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"As long as you're under the circus tent, no one cares about your background; no one wants to know the rest of your story." Two circuses, Cirque De Sourire, 'the world of laughs and smiles' and Chiaroscuro Circus 'the cloak of shadows and beauty' merge together to make Andante Cirkus. Tamaki, the former ring-leader of CDS takes an unhealthy interest in one mysterious performer. Will the friendships bud under the one huge tent shared over their heads?

Adjective. (A musical piece) played slowly and solemnly.

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The swing was steady and his legs were hooked, professionalism and strength gathering to its highest of peaks. Movements that were made were graceful, like a black sun shadowed by the positioning of the haughty moon, teasing and beautiful, like a moderately slow dance. The slim tips of his feet were pointed upwards in a position he knew was efficient—the dark figure rocked forwards, backwards, the crowd whispering and hooting in amazement. The cheers were little spurs of happiness that he felt so rare and undeveloped in the pit of his abdomen. His soft, yet training-callused palms ached already and had a thin sheet of sweat adorned. The air was rushing through his flanks; he felt the roughed collision of air in impact. The performer managed to shut his eyes tightly, but was cautious enough to hold it for one second.

He let go.

Viewers gasped, their tickets held fondly in the heat of their rich pockets and maybe a hint of hand clutching. The hollers of excitement and fear boomed throughout the tent of the circus held up by fine rope that had the equal strength of heaving a full partied train descending from the depths of hollows. The boy was careful, always careful. Abilities were shed and groomed and developed. He was a natural born.

One flip, another. The slim body tucked in at all the right periods, his elegant stature coiling and twisting as his legs were pelted straight forward in mid-air. Chiaroscuro Circus was always under the dark and beautiful theme, the kind of beauty that melted your heart instead of preserving the red-blood. Perhaps if it ever were to be, the crimson would boil into something blackish in color. And despite the audience knowing how specifically trained and altered each entertainer was: there was always a fear of losing one life every night. Yet the greatest physique and a rapid movement, and the dark haired boy masked with leaves of make-up landed perfectly, on the shoulders of his fellow mate's broad shoulders. There was no need to steady a wobbling figure for this circus was strict and no tremor dared to produce. There was no need for nets to be set.

Audience members roared and the circus never grew tired of hearing that noise, that powerful noise of entertainment and praised. It was what they lived for, it was all they had to keep them sane, stable and poised to perfection.
"Alright there, Kyouya?" A man by the name of Ritsu Kasanoda whispered at the corner of his mouth, a feeble action that was well practiced and disguised as the slender figure cast himself to the ground, and next to his buddy.
"As always." Kyouya replied quietly.

A large grin was blossomed onto each face, every individual that performed on the stage as hands were linked, an all too familiar feeling. Special but that was not the cause at all. Kyouya's eyes flickered in recognition under the fancy mask. It would have been coated pure black if not for the prominent designs of platinum and silver coiling over the edges, a pattern solidly recognized for questionable carnivals and such celebrations. They were together; the whole circus sprawled and connected from their hands, their stances making a circle in the centre of the tent. It was a line or partnership and a declaration of yet another wonderful experience. All gloved hands were raised. It started with Akito, their well loved ring leader and Kyouya's older 'sibling'. Then as he rose, gradually the whole crew bowed almost in sync but with an undeniable wave that made kids scream in amusement.

They stood up and raised their laced fingers, Akito sneaking a grin back at Kyouya.

Kyouya pressed his palm against his damp forehead, his revealed skin shivering in bliss as the makeup and fatigue washed away. It was always the hardest; attempting not to kick out or protest when the talented makeup artists proceeded to have their way with the crew. His costume was discarded thankfully and hopefully somewhere where he wouldn't see it again. They were always a pain when he plucked at it and it snapped back onto his tender flesh. Right now, it was Kyouya only, and he was naked. A free man is a naked man, he recalled thoughtfully.

He enjoyed the last few drips of the downpour of liquid on his newly moisturized hair and skin before stepping out of his own private shower, his trailer carriage on firm ground and was able to be labeled his own. Well thank God, if he ever had to share his space with one of those uncivilized circus animals…he snorted fondly. That was one way to put it. You can never trust anyone in Chiaroscuro Circus. For all anyone knew, it was filled with troubled people and maybe criminals too shy to poke their face out of the mould. The young Ootori had his own story. And for that, he only trusted two people; Ritsu Kasanoda and Akito.

Everyone was scared of Ritsu, his cold menacing eyes concealing his true identity. Kasanoda was a freak, and he mentioned that at one lunch time, a bitter mock about himself as he downed the last mug of beer. He was a couple of years older than Kyouya, maybe the same age as Akito. Well, he didn't know. No one knew. No one needed to know your life story. This was part of the reason why people even joined. Akito was another story. While it was obvious they were related in some form, they weren't at all. They met on the road, a clueless abandoned child and a ring-leader with welcoming arms. The duo were strangers from the beginning, marveling in their similar features which gives off that surprising sense. When Akito came back to his circus dripping wet and a small child grabbing onto his leg seven years ago, the performers shrugged it off, assuming he was some younger brother or cousin and welcomed the cute child instantly.

The term was, running away with the circus.

He quickly dressed, a flicker of déjà vu running across his mind as he remembered how difficult it was when he was just a rookie, learning, and desperate to know what and how to do. After that, he accomplished many, but every day was still heart ache. Sure it was penetrable and filled for short moments like when he got up from his crouching position and displayed himself to the crowd. Every single teammate was there for amusement and it wasn't clouded.

He stepped out of his beloved trailer carriage, submerging into the cool air with just plain denim jeans and a faded t-shirt. Feelings like this ought to be treasured, he concluded. The door swatted shut behind him with a satisfactory bang, his damp hair now drying from the cold whispers of air. The tent was about one half of being deflated as it usually took ages for the cleaners to do their job and to uncover and protect all the circus's ornaments.

"Oi, there's our Kyouya!" A burly man that goes by the name of Rex hollered out, and the rest of the crew rose upwards from the temperate table, beaming to find their youngest performer. The grounds were packed with shared carriages and single carriages behind the tent, for customers not to see. They only visited for the show, after all and not a single detail about background lives. Unless they were annoying ass reviewers and charmed spectators or interviewers.

The twelve main members of first string clapped, grinned and called out to the young boy. The others, nearing thirty to forty and on separate tables whooped their weary faces teamed up in dazzling grins. Ootori in reply managed a small, weak smile back. It was the last performance they were going to have in London before they set off to Australia.

"It's going to be a damn good weather change," Rex chortled as Kyouya sat down on first table, the tiers already used to it and have now proclaimed a spot there only for the young boy.

"Well, it depends on where we're going in Australia," Akito replied back kindly, reaching forward to clasp the narrow of a chicken leg.

Cat calls and jeers were made through the night as if it's been going on forever. It was a tradition, to always have a celebration every last performance of the country they were being placed at. "Crap, well, ain't it hot there twenty four seven?" A first tier member snorted, his pinky twisting in his ear.

"I've been there before," A youngster announced, still a few more years ahead of him to make his presence known. There was an exception of Kyouya though, who became famous immediately. "Ma' sister said the weather changes are scary as hell!"

"Speaking of scary," Kasanoda waved off in a gruff voice, his glass clinking in his left, slim hand. "I overheard the boss yelping time to time about the director's new decision."

Now Kyouya perked up, his glasses adjusted by a finger. Ah yes, he wore glasses. Contact lenses were needed when he was parting with real life and getting sucked into his flies and swings. "What new decision?" He said aloud.

Kasanoda faced him and shrugged, an eyebrow raised. "Last I heard, it was the director's choice to move us into Australia. Oi, Akito, you should know, shouldn't you? You're always the first to be informed, almighty ring-leader,"

The older male rolled his eyes in use of verbal counter backs but withdrew anyway. "I've heard nothing."

A loud groan was spread through the whole ground, even Kyouya didn't bother to hold the disappointment in his eyes.

As Akito took a teacup in his palm, lifting it up a bit, he thought for a bit. "Other than the fact that we're going to get merged once again with Circe De Sourire," He mumbled before taking a gentle sip, his pinky held upwards in a posh manner.

"Wait, wait, what?" Rex tiered out before yawning with a tired sigh. The crew perked out, ready for a story that he always produced whenever in need. Kyouya frowned. Circe De Sourire? If he remembered his French classes correctly that meant…Circus Smile…Circus of Smiles? Which was it, now?

"Wasn't it eight years ago when we merged with them in one act because the writer for their acts wanted to add some "seriousness" or somethin'?" He questioned, perplexed as the crowd engaged in heated whispers and surprise. Most of them weren't even there eight years ago, and neither was Kyouya, to his disappointment.

When the ring leader didn't answer, Kyouya prodded forward. "Akito?" He questioned further, his eyes gazing deep into the volcanic rock that were Akito's eyes.

Akito sighed before placing his cup down.

"What's wrong?" Kyouya asked in a straight tone. "If the establishment was united together once before, with Circe De Sourire, why do you look so…pained, for lack of better description?"

"Yeah, what's the difference?" Ritsu ventured out, his bulging eyes dancing in curiosity.

Akito shut his eyes, setting his palms on his lap. "If I heard correctly, you guys weren't supposed to know until we've landed in Australia."

The crowd verged him on further impatiently.

"And we're going to be joining Circe De Sourire, yes." He nodded, confirming it.

Kyouya's eyes widened as a number of protests were strained to hold back.

"Tamaki senpaaaaai!" Haruhi ventured out, her arms waving. The bags were packed and waiting in the truck as the members of Circe De Sourire shone with radiance. The first, most known professionals were sharing a truck along with the costume designer, a young French woman named Renge. The truck was ready to leave and very soon, the wheels took its toll. Haruhi banged through the front of the truck inside the vehicle, yelling out to wait for their ringleader. Their aforementioned ringleader was probably being a douche bag somewhere, showing young girls walking the streets his tricks and back flips and anything out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, they couldn't leave without him.

A blonde tuft came into view and Haruhi got annoyed. "Senpai you idiot! The trucks already moving, get in, quickly!" She stuck her head out of the truck window situated at the flank of the enormous vehicle.

"Haruhi, little lovely!" Tamaki shouted back, waving his hand. "Look at this!" He ran forwards, matching the speed of the downed cars in the drive way and sprung on his heels. Around him, onlookers gasped as he jumped and rose as high as he could which looked physically impossible to an amateur's eye. "Watch me!" He declared as he shimmied out of the air and tapped at the railing once with both hands and lifted himself off, doing two successful flips in mid air with perfect landing. He spread out his arms as his stance straightened and shot Haruhi and his members in the truck a respiring grin.

Haruhi rolled her eyes. "Very nice, Senpai!"

"Thank you Haruhi, Mon Amour!" Tamaki clenched his fists and a smug line of his lips told everyone he was proud of himself. It was as if he had a dog's tail waving on his bottom. "I'm going to ask Director Anne if I can include that somewhere in the finale!"

"Well there won't be any finale for you if you don't get into the actual truck, Tamaki!" Haruhi snapped, her viced grip like metal on the window ledge.

Tamaki let out a whoop as he danced on the spot. "Well, no need to rush, little lady! Let me enjoy the fruit of France before we get pocketed in the cruel streets of Australia!" He made a fearful face which slowly faded into a well loved and familiar grin. He was the current ring leader of Circe De Sourire. What, no, this isn't a joke. His booming voice and smiles were perfect, he tells you.

"Tamaki you stupid bleach blonde!" Hikaru, another tier member who was well known for his partnered acts with his twin brother, Kaoru who was perched into the mattress of the truck, sleeping soundly, he supposed. "If you don't get in the truck, you're going to prevent yourself from seeing Haruhi in flowery attire with..." Hikaru played a small grin on his face. "No back cover!"

"WHAT?" Tamaki flung himself across the street, his speed going in paranormal pace as he rummaged through the air, his swift movements making it possible to catch up to the truck, his athletic body rising upwards and descending as he made his way to his personnel. He finally reached the rear of the truck, getting pulled in by Mori and Honey as the truck cover closed behind them. "How dare you, insolent twin!" Tamaki waved a fist at who he assumed was Hikaru after he caught his breath. "You dare accuse me of being bleach blonde!?"

Kaoru snorted and Hikaru jumped in surprise as he thought his brother was in deep slumber. He crouched down to meet the level of the occupied mattress, his brother's eyes fluttering in wake. "Hey," He whispered fondly to the now awakened boy, identical golden eyes staring back sleepily at him.

"Are we there yet?" Kaoru questioned him.
"Nope. We're only five minutes on truck, forty more to go. Then after, we're on a plane."

Kaoru groaned as he buried his head into the sheets. If there was one thing the twins couldn't do, it was waiting in the same place without any form of entertainment. The twins shared a fondness for only a few members of the circus—Tamaki (even though they wouldn't admit it), Haruhi, Mori and Honey. All together, they were the first tier and were honoured as the twins rarely opened up to anyone. They had a goldish colour concerning their eyes, intriguing you to come closer and enjoy their appealing combination of features. Their hair was a soft auburn and rarely seen without the other head.

They laid down their sleepy heads, sharing the mattresses adorned inside the truck as they whispered hints and talked quietly to each other, their eyes drooped almost on instant. Honey Senpai and Mori Senpai were an unmistakable duo, like Hikaru and Kaoru, they were never seen without each other. Though their acts had no connection, Honey, able to perform tricks in the air and being shot out of a canon, Mori the animal tamer with lions and tigers at his sleeves defenceless, their connection in conscience was a lovely sight to behold.

The first string were groaning and complaining about their trips as they always do. They weren't much like Haruhi who loved and pertained the silence and calmness in repayment of the noisy booms of the circus at its max. While that had many flaws, the silence was just another everyday luxury of their lives once they get to it. Haruhi was a young woman, other than the rookies just starting out and had the merit to join, she was the youngest in the Circe De Sourire. Her position was tight ropes and high flyer material while her mates stood on ground. She was a brunette and had a short hair, but was still a charming lady once you get to know her.

"Tamaki," A voice sounded and said person stopped staring at Haruhi with full examination and hmm'ed in response, turning to Hikaru and Kaoru.

"Oi, boss," Hikaru addressed him. "Did you hear about the joining with Chiaroscuro Circus?"

"Pah," Tamaki shot back, tossing an arm into the air. "What rubbish are you spouting out? Have you seen them recently? Never smiling, always pulling the same grouchy face...and they scare me," Tamaki shivered. "They're all blooming puppies in my eyes—what's this about joining?" His face blanched.

"Stupid lord," Kaoru scolded. "Shouldn't you know this? You're the one who's supposed to guide us into our glory." He complained.

"Don't cuss at your elders, child!" Tamaki pointed an accusatory finger while the two boys huffed.

"Oh? So Tama-chan doesn't know we're joining them permanently?" Honey piped up, rubbing his sleepy eyes as Mori grunted behind him, his face the usual stoic he always went for when he was addressed.

Tamaki, Kaoru, Hikaru and Haruhi spluttered.

"We're—what?!" Kaoru prodded forward.
"Oh dear god, no," Hikaru said in his own way, using a variable amount of hand gestures.

"Per," Tamaki started. "Ma" continued. "Nen" and "ly?" The circus mates stared at their ring leader as they witnessed his face weltering away like a rose in bad season.

Honey shook his head. "The Circe De Sourire is joining Chiaroscuro Circus. And together, we'll be the Andante."

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