Starfire slowly began to open her eyes, groaning at the pain in her abdomen. She wasn't sure where she was, her vision slightly blurred. Once everything had finally come into focus, she looked around the room and tensed up when she saw Cyborg typing away on the large computer. They were in the infirmary, there was no doubt about it.

"W-what is happening? I demand you to release me!" Starfire ordered, tugging at the restraints that held her down on the bed. The half-robotic man glanced back at her, half-asleep. His eyes were red and his shoulders were slumped forward a little more than usual, indicating that he hadn't had any sleep in days.

"I don't know if I'm dreaming that you're awake or not, I mean, it wouldn't be the first time." He grumbled, then went back to his research. Starfire could only stare in awe at how lifeless his eyes seemed, so distant. "If you really are awake, and I don't really think you are, don't move so much. Any more strain on your body can cause a miscarriage. That hit you took when you slammed into the building already injured you to your max." He explained and she gasped.

"Cyborg, what is that you speak of? I do not understand. Please, explain to me what is happening." She begged and he looked back at her. "Is my little bumgorf okay? Will he survive?" She questioned, her eyes welling up with tears as he began to realize that she wasn't a figment of his imagination and that Starfire really was awake.

"Star, I'm sorry, I wish I had good news." He apologized as she shook her head. "Your baby is in very bad condition, meaning he or she is literally on the brink of death." He explained and she screamed, tears running down her face. Mustering all her strength, she broke the restraints and slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position. Cyborg watched in sorrow as she hugged her belly and cried out for her unborn child. "She's awake." He said through his communicator and the other Titans' ran to the infirmary.

"Star," Robin whispered as soon as he arrived, stopping at the door along with the other two. Neither of them knew what to say or do, they could only watch as she whispered soothing words in her Tamaranean language to her baby as she cried. "Star, all you can do right now for our baby is rest. Please, relax. You nee-," Robin started.

"Enough! I was fine where I was, safe. You should have left me be. This is all your fault, you did this. You have absolutely no right to tell me to relax, Robin. As for you, Raven, I shall never forgive you for this. I may be strong, but I am not invincible." Starfire snapped, cutting him off. Raven frowned in guilt as Beast Boy wrapped his arm around her and led her out of the room with Cyborg.

"Now we're alone, now you can take your anger out on me, but not them. I ordered her to stop you, and that is exactly what Raven did. She never intended to hurt you, Star." Robin demanded and she glared at him. "You can hate me all you want. You can despise me, even loath me, but I don't care. I will always love you and my child, and I will kill to protect you two." He continued.

"The mighty Robin, ready to stain his bare hands in blood for love. Such a sentimental little thing, so very strange… and kind. Oh yes, truly kind." Starfire said, tears running down her face as a small smile placed itself upon her beautiful face. "If there is a trait that I want my baby to have the most, it is your kindness, Robin. If my baby is a boy, I want him to have your smile." She admitted as he walked over and sat next to her.

"And if our baby is a girl, I want her to have your eyes." He said, placing a hand over her belly. "Can you hear me, my baby? Can you hear your daddy?" He asked as Starfire watched him in curiosity. "Your mom is one of the strongest people I know. She has lost her parents, her sister has betrayed her, she was meant to be a sold slave, and now she fears she is about to lose you. Can you really bring her any more suffering? No, you are strong like her. You will live." He said with complete sincerity.

"I am not the only strong one, Robin, you are as well." She said, looking away from him. "My little bumgorf seems to have restrained my powers, though I am quite sure you have already realized this. Tell me, for how long have I been unconscious?" She asked and he sighed, raising three fingers. "Three hours?" She questioned and he shook his head. "Three days?!" He nodded. "That would explain Cyborg's tired look, and yours." She stated, looking back at him.

"I'm fine. It's you who we're worried about, Starfire. I don't understand what's happening with you. Why did you switch sides and go with Slade after he kidnapped you? And since when are you named 'Bell'?" He asked and she bit her lower lip, unsure on how to answer. "How- I mean, why have you become so cruel?" He persisted.

"Cruel? No, I am not cruel, not yet. I've only just begun, and if I lose my baby, then I promise you that all Hell will reign down on your precious world. I would have every Titan across the globe, especially you, kneel at Slade's feet." Bell threatened and Robin jumped up from her bed and glared at her. "By the looks of it though, I am currently your prisoner. Be cautious, for Slade will always find me." She mocked.

"Let him come! When he does, I will personally rip him apart in front of you!" Robin screamed in anger and walked off, leaving Starfire alone. Sadly, there was nothing she could do to escape without straining her body. She was desperate to leave, but she would never risk the life of her child.

"Forgive me, Robin. I truly did not intend to say those horrid things. I have no control of the darkness within me," she apologized in the empty room. She felt so alone, but Lady Mew's toxins were still slipping through her veins and poisoning her mind. She was at war with herself; because while a part of her wanted to destroy the Titans, another wanted to return and fight beside the man she loved.

"Bell," she could hear someone whisper, and snapped her head to the side. Lady Mew and Slade came out of the shadows, both looking rather angry that their precious Bell had been kidnapped. "We're going to burn this place to the ground and kill everyone inside. We will end your suffering once and for all, I promise." Slade sneered and she gasped. They were planning to kill everyone?

"You can't do that! These people, they're my friends. If you want me to return with you, I will, with the condition that you don't harm them. Please, Slade, you can't do this." Starfire pleaded as Lady Mew slowly approached her. "Don't touch me!" Starfire shouted and slammed her fist through a protective glass - cutting up her hand - and right onto the alarm.

"We have a breach!" Cyborg announced just as the Tower began to lock down and seal off all of the exits. "On no, Starfire!" He shouted, turning around just as Robin burst out of the room and toward the infirmary. "Teen Titans, go!" Cyborg ordered, everyone else following after him as he chased Robin down the hall.

"There is something, you will never understand. No matter how much dark magic you use to poison my mind, I will always love my friends. And most of all, I will always love the father of my child. Haven't you noticed yet, Slade? All of this time that I've been with you, I've been protecting him. Your attacks on his life, I always interrupt them. Robin, is my everything and I will die to protect him from the likes of you!" She screamed just as the others ran in, Robin stopping at the door after hearing what she said.

"Hello, Titans. I hope you don't mind, but will you hold off on your attacks for a moment. I am currently having a discussion with my bride." Slade growled and Starfire flinched at the ice in his voice. She knew she was wrong to talk to him that way since he was easily angered and turned violent. She had the bruises to prove it. "What about his betrayal?!" He asked, pointing at Robin. Starfire glanced over at the boy wonder in shock, then earnestly smiled.

"What betrayal? Wasn't it I who left him first? Robin is the one who gave me this child," she said, cradling her belly. "That night is still so clear and glorious; his touch, his scent, and his lips. I can still feel him on me, and I have no regrets. If he was to leave me and start anew with someone else, then I cannot refuse him, for he has already shown me true love. What more can I ask of him? It has taken me a long time to realize, that no matter his choice, I will always be there to support him." She said, tears running down her cheeks.

"I've had enough!" Lady Mew screamed, then grabbed Starfire and forced the blue liquid down her throat. Angry, Starfire shoved the old lady's face away from her with her bloody hand and coughed up the toxin. "Your baby is mine, it's power is mine. I want it, I need it!" Lady Mew demanded with a crazy look in her eyes as she pulled away, Starfire's blood running down her face as she gave them all a wicked smirk.

"No, this baby will never be yours." Starfire hissed, her hair slowly beginning to grow and change color. "I will fight everyday of my life to protect what I love. My people have always believed in fairness and peace, but I will toss aside all of my beliefs just to keep my little bumgorf safe!" She screamed as her hair completely turned red and her eyes glowed green. "I am not your toy, and neither is my heir. I am the princess Tamaran… and a Teen Titan!" She screamed as her hands glowed with energy.