Hello.~ Another Finn/Wendy. I love them as a pair. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this!~ I do not own the series, just writing this.

I had only seen one of Elora's painted pictures of her. But I knew that I had fallen in love with this girl nonetheless. And the first moment I saw her, I knew I loved her more. She was beautiful, as all trylle. She had brown curly locks of hair matched with earthy brown eyes and large eyelashes the batted like butterflies.

I would stare at her, attuned with my tracking senses, but also stunned by how beauteous she looked. When she approached me one day by the water fountain it made me inwardly smile. But it also made me think that she thought I was a creeper like person, a stalker so to say.

And then we spent sometime together, talked, and even danced. I knew that I mustn't let my emotions keep spinning wildly like this. So, I was an ass. I made a mockery, trying to get her to dislike me. Yet, in the end, I think she still started to have the feelings for me that I was trying to deny for her.

Our time together was short, eventually she chose another instead of me. But it was for the best. The best for her and for me.

Now she has a child, a son, happy and bright like she. And when I looked at him, I saw her, in his eyes. So, perhaps it was for the best, that this girl and I never got together, yet never were too far apart.

And here her child was, growing up before my eyes. I felt dampened and alone. But I never blamed her or her son. After all I loved her still, and I loved him as if he were my own. Though I couldn't be a parent for him, or a lover for her. And her spouse and happy, too. After all he got the girl that were we both fighting inwardly to love.

So, I only wish her happiness now, that and prosperity. And I hope her son grows well, and hopefully, so will she.

I hope you enjoyed the story.~