "My popularity depends on that man who spends more time in front of the mirror than I do," Tomoyo told her. She stood to her feet. "I'll go tonight, of course, but please, Riko, I would like a vacation."

            "Where do you want to go?" she asked.

            "Somewhere secluded, with no cameras. And where no one knows me. And beautiful weather…" the superstar sighed.

            "Ok, you better go get ready now," the agent said to her.

            "Bye!" Tomoyo left the room.

            Fujisawa Taju smiled. "You gotta do this job!" He was a Japanese producer, hired by a production company to find a new movie. He wanted something new, fresh, and fun…basically something along the lines of an American teen flick.  Taju had seen his work. This Japanese writer had made a name for himself in his home of Britain. He had written epics that many producers would pay bundles for. "I want a romance epic from you, Hiiragizawa!"

            Hiiragizawa Eriol sat in the terminal of Los Angeles International Airport in America. He held his dark-blue cell phone against his ear, listening to the overly excited Japanese man. "I never really wrote romance before. Fantasy…science fiction…adventure: that's usually my territory."

            "It'll broaden your horizons then! People will love it and it'll be translated into 30 languages around the world!"

            Eriol stuffed a blank notebook in his bag. "Yeah, I'll try to do it. Just give me at least two weeks."

            "Two weeks?"

            "I'm going on vacation. I'll write, don't worry, Fujisawa-san."

            An announcement rang through the PA system. "United flight 7401 to Lihu'e, Kauai now boarding. All zones boarding."

            "I'll call you when I get something." Eriol ended his call. He opened up his travel wallet to pull out his id. In one of the pockets was a photograph of him and a woman with long red hair. They were embracing each other lovingly. Eriol pulled it out, ripped it down the middle and left it on the chair.  Once on board, he kicked his carry-on under the seat in front of him. Rummaging through the seat pocket, he found the provided headset and plugged it in. Immediately, a song was playing on one of the plane's contemporary stations.

Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away

Now it looks as though they're here to stay

Oh, I believe in yesterday

Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be

There's a shadow hanging over me

Oh, yesterday came suddenly

            Eriol sighed. Just his luck; damn this well-written song. He quickly changed the channel, listening to the pilots in the cockpit talking with the control tower.

            But no worry. He would reach paradise soon enough.

…to be continued ^_^

Author's jibberish: Disclaimer alert! Song is "Yesterday" by the Beatles. Everyone knows that!