Starfire stood in her bedroom petrified as she gawked down at the small test stick in front of her, a plus sign gazing up at her from the end of it. Fearing that someone would walk in and see it, she tossed it into the air and blast it with a starbolt, then jumped when her stomach growled and walked out into the hallway.

"Oh, hey, Star!" Cyborg greeted and she merely flashed him a smile before darting down the hall and to the kitchen in search of food. Not only was she starving, but she was anxious to have something in her mouth in order to keep her from talking and saying something she would later regret.

"Starfire, have you seen the book of spells I left on the counter?" Raven asked, walking over to the redhead as she stuffed a creampuff into her mouth. "Never mind," the dark enchantress said, walking off before the girl could talk with her mouth full and probably spit out food in the process.

"Raven!" Starfire called, swallowing the small substance without chewing it. "I do believe that I saw Beast Boy with it the other night when playing some type of throwing game with Cyborg." She said and Raven's face turned red with anger as she ran off. Several minutes later, Beast Boy's scream echoed throughout Titan Tower.

"Dude- I mean, Raven, I'm really sorry about your book! Have mercy!" He cried, running out into the living room and straight out the door as Raven flew after him. Starfire grabbed a bag of popcorn and flew out after them to watch the dispute, eager to see how it would turn out.

Sadly, before any real damage could be done to the green-skinned boy, the alarm went off and all three scrambled inside, knowing that something was happening in town. Just as they entered, Robin and Cyborg burst into the living room and Starfire froze in place, feeling queasy at the sight of the dark haired boy.

"Titans, trouble!" Robin announced, running out and everyone following after him, except for the one that mattered most, his girlfriend. Starfire placed a hand over her stomach and shivered as she imagined him finding out, which was the last thing she had wanted at the moment.

"Yo, Star, aren't you coming?" Cyborg called and she gasped, then smiled and ran after them. Their opponents were the HIVE Five, a pretty strong group with Jinx on it's side. Her ability to stay focused and keep herself calm while firing hexes always made her the strongest fighter among them… and the smartest.

"I cannot fight," Starfire whispered to herself in horror as she tried to muster a starbolt, but no energy came and she was left defenseless. Seeing everyone fighting, she shook her head and ran forward, deciding to depend on her massive strength in hand-to-hand combat. "Let me use starbolts now, please!" She begged her unborn child as she took on Gizmo.

"Who are you talking to?" The boy asked as he used one of his robotic spider legs to fling her across the street, and laughed when she slammed into a building. When her people get pregnant, their unborn children have full control of their powers. If her baby didn't let her use starbolts, then she could not use them. The end.

"Starfire!" Robin screamed, kicking Kid Wykkyd in the face and sending him spiraling back just when Jinx tossed a hex. The hex had collided with the boy cloaked in black and sent him crashing into a pole.

"Please, I do need my powers now." Starfire begged, her back stinging from impact with the glass and bricks of the building. She stammered over to the huge hole in the wall, then attempted to fly, but ended up falling down twenty floors. Luckily, Raven caught her just in time.

"Starfire, you okay?" Beast Boy asked, running over to her as Raven released her dark energy bubble from around the green-eyes alien. Starfire merely nodded and gave him a small smile, then began to shoot starbolt-after-starbolt at Mammoth as he ran toward them. While she did that, Breast Boy turned himself into a Dinosaur and ran straight for the over sized man.

"Star, what's going on?" Robin asked, as he ran over to her. Starfire looked at him, then ran away to go fight See-More. It wasn't her intention to ignore Robin, she just didn't know how to face him in her… condition.

Before long, the members of the HIVE Five were being towed away in the back of a police card while Robin made some cocky comment about how they should just give up on trying to steal while the Teen Titans were in town. While all of the was going on, Starfire tried to use the commotion to escape, but was stopped when Robin grabbed a hold of her.

"Starfire, are you feeling okay?" He asked, narrowing his eyes as she gazed back at him. Not having any idea how to tell him, she merely smiled and nodded with a light giggled. "Are you sure? Because, you know that you can tell me anything, right?" He asked with a light blush and she beamed.

"I am most certain that there is nothing bugging at me," she replied, grabbing onto her boyfriend's hand with a blush. The others walked over to the two of them. As soon as Raven's arm brushed against Starfire's, she saw flickering images in her head of Starfire leaving to Tamaran alone and her screaming in agony as sweat ran down her face and tears rolled down her cheeks as though she was being tortured or something.

"Raven, you okay?" Beast Boy asked, grabbing onto her shoulder before she could fall over. Raven quickly regained her composure and glanced at Starfire, who stepped away from Raven and bumped Robin's chest.

"Yea, fine." Raven said as Robin wrapped his arms around the redhead's waist and nuzzled her neck, making her giggle. Beast Boy grabbed Raven's hand with a smile as Cyborg received an instant picture of Bumblebee, who was out on a mission with Aqualad.

"She totally misses me," Cyborg said with a sly smile as the others laughed. With that said, they all walked home back home, Cyborg talking to his girlfriend through his arm the entire way as Beast Boy made stupid jokes that kept causing his girlfriend to slap him upside the head while Robin and Starfire laughed at his expense.

"Hey, Starfire, can I talk to you for a minute? Alone?" Raven asked before they could enter the tower. Starfire nodded and watched the others walk inside before turning to Raven with a curious look in her eyes.

"What is it, friend Raven?" She asked, an innocent smile playing at her lips as Raven tried hard to tell her what she saw, but failed because of the cute, playful look that sparked in the alien's eyes. She was scared of telling her, scared that she would make her worry.

"I-I was going to ask if you wanted to go on a double-date to the mall tomorrow?" Raven lied, trying not to make it sound to obvious as she tried hard to force a smile onto her face to keep Starfire from seeing through her act.

"Glorious idea! I shall inform Robin!" Starfire squealed, darting inside with a laugh as Raven walked in after her, images of what she saw earlier burning deep into the core of her memories. She was worried for her friend, but she just couldn't tell her what she saw. She just had to protect her and made sure Starfire was safe at all costs to prevent her premonition from coming true.