Greg Bishansky

Author's Note: LE2 wrote a beautiful story that's an unofficial sequel to "Rhapsody" called "The Beginning of Eternity" about Elisa Maza's passing. I liked it, and just quickly wrote this tiny vignette and decided to share it here. You can find LE2's story on DeviantArt.

Demona laid back on her bed, inside her cell in the dungeons of the castle. She had been here little over a month, but at the moment she was beaming with joy.

"Thank you for the good news, Burnett." She laughed. "At last, I will no longer share oxygen with Goliath's human whore!"

Owen nodded. "Mr. Xanatos expected you would you receive the news of Detective Maza's death this way."

"I do have one request," she said. Owen raised an eyebrow before she continued. "I want to watch on my television monitor when she is thrown into a hole in the ground like the rest of her wretched kind!"

"The arrangements for Detective Maza's passing were made some time ago," he said. Then he smiled in a manner that betrayed his true nature. "However you may watch her Wind Ceremony."

Demona's eyes burned red as she sat up on the bed. "What?!"

"Goliath and his clan always considered her to be one of their own. Angela would have no less," he turned and started heading out of the dungeons. "We will make sure to broadcast the event into your cell. Perhaps you will learn something."

Demona screamed to the heavens.