To anyone that had read and enjoyed this fic so far, I really thank you. It was one of the first fanfiction that I wrote and the first one I ever published. So it saddens to say that I will be deleting this fic and starting over as a series of One Shots.

You see, I wrote this fic on my Facebook note feature and uploaded it on a whim during a family vacation because I was bored. Now, my writing has changed and I essentially changed as well from the person I was writing this. I have new plans, new ideas, and new headcanons. The problem back then was that I had plans but never really could churn proper consequent chapters.

That being said, I still have my old headcanons stored in my brain. Headcanons from when I was still a cringy Tumblr SuperWhoLock fangirl at the age of 13. If possible, I want to fix the holes in those headcanons, use them and make the fic into something I can really be proud about.

So, this fic that used to be just about Jinx and Robin being adopted in the Batfamily will now be a nonlinear collection of one shots and drabbles of their lives as part of the Batfamily and also as heroes. Expect hijinks, AUs and slice of life inspired by real life and also multiple fandoms.

I will keep this fic up until I fix the existing chapter and write out the next one ready to go. The next chapter will be another authors note saying that the new fic is up and after that, I'll delete this fic and start afresh. I don't know how long until that time comes, but I'm aiming to do it as soon as possible.

Lastly, I thank all of you for giving this fic a chance. I was truly overjoyed that some of you find my fic worth reading and paying attention to. And for that, I'm really thankful. And hopefully, what is in store for this fic in the future will be something I can be proud of and something all of you can enjoy.

Until then, goodbye. :)